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Inside the Army - February 18, 2019
  • MDA readying sole-source Lockheed contract for Saudi Arabia THAAD deal

    The Missile Defense Agency is readying a potential $15 billion contract with Lockheed Martin to buy Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems for Saudi Arabia, a deal in the works for years that would in a single package outfit the desert kingdom with seven batteries -- equivalent to the Army's current THAAD ballistic missile defense capabilities for the entire globe.

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  • Capitol Hill readies for aftershock as Trump diverts DOD funds toward wall

    Democrats in Congress say they are eager to learn which military construction projects will go unfunded so President Trump can divert $3.6 billion to build a wall on the southwestern border following his declaration of a national emergency.

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  • Army delays JLTV full-rate production to consider potential design changes

    The Army is delaying plans to begin full-rate production of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, originally slated for December 2018, until as late as early summer to assess options for vehicle-design changes suggested by soldiers and Marines during testing and evaluation in a move that could push the $28 billion program toward a schedule breach.

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  • Pentagon's plans for inflated OCO request spark conflict on Capitol Hill

    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-OK) said last week he would back the Pentagon if it submitted a budget requesting a massively inflated warfighting account intended to skirt statutory spending caps, but his Democratic counterpart Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) opposes the move on the grounds that it is a "dramatic retreat . . . from common sense and good government."

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  • Navy mulling 'phased approach' to potential CHAMP program

    The Navy is considering a "phased approach" to recapitalizing the five mission sets bound for a potential common hull shipbuilding program, according to a service spokeswoman.

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  • Army readying for IM-SHORAD production

    The Army is preparing to shift to the production phase of the Initial Maneuver-Short-Range Air Defense system, the service's interim platform for ground-based air and missile defense.

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  • Army to test directed-energy CUAS platforms, others in fall experiment

    The Army is supporting the Air Force's search for an off-the-shelf, directed-energy platform to counter unmanned aircraft systems by testing proposed systems in a massive experimentation event at Ft. Sill, OK, in late October.

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  • Army secretary directs new study aiming to improve talent management

    Army Secretary Mark Esper has directed an influential advisory panel to study how the service finds new soldiers, puts them to work and nurtures their careers to ensure a personnel management system is aligned with plans to modernize the force for future fights.

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  • RCV prototype award scheduled for November

    The Army this morning released an acquisition time line for the Robotic Combat Vehicle, targeting Nov. 22 for a prototype award.

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  • Army hosting automated targeting technology industry days

    The Army is hosting an industry event next month for automated targeting technology it seeks to develop for ground combat vehicles.

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  • Pentagon seeks to accelerate AI developments under new strategy

    The Pentagon plans to work with a range of commercial companies to rapidly develop artificial intelligence capabilities "responsibly and ethically," according to a new Defense Department strategy.

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  • Trump to tap more than $6 billion in Pentagon funds to build border wall

    President Trump declared a national emergency late last week to use $3.6 billion in Defense Department military construction funds to build a wall on the southwestern border. Additionally, he will seek to reprogram $2.5 billion to DOD's drug interdiction account from other unidentified Pentagon sources.

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  • Inhofe: Trump should pick new SECDEF; says Shanahan lacks 'humility'

    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-OK) said last week he has talked with President Trump about nominating a new defense secretary to succeed Jim Mattis, voicing concern that acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan lacks the "humility" of his predecessor and is unable to muster the full force of his office because of his "temporary" status.

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  • Shaffer 'not optimistic' defense budget will grow in future years

    SAN DIEGO -- One of the Pentagon's top weapons buyers said last week that he is "not terribly optimistic" the defense budget will grow in future years, but rather the country will have "enormous pressure" to spend money paying down the national debt.

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  • Officials: Russian, Chinese organizational shifts signify greater space focus

    A defense intelligence official told reporters last week that the biggest threat to U.S. space superiority is likely not a single adversary capability, but rather actions in recent years by Russia and China to better organize and integrate space capabilities within their militaries -- actions that could help the Pentagon as it makes a case to create a new Space Force.

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  • Service secretaries sign joint memo on modular open systems standards

    The Air Force, Army and Navy secretaries recently signed a new memorandum that would require them to adopt common standards for cross-domain information-sharing on future systems.

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