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Inside Missile Defense - April 26, 2017
  • MDA approves preliminary design, 'dual-pol' tech for LRDR

    The Missile Defense Agency has approved Lockheed Martin's preliminary design for the Long Range Discrimination Radar -- a program central to Pentagon plans to improve homeland defense by bolstering the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program with an unprecedented ability to detect ballistic missile threats by the end of this decade.

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  • DSB: Additional $2.5B needed per year to defend against advanced missiles

    Improving ballistic and cruise missile capabilities and inventories by potential adversaries could render U.S. military forces -- particularly equipment and units deemed critical to war plans -- vulnerable, and requires a new three-pronged strategy to shore up U.S. defenses that could cost $2.5 billion annually.

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  • Pentagon launches nuclear posture review

    The Pentagon, amid escalating tensions with North Korea and Russia, has named the team that will manage its first Nuclear Posture Review since 2010.

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  • Army National Guard official outlines SHORAD plans

    A short-range air defense unit will be sent to Europe next spring to augment the maneuver force, the chief of the 263rd Army Air and Missile Defense Command said this week.

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  • ICBM Helo Replacement RFP

    One of the Air Force's top priorities is to field fully mission-capable helicopters to keep intercontinental ballistic missile sites in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming safe under U.S. Strategic Command. To that end, the Air Force recently issued a second draft request for proposals to replace the UH-1N Huey that formalizes a new acquisition strategy letting companies install extra items onto their helicopters before production, as the service announced it would do in February.

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  • DOD advisory committee to hold meeting on North Korea, Russia in May

    A Defense Department advisory committee will hold a two-day meeting next month to discuss countering weapons of mass destruction issues related to North Korea, Russia and other countries.

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  • Aerojet Rocketdyne to close Gainesville facility

    Aerojet Rocketdyne said earlier this month it is preparing for the second phase of its "competitive improvement program," which will consolidate additional company facilities.

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  • Air Force to research hypersonic possibilities for ISR aircraft

    Hypersonic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft are getting a new look under an effort that will explore air-breathing engines and may try to estimate the overall cost of such a platform that could be fielded after 2030, officials recently told Inside the Air Force.

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  • DSB to discuss long-range standoff capabilities in classified session

    A Defense Science Board's summer study task force for long-range standoff capabilities will meet in a closed session later this month, according to a Federal Register notice.

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  • DOT&E: Operational test workforce 'steadily declining'

    The Pentagon's operational test workforce has been shrinking and is expected to be 42 percent smaller in 2020 than it was in 2010, according to a recent report sent to lawmakers by the Defense Department's top weapons tester.

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  • 14th Air Force commander warns against ESBMC2 slow-down

    The commander of the Air Force's operational space forces is concerned that a broad Air Force effort to establish more integrated, cross-domain battle management command-and-control capabilities could slow down within the space community to quickly develop an enterprise space BMC2 network.

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  • DIUx remains a priority under Mattis

    The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, which faced an uncertain future at the start of the Trump administration, remains a priority now that Defense Secretary James Mattis runs the Pentagon and reports directly to him in the same way it did with his predecessor, Ash Carter, who established DIUx to inject greater innovation into the acquisition system.

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  • After OCX success, AF Digital Service aiding enterprise ground acquisition

    After a successful intervention on the troubled next-generation GPS operational control segment, the director of the Air Force Digital Service said last week the group is looking to partner with the Space and Missile Systems Center as it develops an acquisition model for its new approach to managing space systems on the ground.

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  • Lockheed Martin reports increased quarterly sales, lower profit

    The world's largest defense contractor said April 25 that while sales grew in the company's most recent quarter, profit declined because of several charges.

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  • DOD is gearing up to release BAAs for test technology solutions

    The Pentagon is gearing up to release a set of broad agency announcements within the next month seeking industry and academia's input into technologies needed to test future warfighting capabilities, according to a Defense Department testing official.

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  • Pentagon may dodge Trump's government efficiency initiative

    Details have yet to emerge on how, or even if, the massive executive branch reorganization directed by the White House last week will impact the Pentagon, but some are voicing skepticism concerning any potential civilian workforce reductions.

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