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Inside the Air Force - August 18, 2017
  • Air Force: GPS OCX bridge capability nearly 40 percent complete

    Lockheed Martin is making progress on a bridge capability that would allow the legacy GPS ground system to operate new GPS III satellites until the delayed Next-Generation Operational Control Segment is delivered.

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  • Air Force mulling further changes to PAR during preliminary design

    The Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program office and Boeing are working on ways to drive costs down during the 18-month preliminary design phase, which is slated to begin after a contract award in September.

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  • AFRL to start F-35A OBOGS comparison testing later this month

    The Air Force Research Laboratory's 711th Human Performance Wing is continuing its investigation of the F-35 Onboard Oxygen-Generating System and plans to begin comparison testing later this month with one of the systems used by a pilot who experienced physiological symptoms at Luke Air Force Base, AZ.

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  • Plan to restructure DOD acquisition sparks concern among former weapons testers

    Former top Defense Department weapons testers are concerned a new bureaucratic shake-up, combined with the possible departure of Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ), could weaken their former office's influence on decisions to procure multibillion-dollar weapon systems.

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  • F-35 Distribution Centers

    The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter joint program office announced this week it has identified locations in Europe, the Netherlands, Australia and the Pacific region to house JSF parts and service as distribution centers to "optimize and manage aviation inventory." The first European warehousing capability will be stood up by September 2019, according to an Aug. 16 press release, and the first Pacific warehouses will be established by October 2020. The initial warehouses will house parts to support airframe and engine capabilities, but future locations will include other components, including full mission simulators and the Autonomic Logistics Information System.

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  • Classified change to B-2 DMS capability won't impact schedule, USAF says

    A classified change to the Air Force's acquisition strategy for the B-2 Defensive Management System upgrade will not significantly impact the program's time line, a service spokesman confirmed this week.

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  • Air Force increases SDB I funding for F-22, F-35 testing, integration

    The Air Force announced last week it plans to award Boeing an additional $30 million to continue Small Diameter Bomb I integration support.

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  • Lockheed to field upgraded F-35 maintenance trainers in late 2017

    By the end of the year, F-35 maintainers will have access to 100 new virtual training modules through Lockheed Martin's Aircraft Systems Maintenance Trainer.

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  • JROC waiting to see if Congress scraps RQ-4 certification requirement

    The Joint Requirements Oversight Council is delaying validation that the RQ-4 Global Hawk's capabilities are on par with those of the U-2, as the Defense Department waits to see whether Congress scraps that certification requirement in the final fiscal year 2018 defense policy bill.

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  • Air Force offers seed money for industry's NC3 networking, modeling ideas

    The Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Global Strike Command and the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center are seeking ideas for nuclear command, control and communications "to define the art of the possible for future NC3 architectures and survivable and enduring communication systems," according to a recent broad agency announcement.

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  • DOD inks award for maintaining Afghan Air Force UH-60 helicopters

    The Defense Department has tapped Science and Engineering Services to perform maintenance and training services for the Afghan Air Force's future fleet of UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters, according to a recent award notice.

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  • Trump administration echoes concerns about outlook for future military aircraft

    The Trump administration is echoing concerns raised by the Obama administration about the ability of the aerospace sector to sustain the unique design and manufacturing skills needed to ensure future U.S. military combat aircraft can be both designed and produced, according to a report by the Pentagon office charged with monitoring the defense industrial base.

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  • DOD ducks requirement to rank 'optimized mix' of U.S. military aircraft

    The Defense Department is sidestepping a requirement to conduct a review of the U.S. military's future aircraft needs originally requested by Congress to produce a prioritized ranking -- or "optimized mix" -- of short- and long-range strike aircraft as well as the best combination of manned and unmanned platforms.

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  • SCO seeks new round of proposals, including 'non-traditional defense' tech

    The Pentagon's Strategic Capabilities Office is gathering new ideas for potential funding in the areas of autonomous systems, deep learning, cyber, cross-domain kill chains and non-traditional defense technologies.

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  • Contractors ready for additional information on new Buy American policies

    As federal agencies prepare reports on their compliance with Buy American laws, contractors should be checking their own processes and documentation, according to one government contracting adviser.

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  • White House OMB sends out FY-19 defense R&D wish list

    The White House Office of Management and Budget wants the Defense Department to give "special focus" to missile defense, hypersonic weapons, autonomous and space-based systems as well as other technologies when drawing up research and development investments for fiscal year 2019, according to a recent memo.

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