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Inside the Pentagon - October 19, 2017
  • Mattis opposes several FY-18 defense policy bill measures

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wants House and Senate lawmakers to know he is opposed to several provisions in their versions of the fiscal year 2018 defense authorization bill as they head into conference committee deliberations, according to an Oct. 17 letter sent to Capitol Hill and obtained by Inside Defense.

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  • Raytheon's SM-3 Block IB intercepts target, paving way for potential mega contract

    A Raytheon interceptor successfully knocked down a ballistic missile target in a live-fire exercise over the weekend, setting the stage for the Missile Defense Agency to proceed with a long-delayed full-rate production decision of the weapon which is pivotal to U.S. plans to defend American forces and allies against North Korean and Iranian threats.

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  • U.S. Cyber Command awards first contract

    U.S. Cyber Command made first use of its new acquisition authority last month, inking a contract worth just over half a million dollars with Gartner Inc. for research and executive advisory assistance.

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  • DOD taps Lockheed to start new effort to develop airborne missile-defense laser

    The Defense Department has tapped Lockheed Martin to begin integrating a low-power laser on a high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, the first of a small number of contracts slated to be awarded this year to develop competing approaches for a potential precursor to an airborne laser capable of intercepting ballistic missiles during the boost-phase of flight.

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  • No. 2 Policy Official Confirmed

    The Senate voted 79-17 Tuesday to confirm David Trachtenberg as the next principal deputy to the under secretary of defense for policy. Meanwhile, former Lockheed Martin executive John Rood was nominated last week to become under secretary of defense for policy. Trachtenberg, who was nominated in March, was most recently chief executive of national security consulting firm Shortwaver Consulting. He previously was head of the strategic analysis division at CACI International. Trachtenberg has also served in several roles at the Defense Department, including principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for international security policy.

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  • Pelosi: Dems will insist on non-defense boost to match defense increase

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Oct. 12 Democrats would fight for equal increases for defense and non-defense spending as negotiations for a final fiscal year 2018 appropriations package get underway.

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  • Mattis: 'Now is the time' for another BRAC round

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the Defense Department is operating at 19 percent excess capacity and is urging Congress to authorize another round of base realignment and closures, according to a new report sent to Capitol Hill and obtained by Inside Defense.

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  • Senior DOD cyber officials wrestling with cloud security and contracting

    The Defense Department has prioritized transitioning its segmented network to a cloud-based computing system, but senior DOD cyber officials are wrestling with the implications for information security and contractors.

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  • House oversight lawmakers to advise NDAA conference on background investigations provision

    Lawmakers on a key House oversight committee will provide input to authorizers on a provision in the defense policy bill that would shift background investigations to the Defense Department.

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  • Critical Intelligence


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  • Army personnel to train initial Afghan Black Hawk pilots

    Army service members will train the first Afghan Air Force pilots to fly their new Black Hawk helicopters, but the training will eventually be supported by contractors as well, according to the head of Army security assistance.

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  • Panel: New Army capabilities needed for future fight in megacities

    The Army needs to take action to bolster capabilities to fight in megacities and should lobby Pentagon leaders to adopt defense planning scenarios that include dense-urban area operations as an initial step toward laying the groundwork for potential weapon system programs needed for these missions.

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  • Air Force, CYBERCOM build toward integrated cyber forces, more automated threat detection

    A top Defense Department cyberspace adviser told reporters Monday cyber operators will be integrated across the military's geographic and functional organizations as part of U.S. Cyber Command's elevation to a unified combatant command.

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  • NATO missile defense fleet tackles supersonic threat

    Ships from several NATO countries conducting an integrated air and missile defense exercise defended against a supersonic target in waters near Scotland Oct. 17, wrapping up a two-week effort to improve interoperability using alliance command-and-control reporting structures and datalink architecture, according to U.S. 6th Fleet.

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