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Inside Missile Defense - October 11, 2017
  • Saudi $15B THAAD deal could boost regional BMEWS acquisition

    Saudi Arabia's interest in a potential $15 billion purchase of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system -- enough sensors and interceptors to field seven THAAD batteries, a force package equal in size to what the U.S. Army aims to field in 2018 -- is a boost to the longstanding Pentagon goal to advance ballistic missile defense capacity of partner nations in the Persian Gulf.

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  • Lawmakers approve bulk of DOD transfer to increase missile defense investments

    Congressional defense committees have approved nearly 90 percent of the Pentagon's request to transfer $416 million between different accounts to increase funding for missile defense programs, according to a document released last week by the Defense Department.

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  • Standard Missile-3 Block IB intercept test set for NATO exercise

    The Missile Defense Agency plans to conduct a key flight test of the Standard Missile-3 Block IB interceptor this month over the Atlantic Ocean as part of a major NATO-led, live-fire integrated air and missile defense exercise.

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  • Army looks to reprogram $14.8 million for space, missile defense

    The Army is asking Congress for permission to shift a share of its fiscal year 2017 funding to address training needs and enhance space and missile defense capabilities.

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  • HDR-H Draft RFP Released

    The Missile Defense Agency has released a draft request for proposals to build a land-based early warning radar in Hawaii. Most of the information about the Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii project is stored in a classified "HDR-H Prime Library," according to a Sept. 27 MDA notice. Access to information in that library is only being granted "to prime industry participants cleared by MDA Contracting and Security Officials." MDA said it "intends to conduct DRFP one-on-one sessions with prime industry participants. Information pertaining to dates, location, and other details will be provided in the HDR-H Prime Library."

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  • MDA deputy calls for faster testing of new technologies

    The Missile Defense Agency needs to test faster and try out new, less-mature technologies as the Defense Department attempts to keep pace with North Korea's developing ballistic missile and nuclear programs, according to MDA's No. 2 official.

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  • Shoffner: Army forging ahead on SHORAD

    The Army's "phased approach" to closing capabilities gaps in air and missile defense is "ongoing," with senior leaders still determining the path forward.

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  • DOD seeks $5M for classified program aimed at countering mobile nukes

    The Pentagon's gambit to bolster missile defense spending in the final weeks of the fiscal year with a September reprogramming request seeks $5 million for a classified project that appears to be linked to an effort aiming to harness artificial intelligence to hunt and destroy nuclear-tipped mobile missiles.

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  • DOD seeks funds for classified BMD efforts in the Pacific

    The Defense Department, with an eye toward military provocations from North Korea, is seeking approval from Congress to authorize a transfer of $70 million to support classified ballistic missile defense programs for U.S. forces in the Pacific, according to a document obtained by Inside Defense.

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  • Thornberry: There may not be time for slow evolution toward Space Corps

    As House and Senate authorizers try to reach common ground on space reorganization during conference this month, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee told reporters there may not be enough time to compromise on creating a Space Corps.

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  • National Space Council building integrated space strategic framework

    The National Space Council is crafting an integrated space strategic framework it expects to be available for review by President Trump within 45 days.

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  • Contractor Polaris Alpha pursues 'emerging' battlefields

    Polaris Alpha, the private-equity owned company that completed its most recent acquisition late last month, is seeking to establish itself as a major player in what the company calls "emerging" warfighting domains, including space, electronic warfare and cyberspace.

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  • Air Force floats RFP for classified space launch

    The Air Force is soliciting proposals to launch a classified space mission in fiscal year 2020.

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  • DOD extends Raytheon, Lockheed hypersonic strike trade studies into 2018

    The Defense Department has awarded contracts to keep in place a pair of industrial engineering teams that have been drafting technical proposals for an offensive hypersonic weapon since 2014, extending work on trade studies into early 2018 as part of an analysis of alternatives for a conventional prompt strike capability that DOD aims to codify in a program of record by 2020.

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  • DOD wants $50M for commercial-based, synthetic aperture radar satellite

    The Defense Department is asking Congress to approve a $50 million transfer to a program that would develop a commercially based, micro-synthetic aperture radar satellite prototype aimed at using "deep learning analytics" to improve the speed and exploitation of raw satellite imagery, according to a document obtained by Inside Defense.

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  • DOD gearing up to solicit information for major industrial base review

    The Pentagon, in coordination with defense industry associations, expects to soon release a "very targeted" questionnaire to contractors as it assesses the industrial base for vulnerabilities and the potential to surge, according to the senior Defense Department official leading the effort.

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