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August 19, 2019

The Aug. 14, 2019 Congressional Research Service report "reviews the process and procedures that currently apply to congressional consideration of foreign arms sales proposed by the president."

August 16, 2019

On July 29, 2019 the Navy issued a sources-sought notice for work to support the Naval Air Warfare Center's Airborne Systems Integration Division. Includes the statement of work and performance work statement.
On July 11, 2019 the Navy held an industry day on its future Marine Air/Ground Task Force Unmanned Aerial System Expeditionary (MUX) program.
On May 22, 2019 the Navy announced a prize challenge for its future Marine Air/Ground Task Force Unmanned Aerial System Expeditionary (MUX), a ship-based, long endurance UAS.  Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Payload Prize Challenge Official Rules Data Relay (DR) Payload Prize Challenge Official Rules

August 15, 2019

The undated document obtained by Inside Defense appeals cuts and rescissions to 50 Navy and Marine Corps programs included in the House Appropriations Committee's version of the fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill.
The Aug. 15, 2019 Government Accountability Office report finds that the Army "is preparing for cyber and electronic warfare threats, but needs to fully assess the staffing, equipping and training of new organizations."
The Aug. 15, 2019 Government Accountability Office report finds that the Defense Department "should strengthen its ongoing actions to reduce improper travel payments."

August 14, 2019

The Aug. 8, 2019 memo "clarifies . . . Navy policy and responsibilities that the research, development, and acquisition of all spectrum-dependent systems (SDS) must assess the risk of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) fratricide."
The Aug. 8, 2019 Navy memo "establishes spectrum supportability policy for mission critical spectrum-dependent unlicensed devices."

August 13, 2019

In an Aug. 12, 2019 letter to the leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services committees, a group representing tech industry executives raise concerns about the 5G and cybersecurity implications of the fiscal year 2020 defense authorization bill that will be the focus of bicameral negotiations when lawmakers return from August recess.  
In an Aug. 12, 2019 memo, the Defense Department's inspector general announces it will conduct a follow-up evaluation "to validate implementation of recommendations" from an April 2016 report on "DOD Biological Safety and Security Implementation."  

August 12, 2019

In an Aug. 9 request for information, the Navy seeks industry's help to identify the costs and requirements for constructing a floating dry dock that can accommodate aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.
The Aug. 8, 2019 Defense Department inspector general's report finds that "U.S. and Coalition efforts to train, advise, assist, and equip [Afghan tactical air coordinators], air liaison officers, and air targeting officers did not fully meet operational objectives for the ATACs to provide independent [air-to-ground integration] support to Afghan ground forces with minimal casualties and fratricide."

August 09, 2019

The Aug. 9, 2019 Government Accountability Office report finds the "Navy has taken steps to reduce acquisition risk, but opportunities exist to improve knowledge for decision-makers."
The Aug. 9, 2019 Congressional Budget Office report states that "if the plans described in the 2020 [future years defense program] were implemented, [the Defense Department's] costs would increase from the $718 billion requested for 2020 to $776 billion (in 2020 dollars) by 2034."

August 08, 2019

In an Aug. 7, 2019 decision, the Government Accountability Office dismisses the protests of AECOM, Fluor and a PAE-Parsons team over the Army's award of a contract for the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, better known as LOGCAP V, "because the subject matter of the protests is currently pending before a court of competent jurisdiction."  
The Aug. 8, 2019 Government Accountability Office report finds that the National Nuclear Security Administration "should notify Congress of its recommendations to improve the Enhanced Procurement Authority."
In August 2019, the Defense Department, General Services Administration and NASA drafted interim final regulations for banning the government's purchases of IT and video surveillance equipment and components from Hauwei and other China-based tech firms.

August 07, 2019

The July 25, 2019 document "provides fundamental principles and guidance for the conduct of joint air operations."
On Aug. 7, 2019 the Navy released briefing slides and answers to questions from a June 26, 2019 industry day held for the T-AGOS(X) Class Small Waterplane Twin Hull (SWATH) Ship replacement program.