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September 14, 2011 | Daily News

Iraq is getting closer to adding 18 F-16 aircraft to its burgeoning air force following a delay sparked by the widespread uprising in the Middle East, according to a top Air Force commander stationed in Iraq.

Maj. Gen. Russ Handy, commander of the 9th Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force-Iraq, told reporters today during a press briefing at the Pentagon that the Iraqis have recently had "very promising" conversations with the Air Force about an aircraft sale that would net them the F-16s as soon as 2013.

September 14, 2011 | Daily News

(Editor's Note: This story originally attributed a quote from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI). This has been corrected.)

With the end of the fiscal year weeks away, the Defense Department is asking lawmakers to approve a shift of $3 billion for urgently needed vehicles, aircraft and surveillance initiatives.

September 13, 2011 | Daily News

The Defense Department has launched new initiatives to rein in the $1 trillion price the Pentagon estimates it will have to pay to operate the Joint Strike Fighter during its service life, according to DOD's acquisition executive.

The new efforts are designed to roll back some portion of the 223 percent growth that has accrued in the Pentagon's F-35 sustainment cost estimate over the last nine years.

September 12, 2011 | Daily News

Two senators today introduced a bill that aims to require the United States to sell Taiwan 66 new F-16C/D fighters, touting the need to retain jobs in their respective states as well as the Taiwan Relations Act -- a 32-year-old law that compels the U.S. government to provide weaponry for the self-governing island to defend itself against mainland China.

September 09, 2011 | Inside the Navy
The Navy will wrap up a maritime intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting transition plan in October that will lay out what the EPX family of systems concept will look like, and the service will submit the report to Congress shortly thereafter, according to a letter recently sent to the Senate Armed Services Committee.
September 09, 2011 | Inside the Navy
The Navy has asked Congress for permission to spend $7.6 million through fiscal year 2013 to fly two surrogate aircraft carrying F-35 Joint Strike Fighter hardware in order to avoid further delays in the program, according to a justification and approval document posted on Federal Business Opportunities Sept. 1.
September 09, 2011 | Inside the Army

The company
that will get the fourth Joint Multi-Role aircraft study contract from the Army
remains a mystery, but the other contract award winners, while tight-lipped
with details, have begun their 18-month studies to come up with ideas for a new
helicopter for fielding some time around 2030.

September 02, 2011 | Inside the Navy
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program has lost some ground in meeting test flight goals due to the recent suspension of operations after a problem with the aircraft's integrated power package, the program executive office said last week.
September 02, 2011 | Inside the Navy
A Georgia senator wants Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to pledge his support for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and forgo any future purchases of F/A-18E/F Super Hornets.
September 01, 2011 | Inside the Pentagon

Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has turned down a plea made by nine senators to reconsider the termination of the second engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

September 01, 2011 | Inside the Pentagon

The Defense Department has issued new guidance explaining how it tracks intelligence on civil aviation.

August 26, 2011 | Inside the Navy
Ensuring a smooth transition from aging legacy platforms to the new aircraft that will replace them will be a chief focus for Naval Air Systems Command, Vice Adm. David Architzel, head of the command, told Inside the Navy recently.
August 26, 2011 | Inside the Navy
The head of Naval Air Systems Command said he would continue to conduct reviews of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's operations and sustainment costs similar to the internal report that drew headlines in early 2010, but he downplayed the reviews as ordinary for any aircraft program.
August 24, 2011 | Daily News

A key Republican senator is urging Ashton Carter, the Obama administration's deputy defense secretary-nominee, to "step up" his defense of the Joint Strike Fighter, suggesting that Carter's role in recent Pentagon decisions to restructure the program demonstrates "a lack of commitment to the success" of the F-35.

August 19, 2011 | Inside the Navy
The F-35 joint program office will resume test flights of the Joint Strike Fighter, Joe DellaVedova, JSF spokesman, said in an Aug. 18 statement.
August 18, 2011 | Daily News

The F-35 joint program office will resume test flights of the Joint Strike Fighter, Joe DellaVedova, JSF spokesman, said in a statement today.

The JSF program suspended both air and ground operations of the aircraft on Aug. 10 after one of the Air Force variants had an engine power failure. However, both the government and contractor engineering teams “determined the program could resume developmental test flight operations while the investigations continues,” DellaVedova said.

August 17, 2011 | Inside the Pentagon

The nascent Afghan air force will come to rely on a key aircraft program provided by the United States to provide security to the Afghan population, a primary factor in winning the counterinsurgency fight now being carried out by Afghan and NATO forces, according to a senior U.S. commander.

August 17, 2011 | Daily News

The suspension of Joint Strike Fighter flight testing is likely to be lifted by the end of this week, the program’s test director at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, told Inside the Air Force last night.

Lt. Col. Hank Griffiths, the director of F-35 integrated test flight and the commander of the 461st flight test squadron at Edwards AFB, told ITAF in an Aug. 16 interview that he believes Joint Strike Fighters will be back in the air in the next several days, ending a grounding that has stretched to two full weeks.

August 10, 2011 | Daily News

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter joint program office resumed ground operations of its test fleet today, a week after suspending all operations after one of the fighters experienced engine problems.

"The F-35 joint program office authorized a return to ground operations for the F-35 development test (DT) aircraft today," JSF spokesman Joe DellaVedova said in a statement today. "This is the first step in returning the F-35 fleet to full flight operations."

August 09, 2011 | Daily News

The Pentagon's No. 2 official has mapped out for lawmakers the legal consequences for terminating the Joint Strike Fighter program, a move that would force the U.S. government to pay liability penalties on multiple contracts and require disentangling from agreements with international partners.