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Inside the Army - December 3, 2018
  • Army official: AI will eventually require new doctrine

    DETROIT -- Maj. Gen. Douglas Crissman, director of the Army's Mission Command Center of Excellence, last week at AUSA's Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence Symposium said AI would "almost certainly" require new doctrine for the service, "but probably not right away."

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  • Army looks to innovate cyber and electronic warfare acquisitions

    The Army's cyber and electronic warfare communities are focusing on a "campaign of learning and prototyping" as they develop a new acquisition process that runs closer to the rapid pace of  development in the private sector.

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  • DIU now able to issue its own OTAs as it looks to tackle broader projects

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Three years after it launched as the Defense Department's conduit to Silicon Valley, the Defense Innovation Unit can now award contracts using its own other transaction authorities, rather than rely solely on service-led acquisition groups.

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  • Inhofe unveils top defense policy priorities; gears up for budget battle

    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has an ambitious list of priorities all built around a central line of effort -- increasing the defense budget, despite newly empowered Democrats and a White House looking for spending cuts to offset skyrocketing deficits.

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  • Contract Bid Protests

    The Government Accountability Office sustained 15 percent of all contract bid protests in fiscal year 2018, down from 17 percent in FY-17 and 23 percent in FY-16, according to an annual report. "Our review shows that the most prevalent reasons for sustaining protests during the 2018 fiscal year were: (1) unreasonable technical evaluation; (2) unreasonable cost or price evaluation; (3) flawed selection decision," the GAO report reads. "It is important to note that a significant number of protests filed with our office do not reach a decision on the merits because agencies voluntarily take corrective action in response to the protest rather than defend the protest on the merits."

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  • Army awards Oshkosh $1.7B JLTV contract, the largest single order to date

    The Army has awarded Oshkosh Defense a $1.7 billion contract to produce more than 6,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles and more than 22,000 associated vehicle kits -- the largest single order to date for the program that partially consolidates purchases for vehicles Congress funded over three years.

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  • Murray: Army sees potential role for AI 'in everything the Army does'

    DETROIT -- The Army's four-star general in charge of modernization sees potential applications for artificial intelligence in vehicles; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; analysis; training; resource management; and many other areas.

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  • Cybersecurity ambitions in NDS meet reality of budget constraints

    Lofty goals in the Trump administration's National Defense Strategy were brought down to earth by a pair of Defense Department advisers, who told a Senate panel last week that a lack of funding will hinder execution of the plan, which deeply incorporates cybersecurity in the consideration of malign actions by nation-states and individuals.

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  • Army official: AI is necessary for targeting in fires operations

    DETROIT -- The Army's team tasked with developing next-generation surface-to-surface weapons is considering how artificial intelligence could aid targeting and ensure economical distribution of effort in a fires attack.

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  • Army's Robotic Combat Vehicle to have three variants

    DETROIT -- The director of the Army's Next Generation Combat Vehicle cross-functional team last week detailed initial plans to develop the Robotic Combat Vehicle.

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  • Army Futures Command completed TRADOC transfer last week

    DETROIT -- The Army's Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center, called TRAC, tomorrow will transition to Futures Command's authority, the next of many organizational moves within the service as its fourth major command takes shape.

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  • DOD contract obligation boost mostly benefited 'big five'

    The Pentagon's contract obligations grew 13 percent between fiscal years 2015 and 2017 -- but the five largest defense contractors reaped most of that benefit, according to new analysis by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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  • Moody's: UTC split would allow 'enhanced strategic focus'

    United Technologies' plan to spin off Otis and Carrier into separate entities following its acquisition of Rockwell Collins means the company will need an adapted capital structure as well as new capital allocation policies, according to a new Moody's Investors Service report.

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  • Trump response to China's cyber activities pulls all levers of int'l power

    Senior Trump administration officials have described China's cyber aggressions as a "whole-of-government" campaign from Beijing, and in response the United States is putting in motion a range of policy options involving the Pentagon and economic and trade sanctions, as well as law enforcement actions, according to recently released strategy documents and reports.

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  • GOP defense chairmen draw line over budget

    Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees used an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal late last week to send a message to President Trump, arguing he should submit a $733 billion defense budget in February, not the $700 billion version Pentagon officials say they have been directed to write by the White House.

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  • Senate Republicans at odds with White House over proposed defense cut

    The opening bell has officially rung in Washington's latest round of arguments over national defense spending.

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