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Inside the Pentagon - June 21, 2018
  • 'Damage assessment' ongoing in hack of Navy contractor

    The Pentagon has an ongoing damage assessment into the hack of a Navy contractor's networks that reportedly saw China steal troves of data on a sensitive program to outfit submarines with a supersonic, anti-ship missile.

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  • Trump's 'Space Force' announcement could drive DOD, congressional support

    Although it's unclear how the Pentagon will implement President Trump's direction this week to establish a new "Space Force," some Defense Department analysts and former officials say the White House's endorsement of the controversial proposal could diminish resistance within the Defense Department and make room for compromise among House and Senate lawmakers.

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  • Amazon views DOD as central to burgeoning federal cloud market

    Amazon Web Services, the largest commercial cloud provider in the world, sees the Defense Department as central to a federal sector that's been slow to modernize its IT infrastructure, but has just started to embrace commercial cloud technologies.

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  • Doubleday Honored

    Inside the Pentagon Managing Editor Justin Doubleday has been lauded for his work by the Washington, DC, Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, earning "Finalist" recognition in the Dateline Awards for 2017 Journalism. Doubleday was a Finalist in the "Breaking News" category for his story about the Pentagon's plan to select one cloud services provider for the entire Defense Department.

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  • GAO says Army readiness suffers from delays in Patriot system availability

    The Army is working to provide more timely reset and recapitalization of recently deployed Patriot surface-to-air missile systems after the Government Accountability Office found that delays in returning the refurbished systems to soldiers have degraded unit readiness.

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  • Pentagon taking new view on excess base capacity

    After declining to seek a base realignment and closure round in its latest budget request, the Pentagon is weighing new approaches to evaluating installations and dealing with excess property, according to a top Defense Department official.

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  • Pentagon plans review of U.S. 'technology industrial base'

    The Pentagon, on the heels of completing a review of its manufacturing industrial base, will soon begin studying whether U.S. industry is prepared to deliver the game-changing technologies the Defense Department seeks to field in the future.

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  • GAO: MDA's reliance on undefinitized contract actions skyrockets

    The Missile Defense Agency's reliance on undefinitized contracts -- which the military uses to authorize companies to begin work on weapons projects before agreeing to final terms -- has increased dramatically over the last five years, according to a congressional audit.

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  • Lawmakers back Army's IM-SHORAD to counter low-flying Russian threats

    Lawmakers are lining up to support the Army's fast-track project to rapidly develop and field an air- and missile-defense system that can be bolted onto the Stryker vehicle, a potential billion-dollar effort to harden ground forces in Europe from Russian threats which service leaders did not formally validate until after the Pentagon submitted its fiscal year 2019 budget to Congress.

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  • Senate wants Army plan to assess, experiment with Israeli-developed Iron Dome

    The Senate Armed Services Committee approved legislation that would require the Army to draft a plan to experiment with Iron Dome, an Israeli-developed system designed to shoot down rockets and low-flying threats, in a move that could set the stage for proponents of the system to fight for a slice of future Pentagon spending on air defense for U.S. ground forces.

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  • NCI zeroes in on artificial intelligence

    IT services contractor NCI is today launching an artificial intelligence technology meant to help the government address mundane and repetitive tasks, from data entry to service desk support.

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