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Inside the Army - June 18, 2018
  • Lawmakers back Army's IM-SHORAD to counter low-flying Russian threats

    Lawmakers are lining up to support the Army's fast-track project to rapidly develop and field an air- and missile-defense system that can be bolted onto the Stryker vehicle, a potential billion-dollar effort to harden ground forces in Europe from Russian threats which service leaders did not formally validate until after the Pentagon submitted its fiscal year 2019 budget to Congress.

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  • Army picks five finalists for Futures Command location

    With the Army's Futures Command stationing team having so far visited Boston, Raleigh and Austin as potential locations for its new headquarters, Inside Defense has learned that Philadelphia and Minneapolis are the two cities left awaiting site visits before the service makes its final decision.

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  • House appropriators find 'lack of consistency' in Army's Stryker plans

    The House Appropriations Committee has taken issue with the Army's path so far toward modernizing its Stryker vehicles, asking the service to submit a resourcing strategy for its desired A1 upgrade.

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  • Pentagon plans review of U.S. 'technology industrial base'

    The Pentagon, on the heels of completing a review of its manufacturing industrial base, will soon begin studying whether U.S. industry is prepared to deliver the game-changing technologies the Defense Department seeks to field in the future.

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  • Mad Scientist Conference

    Army Training and Doctrine Command will host the Mad Scientist Conference, "Installations of the Future," June 19 to 20 in Atlanta, GA, exploring the evolution of the operational environment through 2050. TRADOC, the deputy assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy and environment and the Georgia Tech Research Institute will convene to discuss trends in artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, microgrids and social media.

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  • Army addresses aviation training based on large-scale conflict

    The Army is trying to take a more proactive approach to aviation safety through training, rather than simply reacting to mishaps, according to a service official.

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  • House lawmakers wary of Army recovery vehicle use

    The House Appropriations Committee is worried that the Army may need to use two M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicles to tow one Abrams tank due to the tank's increased weight, according to the committee's fiscal year 2019 defense spending bill.

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  • Thornberry wants final defense authorization bill complete by end of July

    House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) said last week he wants to work with his Senate counterparts to send a final fiscal year 2019 defense authorization bill to President Trump by the end of July.

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  • House panel shifts funds to hike procurement for select weapons by $4.5B

    The House Appropriations defense subcommittee has increased funding for select weapon system projects by nearly $4.5 billion in its mark of the Pentagon's fiscal year 2019 spending bill, a hike achieved in part by diverting $2 billion away from Defense Department-requested projects in order to benefit National Guard programs, aircraft procurement and purchases of additional ships.

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  • Navy partners with Army Analytics Group to sift through aviation mishap data

    The Naval Safety Center has partnered with the Army Analytics Group for data aggregation and complex analysis to better understand the uptick in aviation mishaps, according to a Navy official.

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  • Acquisition reform panel takes aim at Pentagon's major program management

    A panel tasked with helping the Defense Department streamline acquisition is readying a recommendation for the military to more effectively manage its big-ticket programs by administering them through "enterprise capability portfolios."

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  • Lawmakers tighten OTA authorities after REAN Cloud controversy

    House lawmakers are moving to restrict how quickly the Defense Department can shift other transaction agreements from prototype work to production after government auditors ruled DOD improperly awarded a nearly $1 billion follow-on production agreement earlier this spring.

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  • DOD seeks to further develop DIBNow system to manage supplier info

    The Pentagon is seeking to bolster its DIBNow system, a business intelligence and analytics capability focused on the industrial base, according to the head of the Defense Department's manufacturing and industrial base policy shop.

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  • SOUTHCOM chief positions command as artificial intelligence testbed

    The chief of U.S. Southern Command is pushing for his forces to help test new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning and vet them for deployment to higher priority regions of the world.

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