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Defense Business Alert

January 15, 2016 | Daily News

The Defense Department is focusing on how to better manage the $145 billion it spent on the acquisition of services in fiscal year 2015, while the Government Accountability Office is in the final stages of crafting a report on the matter, according to a top Pentagon official.

January 14, 2016 | Daily News

A new instruction on Defense Department services acquisition represents a positive step, several industry analysts tell Inside Defense.

January 11, 2016 | Daily News

Industry officials are praising the closure of a proposed Pentagon rule on commercial price reasonableness, which has been folded into another rulemaking effort.

January 11, 2016 | Daily News

A new rule goes into effect Monday that requires government contractors to allow their employees to discuss and disclose their compensation.

January 08, 2016 | Daily News

Fresh off two years as chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Christian Marrone said he was drawn to his new job at government services contractor CSRA because of the company's opportunity to carve out a place for itself.

January 04, 2016 | Daily News

Citing "substantive issues raised by commenters," the federal Office of Special Counsel has withdrawn a proposed rule that would have allowed government contractors, rather than just government employees, to file whistleblower disclosures with the office.

December 22, 2015 | Daily News

A Colt Defense executive says the company is set to emerge from bankruptcy by mid-January and potentially sooner.

December 21, 2015 | Daily News

Cubic Corp. said this week it has purchased TeraLogics and agreed to buy GATR Technologies in an effort to bolster its C4ISR credentials.

December 18, 2015 | Daily News

In a letter sent to the government earlier this month, three contractor associations recommend that portions of a proposed rule on lower-tier, small-business subcontracting be excluded or redrafted.

December 17, 2015 | Daily News

A new report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a panel of experts argue that the type of contract used in a given procurement makes a difference -- but the overall success of a program depends on other factors as well.

December 15, 2015 | Daily News

Following CACI International's announcement that it will buy L-3 Communications' services business, CACI's chief executive said he expects the contractor to continue to actively pursue deals in a rapidly changing industry.

December 14, 2015 | Daily News

The Pentagon is ready to release a new guidebook that will encourage program managers to pursue contracts with the defense industry that will more greatly reward performance, according to Claire Grady, the director of defense procurement and acquisition policy.

December 08, 2015 | Daily News

CACI International said Tuesday it has agreed to acquire L-3 Communications' national security solutions business, a services unit that works with the Pentagon as well as intelligence and civilian agencies, for $550 million.

December 07, 2015 | Daily News

To ensure it can access the most cutting-edge technology, the Pentagon must cast a wider net and remove some barriers to entry, one panelist at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event said Monday.

December 03, 2015 | Daily News

Former Defense Secretary William Perry -- who famously held a "Last Supper" with top-level defense industry executives in the early 1990s that led to the consolidation of companies -- is suggesting defense officials be more explicit than he was when dealing with industry in the face of flattened defense budgets.

December 03, 2015 | Daily News

Split from Computer Sciences Corp. and designed to focus on U.S. government work, CSRA will still retain a focus on commercial practices, the contractor's chief executive told Inside Defense this week.

December 02, 2015 | Daily News

Lockheed Martin has postponed a planned decision on its government IT infrastructure services and technical services businesses from the end of this year to the first quarter of next year, according to the contractor's chief financial officer.

December 02, 2015 | Daily News

Speakers at a Center for Strategic and International Studies panel on defense spending said the recently approved two-year budget deal provides a path forward, but argued more work remains to improve long-term stability.

November 24, 2015 | Daily News

Contracting advocates and attorneys say a proposed regulation meant to reduce extraneous paperwork has the right intent, but is not likely to solve the problem.

November 23, 2015 | Daily News

Lou Von Thaer, the new chief executive of training and logistics contractor DynCorp International, is hoping to grow the business with foreign sales while staying close to the company's core skills, he told Inside Defense in an interview.