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Inside Missile Defense - December 5, 2018
  • Pompeo: U.S. to withdraw from INF Treaty in 60 days unless Russia complies

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week formally announced that if Russia does not come back into compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the United States would withdraw from the pact in 60 days.

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  • Navy turns to Lockheed for hypersonic flight test support through 2023

    The Navy is turning to its trusted supplier for submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles -- Lockheed Martin's Sunnyvale, CA, business unit -- to design, develop, build and integrate large rocket motors and missile bodies to support test flights of the service's hypersonic boost-glide vehicle program.

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  • Inhofe unveils top defense policy priorities; gears up for budget battle

    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has an ambitious list of priorities all built around a central line of effort -- increasing the defense budget, despite newly empowered Democrats and a White House looking for spending cuts to offset skyrocketing deficits.

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  • Blackjack PM hopeful DOD can transition demo into program of record

    As the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awards early contracts for a satellite architecture demonstration program that could change the way the Defense Department approaches resiliency in space, the agency is working closely with the Air Force and other Pentagon stakeholders to make sure a plan is in place to transition to a formal program once the concept is proven.

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  • STRATCOM Strategic Advisory Group

    The U.S. Strategic Command Strategic Advisory Group met this week, according to a Federal Register notice. The purpose of the Nov. 29-30 meeting was "to provide advice on scientific, technical, intelligence, and policy-related issues to the Commander, U.S. Strategic Command, during the development of the Nation's strategic war plans," the notice states. Discussion topics, according to the notice, will include: "Policy Issues, Space Operations, Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Assessment, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Intelligence Operations, Cyber Operations, Global Strike, Command and Control, Science and Technology, [and] Missile Defense."

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  • Nominees: Anything below $733B defense budget 'would increase risk'

    Military officials nominated to run U.S. Central and Special Operations commands said Dec. 4 that at least $733 billion is necessary to implement the National Defense Strategy, an assertion that aligns them with GOP defense hawks, but runs counter to the White House's position that a $700 billion budget should be considered.

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  • Maxar CEO seeks growth in space systems

    The chief executive of Maxar Technologies said last week the company is pursuing growth in its space systems business and will be more able to do so once it divests its geostationary communications satellite business.

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  • Mattis: NDS priorities will flounder without military spending boost

    SIMI VALLEY, CA -- Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Dec. 1 denounced a potential cut to the Pentagon's future funding, saying the Defense Department needs Congress' full financial support to meet the National Defense Strategy's goals.

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  • Mattis asks Senate to back Saudi Arabia, despite Khashoggi murder

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last week advised U.S. senators in a closed-door meeting to continue military support and the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, despite the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, noting that "we are seldom free to work with unblemished partners."

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  • China takes center stage at Reagan Forum

    China's evolving military and surging economy continue to loom large in the minds of U.S. defense policy experts, but President Trump sparked new uncertainty about his administration's posture this week by voicing a desire to halt an "uncontrollable arms race" between China, Russia and the United States.

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  • Senate Republicans at odds with White House over proposed defense cut

    The opening bell has officially rung in Washington's latest round of arguments over national defense spending.

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  • GOP defense chairmen draw line over budget

    Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees used an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal late last week to send a message to President Trump, arguing he should submit a $733 billion defense budget in February, not the $700 billion version Pentagon officials say they have been directed to write by the White House.

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  • DIU now able to issue its own OTAs as it looks to tackle broader projects

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Three years after it launched as the Defense Department's conduit to Silicon Valley, the Defense Innovation Unit can now award contracts using its own other transaction authorities, rather than rely solely on service-led acquisition groups.

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