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Space Alert

March 13, 2019 | Daily News

Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Mike Griffin told reporters today the first priority of the Pentagon's new Space Development Agency is to create a space sensor and communications transport layer in low-Earth orbit.

March 13, 2019 | Daily News

The Pentagon will name Fred Kennedy the director of the Space Development Agency, according to a March 12 memo from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan.

March 07, 2019 | Daily News

The Missile Defense Agency has identified the nine companies that proposed conceptual designs for a Space Sensor Layer, establishing a competitive field for a network of orbiting satellites optimized to give U.S. military commanders a long-desired capability: the means to continuously track long-range missiles from launch to impact -- a tool deemed essential to defend against hypersonic threats.

March 07, 2019 | Daily News

A February report from the Pentagon's top weapons tester highlighted several concerns about GPS III and IIIF testing simulators, claiming the program lacks sufficient resources to provide realistic threat testing. The Air Force said this week it disagrees with those conclusions.

March 01, 2019 | Daily News

Senior defense officials today revealed new details about the Trump administration's proposal for a new Space Force that will operate within the Air Force, acknowledging that plans for consolidating all "national-level" space assets currently managed by other military services could prove challenging in the future.

February 28, 2019 | Daily News

ORLANDO, FL -- Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told reporters today she still has several questions about the call from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for a new Space Development Agency, including how the new agency would differ from the existing Space and Missile Systems Center.

February 28, 2019 | Daily News

The Pentagon estimates it will cost about $2 billion over the next five years to stand up a Space Force, including $72 million in fiscal year 2020 for a new headquarters, according to a strategic overview document that will accompany the Defense Department's forthcoming legislative proposal.

February 26, 2019 | Daily News

The head of U.S. Strategic Command said today that regardless of where the Defense Department locates a new combatant command for space, a portion of that work will continue to be performed at STRATCOM headquarters in Nebraska.

February 21, 2019 | Daily News

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is calling for industry input into a software development effort known as Pit Boss, which will demonstrate space-based autonomous command-and-control and data processing to support the agency's highly watched Blackjack program.

February 21, 2019 | Daily News

The Pentagon's top weapons tester is recommending that the Air Force conduct additional testing to ensure a new polar satellite program can provide secure communications in a contested environment.

February 20, 2019 | Daily News

The Pentagon is asking industry for ideas on a new satellite constellation optimized to identify fleeting, high-priority targets for attack by conventionally armed hypersonic glide vehicles, a solicitation that marks a development in the U.S. military's effort to field a new class of ultra-fast weapons and advances the Trump administration's goal to develop a "left of launch" missile defense capability.

February 19, 2019 | Daily News

UPDATE: President Trump signed a key space policy directive today that would direct the creation of a new military service, but falls short of a previous order to establish a new department for space.

February 19, 2019 | Daily News

President Trump is expected to sign a key space policy directive today that would set up a new military service, but would fall short of establishing a new department for space.

February 15, 2019 | Daily News

The Defense Department estimates the newest Global Positioning System satellite program -- the GPS III Follow-On being built by Lockheed Martin -- will cost $10.7 billion, a figure the Air Force has recently conveyed to Congress as part of a report establishing a baseline for the planned 22-satellite acquisition effort.

February 13, 2019 | Daily News

The Air Force's strategy to develop the next generation of missile warning satellites on an aggressive schedule using new acquisition concepts and resiliency standards hit a snag last fall when Congress partially denied funding for a reprogramming request, delaying the start of payload development by about four months, according to a service official.

February 11, 2019 | Daily News

A defense intelligence official told reporters today that the biggest threat to U.S. space superiority is likely not a single adversary capability, but rather actions in recent years by Russia and China to better organize and integrate space capabilities within their militaries -- actions that could help the Pentagon as it makes a case to create a new Space Force.

February 07, 2019 | Daily News

The Air Force is considering measuring cybersecurity in its source-selection process for space programs, in the same way it might assess performance, cost or schedule, according to the service's acquisition executive.

February 06, 2019 | Daily News

The U.S. military's nuclear strategic deterrence fleet executed a "reliable" operational flight test last night over the Pacific Ocean when an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, and flew its intended course, a second consecutive developmental test-launch success since a failure last summer.

February 06, 2019 | Daily News

The Defense Department and intelligence community have not adequately resourced or utilized space testing infrastructure that would support more operationally representative threat simulation, according to a new report from the Pentagon's top weapons tester.

February 04, 2019 | Daily News

The Pentagon's top weapons tester has deemed a key upgrade of the Joint Space Operations Center (JspOC) Mission System (JMS) is not operationally effective or suitable for its space situational awareness mission, a setback for the Air Force program which aims, among other things, to provide real-time alerts of hostile actions against U.S. satellites.