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Inside the Pentagon - February 21, 2019
  • DOD investigating potential conflicts of interest in JEDI cloud procurement

    Oracle's protest against the potentially $10 billion Joint Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure program is on pause as the Pentagon investigates "new information" in determining whether conflicts of interest tainted the competition in favor of Amazon Web Services.

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  • Capitol Hill readies for aftershock as Trump diverts DOD funds toward wall

    Democrats in Congress say they are eager to learn which military construction projects will go unfunded so President Trump can divert $3.6 billion to build a wall on the southwestern border following his declaration of a national emergency.

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  • President signs key Space Force policy directive

    President Trump signed a key space policy directive this week that would direct the creation of a new military service, but falls short of a previous order to establish a new department for space.

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  • DOD seeks new satellite network for long-range, hypersonic strike targeting

    The Pentagon is asking industry for ideas on a new satellite constellation optimized to identify fleeting, high-priority targets for attack by conventionally armed hypersonic glide vehicles, a solicitation that marks a development in the U.S. military's effort to field a new class of ultra-fast weapons and advances the Trump administration's goal to develop a "left of launch" missile defense capability.

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  • DSB meetings

    The Defense Science Board will hold meetings in March and April to continue discussing an ongoing summer study on the future of U.S. military superiority, according to a pair of Federal Register notices posted Feb. 20. The meetings will take place March 20-21 and April 17-18, respectively, with DSB members meeting in small groups as well as plenary sessions "to discuss classified ways in which the [Defense Department] can secure U.S. interests, manage escalation, and deter and counter adversary aggression, given a renewed great power competition," both notices state. The task force was also scheduled to meet this week to discuss the same topic.

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  • STRATCOM establishes NC3 Enterprise Center

    U.S. Strategic Command is setting up a new organization to oversee the Defense Department's disparate nuclear command, control and communications systems, as well as lead the development of next-generation NC3 requirements.

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  • Shaffer 'not optimistic' defense budget will grow in future years

    SAN DIEGO -- One of the Pentagon's top weapons buyers said last week that he is "not terribly optimistic" the defense budget will grow in future years, but rather the country will have "enormous pressure" to spend money paying down the national debt.

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  • DOD using new joint architecture to guide key cyber programs

    The Pentagon has established a new Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture to ensure the military's cyber capabilities are better integrated, according to the head of U.S. Cyber Command.

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  • NSA official: Use of NIST framework provides 'holistic view' of cyber threat

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology's framework of cybersecurity standards, released five years ago, helped power a cost-effective approach to cyber risk management at the Defense Department that aligns in many ways with how the framework is employed by the private sector, according to senior National Security Agency official Pat Arvidson.

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  • RKV flunks review, MDA resetting program schedule and budget requirement

    The Missile Defense Agency's effort to accelerate development of a new Ground-based Midcourse Defense kill vehicle -- a more than $2.6 billion project to deliver a reliable ballistic missile defense warhead to protect the United States from North Korean and potential Iranian threats -- suffered a setback when the Redesigned Kill Vehicle did not pass muster with a key design review last year.

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  • Trump to tap more than $6 billion in Pentagon funds to build border wall

    President Trump declared a national emergency last week to use $3.6 billion in Defense Department military construction funds to build a wall on the southwestern border. Additionally, he will seek to reprogram $2.5 billion to DOD's drug interdiction account from other unidentified Pentagon sources.

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  • CBO: DOD's spending plan calls for 11 percent budget hike from 2023-33

    The Defense Department's base budget would have to reach $735 billion by 2033 -- an 11 percent increase from the topline projected for 2023 -- if it is to cover the spending plan the Pentagon envisions, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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  • Fanning says AIA is 'working closely' with DOD on progress payments plan

    The Aerospace Industries Association has been 'working closely' with the Defense Department as DOD weighs how to revamp its approach to progress payments and performance-based payments.

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  • Lockheed creates spectrum convergence segment

    Lockheed Martin late last year created a new market segment called spectrum convergence, according to the executive leading the venture.

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  • Aerojet Rocketdyne reports higher sales, profit in 2018

    Aerojet Rocketdyne said this week sales in its most recent quarter reached $438 million, down 17 percent from the same three-month period a year earlier.

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  • ATEC protests GE's Apache, Black Hawk engine replacement win

    Advanced Turbine Engine Co. said this week it has filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office against the Army's award to General Electric Aviation for the Improved Turbine Engine Program, intended to replace the engines in the AH-64 Apache and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

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