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Inside Missile Defense - April 11, 2018
  • MDA exploring Aegis BMD for boost-phase intercept

    The Missile Defense Agency is eying the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system to shoot down enemy long-range ballistic missile during the boost-phase of flight, a technically challenging gambit to add a new defensive layer against North Korean threats and reduce exclusive reliance on the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system to protect the United States.

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  • MDA conducts simulated exercise featuring THAAD and Patriot

    The Defense Department demonstrated the ability to bolster its regional ballistic missile defense capability during a recent non-intercept flight test that showcased two Army-operated systems collaborating to track a short-range ballistic missile target, according to the Missile Defense Agency.

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  • Watchdog cites MDA for failing to monitor contractors' classified info

    Several private contractors working for the Missile Defense Agency did not properly implement security processes to protect classified information, according to a new report from the Defense Department inspector general.

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  • Army AMD community pursues parallel efforts to bolster capability

    HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The Army's phased approach to bolstering the short-range air defense capability of its maneuver forces in Europe is proceeding as planned, but service officials are adamant that M-SHORAD will be just one element of a layered approach to air and missile defense.

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  • Missile Defense On Capitol Hill

    The National Defense Industrial Association holds its annual Missile Defense Day on Capitol Hill April 11. "The missile threat is greater than ever, and growing more complex," Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) writes in an April 2 "Dear Colleeague" letter. "To better support the warfighter, we need to ensure the public and our lawmakers understand the importance of missile defense programs and the vast supply chain used to support it. As this supply chain is extremely diverse and complex, we hope your schedule will permit you and your staff to participate in this unique opportunity to better inform Members and congressional staff about our nation's missile defense systems and capabilities."

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  • Simultaneous ICBM test flights possible but operationally infeasible

    The Air Force tells the Senate Armed Services Committee in a recent report it is technically possible for the service to flight test two intercontinental ballistic missiles at once but that doing so wouldn't be operationally feasible.

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  • Trump spending plan would bust BCA caps in FY-20/21 by more than $260B

    The Defense Department could be forced to strip more than $260 billion in planned spending from its fiscal year 2020 and 2021 budgets if discretionary spending caps required by the Budget Control Act for those two years are not adjusted, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.

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  • Estimated cost of DOD's big-ticket acquisition portfolio grows by $177 billion

    The estimated cost for the Pentagon's major weapon system acquisition portfolio grew by $177 billion, or more than 10 percent, over the last year, swelling from $1.7 trillion to $1.9 trillion.

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  • Following MDA flight test failure, Congress funds SM-3 Block IIA do-over

    Less than two months after the Missile Defense Agency's newest ballistic missile interceptor failed in a high-stakes flight test, lawmakers are handing the Pentagon $136 million in the fiscal year 2018 spending bill for a do-over.

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  • DOD finds cost of two dozen Air Force programs shrank by $2.5 billion

    Five Air Force procurement programs saw cost swings of more than $1 billion over the last year, and 24 of the service's systems shrank by $2.5 billion in aggregate, the Defense Department said last week.

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  • BAE protests Air Force's $511 million Cobra Dane radar award to Raytheon

    BAE Systems last week filed a bid protest with the Government Accountability Office, arguing it is better qualified than Raytheon to serve as the operations and sustainment contractor for the Air Force's Cobra Dane radar system.

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  • STRATCOM, services stand up joint SATCOM operations floor

    U.S. Strategic Command expects to achieve initial operational capability this year for a new Satellite Communications Integrated Operations Environment that will bring together key capabilities and expertise from across the Defense Department.

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  • Six prototype programs to advance aircraft, EW pod, GBSD technologies

    The Air Force's acquisition chief recently notified lawmakers of progress made on six prototyping programs during the second half of 2017, according to a March 24 letter Inside the Air Force reviewed last week.

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  • DOD revising annual China report to account for Beijing's 'historic' reforms

    The Pentagon is updating its annual report on China's military capabilities to Congress because of historic reforms undertaken by the Chinese military last year, as well as the United States' new National Defense Strategy that emphasizes the return of "great power competition."

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  • Mattis meets with defense company executives to discuss priorities

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hosted a group of defense company executives during a pair of meetings April 3 and April 5 at the Pentagon to discuss the Defense Department's key priorities, including the security of classified information.

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  • CBO projects defense spending will top $3.3 trillion over next five years

    The United States is projected to spend $3.325 trillion on defense over the next five years -- and nearly $7 trillion over the next decade -- amid a period of historic deficit increases, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.

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