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Inside the Army - August 21, 2017
  • Army eyes 'rodeo' for upgrades to M113s in EAB

    The Army intends to hold a "rodeo" to assess the reliability of industry offerings to upgrade the M113 armored personnel carrier for echelons above brigade.

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  • Bassett: Army leaders 'very close to a decision' on Trophy APS for Abrams

    Army senior leaders are nearing a decision on whether to purchase an off-the-shelf active protection system for the Abrams tank, while APS work on the service’s other combat vehicles is slightly behind schedule.

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  • PEO GCS utilizing Future Fighting Vehicle work in S&T efforts

    The Army's program executive office for ground combat systems is "continuing to work with" concepts developed in the service's Future Fighting Vehicle program, according to the head of the office.

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  • Plan to restructure DOD acquisition sparks concern among former weapons testers

    Former top Defense Department weapons testers are concerned a new bureaucratic shake-up, combined with the possible departure of Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ), could weaken their former office's influence on decisions to procure multibillion-dollar weapon systems.

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  • Regional Exercise

    U.S. and South Korean military units will begin the annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise Aug. 21, according to the Defense Department. Running through Aug. 31, the exercise is "designed to enhance readiness, protect the region and maintain stability on the Korean peninsula." Approximately 17,500 U.S. troops will take part, with about 3,000 coming from off-peninsula. In addition to South Korean and U.S. forces, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will also participate.

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  • White House OMB sends out FY-19 defense R&D wish list

    The White House Office of Management and Budget wants the Defense Department to give “special focus” to missile defense, hypersonic weapons, autonomous and space-based systems as well as other technologies when drawing up research and development investments for fiscal year 2019, according to a recent memo.

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  • Army to continue metal matrix composite research for lighter vehicles

    The Army's next milestone in examining metal matrix composite technology as a potential vehicle lightweighting solution is to develop additional brake drums for testing, according to one of the service's engineers.

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  • 2nd SBCT alerted for EDRE ahead of NTC rotation

    The Army's Lancer Brigade has spent the past several months building readiness ahead of a combat training center rotation designed to test its abilities against a near-peer adversary.

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  • Army commits to 20 percent fewer Black Hawks than originally planned in new multiyear deal

    The Army is executing a multiyear procurement contract for UH-60M utility helicopters with Sikorsky that obligates the government to buy 51 fewer helicopters, or 20 percent less, between fiscal years 2017 and 2021 than the service originally proposed to Congress when seeking authorization for a five-year deal, offsetting the cuts in part with foreign military sales.

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  • Army officials using 2CR feedback for upgunned Stryker design

    The Army has been incorporating feedback from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment into its Stryker upgun effort and plans to continue improving the vehicle's design. 

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  • Trump administration echoes concerns about outlook for future military aircraft

    The Trump administration is echoing concerns raised by the Obama administration about the ability of the aerospace sector to sustain the unique design and manufacturing skills needed to ensure future U.S. military combat aircraft can be both designed and produced, according to a report by the Pentagon office charged with monitoring the defense industrial base.

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  • SCO seeks new round of proposals, including 'non-traditional defense technologies'

    The Pentagon's Strategic Capabilities Office is gathering new ideas for potential funding in the areas of autonomous systems, deep learning, cyber, cross-domain kill chains and non-traditional defense technologies.

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