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Inside the Pentagon - April 27, 2017
  • DIUx remains a priority under Mattis

    The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, which faced an uncertain future at the start of the Trump administration, remains a priority now that Defense Secretary James Mattis runs the Pentagon and reports directly to him in the same way it did with his predecessor, Ash Carter, who established DIUx to inject greater innovation into the acquisition system.

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  • DOD's DT&E shop encourages tabletop exercises to focus cybersecurity efforts

    The Pentagon's developmental test and evaluation shop plans to encourage programs to use tabletop exercises to help focus its cybersecurity efforts, according to the recently released annual DT&E report.

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  • DSB: Vulnerability of U.S. military satellite communications 'a crisis'

    Satellites the U.S. military relies on to wage war -- with the exception of those that operate on extremely high frequencies -- are at risk of being rendered inoperable by jamming and cyber attack, a "reality that should be considered a crisis to be dealt with immediately," an influential Pentagon advisory panel warns in a new report.

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  • Work tasks DBB with two new studies to help DOD cut overhead costs

    The Pentagon's No. 2 official has tasked the Defense Business Board with two new studies examining how private sector tools could help the Defense Department reduce its overhead costs.

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  • Isolating North Korea

    The Trump administration intends to work with Asian partners and other allies to prevent North Korea from receiving any external support for its ballistic missile and nuclear programs, a senior administration official said during a press briefing Wednesday. "It's clear that all of us have a lot more to do to isolate the regime from its access to the kind of materials and technologies and components it needs to advance those two very dangerous programs," the official said, noting that the components of North Korea's weapons, including the tires, are being imported.

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  • DBB technology task group expects to report findings in August

    A new task group studying the impact of technology on the Defense Department workforce will present a briefing of its findings by August, the head of the group told the Defense Business Board during its recent quarterly meeting.

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  • Long-term CR could delay Compass Call fielding by at least a year

    A continuing resolution that lasts until October could delay the Air Force's effort to move the EC-130H Compass Call's electronic attack and early warning capabilities to a new platform by at least a year, a service spokeswoman said last week.

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  • Pentagon acquisition chief clears LRPF for Milestone A

    The Army’s next-generation long-range guided missile system has been cleared to enter the next phase of the acquisition process.

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  • DARPA to hold event for Tactical Exploitation of Acoustic Channel program

    The Pentagon's advanced research arm plans to hold a proposers' day next week for a program that intends to allow for long-duration source payloads on more affordable undersea platforms.

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  • Defense contractors remain upbeat on defense spending -- but warn of uncertainty

    Executives from some of the largest defense contractors on April 26 reported bolstered profits in the most recent quarter and struck an upbeat tone about U.S. defense spending, though one executive said the increase will likely be modest.

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  • Lockheed Martin reports increased quarterly sales, lower profit

    The world's largest defense contractor said April 25 that while sales grew in the company's most recent quarter, profit declined because of several charges.

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  • DOD to seek at least $650M in FY-18 for new F-35 bulk parts purchase initiative

    The Pentagon plans to seek more than $650 million in fiscal year 2018 to finance bulk purchase of parts for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter production, an initiative congressional auditors say may be premature but which the Defense Department says will produce future savings in tandem with a potential multiyear block-buy package from foreign governments.

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  • White House announces four Pentagon nominees

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Wednesday Robert Soofer had been selected to serve as deputy assistant secretary of defense for nuclear and missile defense policy. Soofer has worked as a professional staff member for the Senate Armed Services Committee, serving as staff lead for the strategic forces subcommittee.

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  • Critical Intelligence


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  • Navy can only meet half of submarine requirements in Pacific

    The Navy can only meet half of the requirements for attack submarines from U.S. Pacific Command, according to a top military officer.

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  • Missile Defense Agency approves preliminary design, 'dual-pol' tech for LRDR

    The Missile Defense Agency has approved Lockheed Martin's preliminary design for the Long Range Discrimination Radar -- a program central to Pentagon plans to improve homeland defense by bolstering the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program with an unprecedented ability to detect ballistic missile threats by the end of this decade.

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  • CBO estimates Navy must spend $26.6 billion annually to build 355-ship fleet

    In a new report, the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will cost the Navy $26.6 billion annually over the next 30 years to build a 355-ship fleet.

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  • Defense Department reviewing Block 4 time line due to budget concerns

    The Defense Department plans to release a request for proposals for F-35 Block 4 follow-on modernization by the end of the year, but said in a Government Accountability Office report published today it is evaluating those plans “in light of existing budget realities.”

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