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Inside the Pentagon - December 14, 2017
  • Pentagon's new National Defense Strategy begins to take shape

    Washington insiders who have seen elements of the unfinished National Defense Strategy say it will create a frame that requires the Pentagon to focus modernization over a more traditional buildup of military forces.

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  • Tax legislation generates concern over potential defense spending squeeze

    With Congress poised to pass tax reform legislation that could grow the federal deficit, some analysts and experts say they expect defense spending to face new constraints.

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  • DOD dramatically increases military's authority over acquisition programs

    The Pentagon's acquisition chief has delegated decision authority on 73 of the 87 major defense acquisition programs to the military services, according to a detailed list provided to Inside Defense.

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  • SOCOM chief calls for more cyber info sharing with allies, industry

    The head of U.S. Special Operations Command says the government is hindering partnerships with key allies and the defense industry by overclassifying information about cyber operations and capabilities.

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  • Budget still a question mark

    Congress averted a government shutdown last week, but now must either reach a bipartisan budget deal or pass another continuing resolution by Dec. 22. Pentagon Comptroller David Norquist told reporters Dec. 7 that a shutdown would halt pay for U.S. soldiers, damage military readiness and disrupt key defense contracts. "I cannot emphasize too much how destructive a shutdown is," he said. Lawmakers, meanwhile, are discussing a two-year deal that raises spending caps for defense and non-defense, though Republicans and Democrats continue to argue over the respective amounts.

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  • Trump signs NDAA amid budget negotiations

    President Trump today signed the Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act into law, further intensifying partisan budget talks on Capitol Hill over defense spending.

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  • DOD acquisition chief asks Congress to reduce cost data requirements

    The Pentagon's acquisition chief has asked Congress to consider legislation to reduce existing requirements for the Defense Department to get detailed cost and pricing data from defense contractors on sole-source contracts.

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  • Pentagon will keep ERI in war-funding account, despite GAO criticism

    The Defense Department will continue to use its controversial Overseas Contingency Operations account to fund the $4.5 billion European Reassurance Initiative, despite a recommendation from the Government Accountability Office that the Pentagon move ERI spending into its more stable base budget.

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  • Pentagon at 'impasse' over how to shift procurement away from MDA

    The Pentagon is at a "moderate impasse" over how to carry out a new congressional directive to transition procurement for operational ballistic missile defense programs away from the Missile Defense Agency and make it a responsibility of the military departments, according to one official.

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  • MDA has 'unique' authorities to carry out Lord's accelerated pilot program

    The Missile Defense Agency has unique authorities that allow it to move faster than the traditional acquisition system, which will advantage the agency in carrying out a new directive to reduce the acquisition lead time for the Standard Missile program, according to an MDA official.

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  • GAO: 'No indications' government can readily fix investigations backlog

    The federal government is ill-prepared to reduce the backlog of more than 700,000 background investigations, as officials don't have the requisite plans for addressing the issue, according to the Government Accountability Office.

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  • DOD softens JAGM warfighting requirement in bid to avoid cost growth

    Pentagon top brass last year relaxed a key warfighting requirement for the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile program at the request of the Army, which did not believe the $7.1 billion Hellfire-replacement program being developed by Lockheed Martin could meet its inflight reliability criteria, according to the Defense Department inspector general.

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  • Boeing's Phantom Works tapped to design airborne laser in new MDA effort

    The Pentagon has tapped Boeing to compete in a new technology demonstration effort to integrate a low-power laser on a high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, handing the company which led the Airborne Laser program -- terminated in 2009 -- another bite at the apple in the U.S. military's latest effort to develop speed-of-light missile defense.

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  • NDIA seeking to help contractors submit information to industrial base study

    The National Defense Industrial Association is working with its members to collect and anonymize their data to contribute to the Pentagon's ongoing industrial base review.

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  • Critical Intelligence


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  • New LMI chief says company is 'actively looking' for new acquisitions

    Not-for-profit defense contractor LMI is shedding its international work and refocusing its attention on its procurement, logistics, sustainment and analytics capabilities, the organization's new chief executive says.

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  • Sources: Section 232 steel report facing Defense Department objections

    The Commerce Department's report on its Section 232 investigation into steel imports has been deemed insufficient due to Defense Department objections and other concerns, sources told Inside U.S. Trade, delaying its release and any action the president might take to shore up the U.S. industry.

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