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Inside Missile Defense - February 14, 2018
  • Despite test failure, MDA moves forward with SM-3 Block IIA plans

    The Missile Defense Agency is moving forward with plans to purchase more Standard Missile-3 Block IIA guided interceptors in fiscal year 2019 and deploy the weapon by the end of this calendar year, despite the system failing to intercept a ballistic missile target during a recent flight test.

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  • Navy asks Congress for OK to lock in $2B, five-year deal for SM-6 interceptors

    The Navy is seeking permission from Congress to negotiate a $2 billion, five-year contract to buy Standard Missile-6 interceptors, a deal the service says would avoid $331 million compared to annual purchases. This would be one of two multiyear procurement deals the Pentagon is seeking with Raytheon for Standard Missiles in fiscal year 2019.

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  • Coming DOD missile defense assessment drops focus on 'ballistic' from title

    The Defense Department is dropping the "ballistic" from the Ballistic Missile Defense Review President Trump asked for last year, a change that reflects the assessment -- set to be released soon -- aims to provide a new policy, strategy and architecture blueprint accounting for a wider array of threats than one released in 2010.

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  • MDA seeks $9.9B in FY-19, a boost of more than 20 percent above prior forecast

    The Missile Defense Agency is seeking $9.9 billion in fiscal year 2019 -- an increase of more than 20 percent compared to the Trump administration's earlier plans -- signaling concern by policy makers about the growing threat and increasing complexity of long-range missiles from adversaries such as North Korea and a potential new class of ultra-fast, maneuvering weapons from China and Russia.

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  • DSB Meeting On NDS, NPR, BMDR

    The Defense Science Board met last week in closed session to discuss the National Defense Strategy, Nuclear Posture Review and Ballistic Missile Defense Review, according to a Feb. 12 Federal Register notice. Among those in attendance for the Feb. 8 meeting were the Missile Defense Agency's deputy director, the assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs, the deputy under secretary of defense for policy, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and force development, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for nuclear and missile defense policy, and the deputy director for strategic stability on the Joint Staff.

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  • Boeing gets $6.6B sole-source GMD development, sustainment contract

    The Missile Defense Agency has awarded Boeing a sole-source, six-year, $6.6 billion contract modification to modernize and sustain the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program, extending the company's role managing all aspects of the guided-missile interceptor program until 2023 and raising the potential value of the contract originally awarded in 2011 to $12.6 billion.

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  • SMC task force aims to improve, inform enterprise software development

    As the Space and Missile Systems Center works to establish a more enterprise-focused approach to operational command and control, a Space Defense Task Force is working to incorporate new software development and delivery concepts and to ensure that those deliveries are cybersecure.

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  • NPR calls for rapid development of nuclear-armed, sea-launched cruise missile

    The Nuclear Posture Review calls for the rapid development of a new nuclear-armed, sea-launched cruise missile program leveraging "existing technology," as part of the Trump administration's bid to coerce Russia back into compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.

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  • MDA advances plan for $1.9B buy of SM-3 Block IB interceptors

    The Missile Defense Agency is asking Congress for permission to negotiate a five-year contract for Aegis ballistic missile defense interceptors, a potential $1.9 billion deal with Raytheon for Standard Missile-3 Block IB guided missiles beginning in fiscal year 2019 the agency estimates would cost $306 million less than if procured annually.

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  • DOD clears SM-3 Block IB for full production, MDA seeking MYP in FY-19

    The Pentagon's acquisition executive has approved the Standard Missile-3 Block IB for full production, paving the way for the Missile Defense Agency to advance its first proposal to negotiate a multiyear procurement contract.

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  • Air Force solicits five EELV launches; awards expected later this year

    The Air Force has released a combined request for proposals for five Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle missions that will be awarded later this year.

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  • DOD's new nuclear strategy lowers yield on SLBMs, re-establishes SLCM

    In its new Nuclear Posture Review, released Feb. 2, the Pentagon calls for lowering the yield of some existing submarine-launched ballistic missile warheads and reinstating the sea-launched cruise missile program to address threats posed by Russia and China.

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  • Selva: Pentagon's plans for China, Russia will compete for resources

    The Defense Department's modernization plans will be driven by the potential for conflict with China and Russia, with some priorities expected to overlap, while others will likely compete, according to DOD's second-highest-ranking officer.

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  • Mattis previews new FY-19 tech investments to cover China, Russia

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told lawmakers last week the Pentagon's upcoming fiscal year 2019 budget request will make new investments in emerging technology areas necessary to address threats from China and Russia.

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  • DOD budget backed by planned increases of more than $1 trillion over decade

    The Trump administration is backing the new National Defense Strategy with a 10-year, $7.2 trillion spending forecast -- a boost of more than $1 trillion compared to the most recent Obama plan -- including a near-term drive to propel the Pentagon's annual budget above $700 billion beginning in FY-20, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

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  • DOD details acquisition changes ahead of new modernization investments

    The Pentagon has officially disestablished the office of its top acquisition official and will spend the next four months executing a congressionally directed restructuring aimed at separating the management and sustainment of weapon systems and services from research and engineering.

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