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Inside the Pentagon - April 26, 2018
  • Shanahan: Pentagon seeking 'headroom' for FY-20 modernization strategy

    The Pentagon is not planning for another significant funding boost in fiscal year 2020 and is exploring ways to make budgetary "headroom" to support a host of new modernization investments being drawn up by a new innovation team, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan.

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  • DOD acquisition policy chief pushes to cut procurement time lines

    The official charged with setting defense acquisition policies is pushing Congress to streamline requirements that result in lengthy haggling over cost and pricing data so the Defense Department can drastically reduce the time it takes to buy equipment.

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  • Pentagon acquisition chief moves to streamline rapid prototyping

    The Defense Department, in response to a two-year-old congressional directive, is moving to establish a "new pathway" to streamline rapid prototyping for "middle tier" capabilities that could be fielded within five years or use proven technologies to upgrade existing systems, according to a recent memo from Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen Lord.

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  • Lawmakers consider eliminating Strategic Capabilities Office

    New legislation being considered by the House Armed Services Committee could result in the elimination or restructuring of the Strategic Capabilities Office by Oct. 1, 2020.

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  • New Bill Debated

    The House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday began releasing subcommittee marks of the fiscal year 2019 defense authorization bill. The committee intended to release all marks 24 hours prior to their individual subcommittee mark-ups on Thursday. The full committee is scheduled to consider the bill on May 9. Watch InsideDefense.com for detailed coverage.

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  • Griffin wants new strategies for top-ten technology areas by July

    Michael Griffin, the Pentagon's new weapons-technology chief, has commissioned a project to develop by early July a portfolio of strategies to advance research and engineering work on 10 technology domains, a move that could signal a potential recalibration of U.S. military modernization spending in the Defense Department's fiscal year 2020 budget proposal.

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  • DOD official: Companies should design systems with 'exportability' in mind

    The Pentagon's acquisition and sustainment chief says the U.S. government is going to step up its advocacy of defense exports under a new conventional arms transfer policy, but she believes companies can do more by designing their systems with "exportability" up front.

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  • Griffin commissions study on potential for 'strategic surprise' within decade

    The Pentagon's weapons-technology boss has commissioned a new study that aims to head off "strategic surprise" in the coming decade by directing an influential advisory panel to examine U.S. military potential blind spots, weighing information about prospective adversaries' technological capabilities and operational concepts that could lead to "regrets in 2028."

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  • House subcommittee seeks to mainstream DOD labs

    A group of House authorizers is seeking to elevate the importance of the Defense Department's laboratories by involving them in the weapon system requirements process and aligning them more closely with the commercial sector.

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  • New arms transfer policy seeks to promote U.S. weapons abroad, relaxes UAS export rules

    The White House wants to elevate the importance of creating American jobs and boost the U.S. defense industry when considering weapons sales to foreign nations, as well as sell more American-made unmanned aerial systems to international partners, under a new conventional arms policy unveiled today.

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  • Critical Intelligence


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  • GAO's audit of DOD major weapons finds acquisition reforms bearing fruit

    A congressional audit of the Pentagon's major weapon systems portfolio reveals that two major acquisition reform initiatives -- statutory changes Congress spearheaded in 2009 and executive stratagems led by Defense Department procurement executives beginning in 2010 -- have yielded some success reigning in cost growth and improving buying power.

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  • GAO: Pentagon must share F-35 lessons learned across enterprise

    The Pentagon must develop a good way to share Joint Strike Fighter lessons learned across the military services as the program rapidly expands in the coming years instead of keeping information within each faction, according to a government watchdog agency.

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  • Navarro touts arms transfer policy as a way to reduce trade reliance on China

    Peter Navarro, director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said Tuesday that the administration's new conventional arms policy is a way for the U.S. boost exports to markets dominated by countries like China and Russia.

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  • Competition for new $1B Hawaii radar set to launch, potential for three winners

    The Defense Department plans to launch a competition next week for a $1 billion radar project to develop and field a new radar site in Hawaii as part of a strategy to increase the effectiveness of the Ground Based Midcourse defense segment of the Ballistic Missile Defense System against long-range North Korean rockets.

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  • Army launches 'stewardship program' to ensure responsible spending

    Army senior leaders have initiated a new process designed to assess and optimize the service's execution of its fiscal year 2018 funds, which were appropriated months into the fiscal year and include additional flexibility provided by Congress.

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