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Inside the Army - March 20, 2017
  • Army leaders huddle with industry execs on maneuver plans

    Senior leaders met privately with industry representatives last month to provide insights into the Army's vision for maneuver forces in Multi-Domain Battle.

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  • Acting under secretary weighs in on funding, acquisition reform

    While Army leaders maintain that the service would benefit from additional funding to support and accelerate its readiness and modernization objectives, budget uncertainty is "the worst part" of the process, according to the senior official performing the duties of the under secretary.

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  • Army official outlines Next Generation Combat Vehicle prototype effort

    The Army is working on a prototyping effort expected to inform future decisions on the development of the Next Generation Combat Vehicle, according to a service official.

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  • Army looking to add mobility and firepower to airborne IBCT formation

    The Light Armored Vehicle 25, a Marine Corps armored reconnaissance vehicle, is being used in a pilot program to evaluate how the Army can add mobility and firepower to airborne infantry brigade combat team formations, according to a service spokeswoman.

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  • Staying In

    The Senate on March 15 confirmed Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to continue at his present rank while serving as the national security adviser to President Trump. While the post does not require Senate confirmation, McMaster's status as an active Army officer requires re-confirmation at his current rank. He was previously confirmed for his three-star rank on March 31, 2014, and assumed the role of director at the Army Capabilities Integration Center on July 15, 2014.

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  • Anderson, Murray outline readiness, modernization challenges

    A pair of Army senior leaders last week detailed for lawmakers the adverse impacts on the service of years of unstable funding, as well as the risks to key modernization priorities posed by the potential return of Budget Control Act spending caps.

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  • Dyess: Army working to avoid 'surprise' on future battlefield

    The Army is conducting work that will inform eventual capabilities development to support Multi-Domain Battle, according to the acting director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center.

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  • G-8: Army may have to curb vehicle upgrades if BCA caps return in FY-18

    The Army may need to adjust vehicle modernization programs if Budget Control Act spending caps return in fiscal year 2018, according to the deputy chief of staff (G-8).

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  • Administration eyes further boost to Army aviation in FY-17

    A fiscal year 2017 budget amendment released March 16 by the White House would provide a $1.65 billion boost to the Army's aircraft procurement account, but the measure faces an uncertain future in Congress.

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  • FY-17 proposed supplemental has additional funding for Abrams upgrades

    The White House aims to add 27 Abrams tanks to the current upgrade program, according to the fiscal year 2017 budgetary amendment request released March 16.

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  • Army installs reactive armor on tanks in Germany

    The Army installed reactive armor tiles onto Abrams tanks with the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, in Grafenwoehr, Germany, according to a March 7 Defense Department notice.

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  • Perkins: Army seeks 'full integration' through Multi-Domain Battle

    HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The evolving Multi-Domain Battle concept requires a fundamental shift in the Army's approach to warfighitng, according to the chief of Training and Doctrine Command.

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  • Easter: Sustained funding will help close Army's capability gaps

    HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The Army recognizes the need to "streamline" its acquisition process, but also needs sustained funding to close critical capability gaps, according to the service's acting acquisition executive.

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  • Army official argues service needs consistent budgeting from Congress

    HUNTSVILLE, AL -- While Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria pose significant threats to the United States, "the real threat to our nation is the lack of consistent, reliable and sufficient funding," according to the senior official performing the duties of the under secretary of the Army.

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  • Army looks to shorten time line for rotational BCT deployment setup

    HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The Army and its partners succeeded this January in deploying the first armored brigade combat team to Europe as part of a heel-to-toe rotation, but the chief of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command is eyeing improvements.

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  • White House releases FY-17 plan that could derail budget talks

    The White House is seeking a fiscal year 2017 budget amendment that would break spending caps agreed to by congressional Republicans and Democrats and could lead to a shutdown that might ultimately endanger additional defense spending this year.

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  • Proposed $30B FY-17 boost aims to begin to reverse years of tight budgets

    The Trump administration is seeking a $30 billion increase to the Pentagon's fiscal year 2017 budget, a promissory note on larger plans going forward to try to reverse cuts to military spending stemming from the 2011 Budget Control Act, which has cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the Defense Department's since 2012.

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  • White House unveils FY-18 budget blueprint, FY-17 supplemental

    The White House's fiscal year 2018 budget would boost national security spending by $54 billion, paid for by a 28 percent cut to the State Department, as well as double-digit cuts to other executive agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

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  • Thornberry 'pleased' with FY-17 supplemental budget, hopes it passes soon

    House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) said he was "pleased" with the supplemental fiscal year 2017 budget the Trump administration released Thursday, and hopes that it passes as soon as possible in an effort to "get a head start on repairing some of the damage that's been done" to the military.

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  • Trump nominates Boeing executive to serve as deputy defense secretary

    The White House said Thursday President Trump will nominate Patrick Shanahan, a Boeing executive, to serve as deputy defense secretary.

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  • U.S. to permanently station Gray Eagle drones in South Korea

    The Pentagon will permanently station Gray Eagle drones in South Korea, Defense Department Capt. Jeff Davis said Monday, a week after a series of North Korean missile launches landed in the Sea of Japan.

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