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January 13, 1999

p>U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE DAILY PRESS BRIEFING DPB #5 MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 1999, 12:50 P.M. (ON THE RECORD UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED) MR. RUBIN: Greetings. Welcome to the State Department briefing here on this Monday. I have a couple of statements I want to start with and then we'll go directly to your questions.
p>DoD News Briefing Tuesday, January 12, 1999, 1:30 p.m. Presenter: Captain Mike Doubleday, DASD(PA)
p>January 13, 1999 DOD SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHES MINIATURE AIR-LAUNCHED DECOY The Department of Defense's Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD) successfully flew for the first time, Saturday, Jan. 9, 1999, at the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. The flight met the test objectives of safe separation, engine start, autonomous flight and safe recovery.
p>Deputy Secretary Of DefenseJohn Hamre's Speech At Center For Naval Analysis Conference
p> THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary _______________ For Immediate Release January 12, 1999 PRESS BRIEFING BY JOE LOCKHART The Briefing Room 1:40 P.M. EST [ . . . Q Joe, what does the President hope these sanctions that Sandy Berger announced against Russian institutions accomplish?
p><BR><b><center>HELP COMMUNITIES AFFECTED BY BASE CLOSURE -- HON. BILL MCCOLLUM (Extension of Remarks - January 07, 1999)</center></b> <p><center><pre>[Page: E44]</pre></center> <p><center>---</center> <p><center><strong>HON. BILL MCCOLLUM</strong></center> <p><center><strong>in the House of Representatives</strong></center>
p><BR><b><center>ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY BURIAL ELIGIBILITY ACT -- HON. LANE EVANS (Extension of Remarks - January 07, 1999)</center></b> <p><center><pre>[Page: E36]</pre></center> <p><center>---</center> <p><center><strong>HON. LANE EVANS</strong></center> <p><center><strong>in the House of Representatives</strong></center>
p><BR><b><center>ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY BURIAL ELIGIBILITY ACT -- HON. BOB STUMP (Extension of Remarks - January 07, 1999)</center></b> <p><center><pre>[Page: E48]</pre></center> <p><center>---</center> <p><center><strong>HON. BOB STUMP</strong></center> <p><center><strong>in the House of Representatives</strong></center>
p>ONW Aircraft fires on Iraqi Radar Site On January 12, 1999, at approximately 11:00 a.m., Iraqi time, a U.S. F-16C/J fighter conducting routine enforcement of the northern no-fly zone fired a high-speed antiradiation missile (HARM) at an Iraqi early warning radar operating as part of an integrated Iraqi surface to air missile system near the city of Mosul because the radar posed a threat to coalition forces in the area. The aircraft and aircrew involved in this particular incident returned safely to base. Damage to Iraqi forces is currently under assessment.
p><b><font SIZE="+3"> <p align="center">ESTIMATED BUDGETARY EFFECTS OF ALTERNATIVES FOR PRODUCING TRITIUM</font></b> &nbsp; </p> <p>Tritium gas (a radioactive isotope of hydrogen) is used to enhance the explosive yield of nuclear warheads. Scientists generally produce tritium in nuclear reactors by bombarding target rods containing lithium with neutrons (because the fissioning of a reactor's uranium fuel generates lots of neutrons). More recently, scientists have
p><BR><b><center>RESOLUTION ON THE INDEPENDENCE OF KOSOVA -- HON. JAMES A. TRAFICANT, JR. (Extension of Remarks - January 07, 1999)</center></b> <p><center><pre>[Page: E16]</pre></center> <p><center>---</center> <p><center><strong>HON. JAMES A. TRAFICANT, JR.</strong></center> <p><center><strong>in the House of Representatives</strong></center>