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January 04, 1999

p>No. 658-98 IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 30, 1998 (703)695-0192(media) (703)697-5737(public/industry) JOINT TASK FORCE ON COMPUTER NETWORK DEFENSE NOW OPERATIONAL The Department of Defense today officially stood up its Joint Task Force on Computer Network Defense (JTF-CND) under the command of Air Force Maj. Gen. John H. Campbell. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen approved the formation of the joint task force on Dec. 4, 1998.
p>U.S. Department of State Office of the Spokesman Press Statement Press Statement by M. Lee McClenny, Acting Spokesman December 28, 1998 New Zealand Acquisition of F-16's UN Sanctions Commitments The United States welcomes the recent decision by the Government of New Zealand to acquire 28 U.S.-built F-16 aircraft. This decision will do much to help us resolve the status of these aircraft, once destined for Pakistan, while enabling New Zealand to significantly upgrade the capability of its air force.
p>04 January 1999 WHITE HOUSE FACT SHEET: STRENGTHENING AMERICA'S MILITARY (The following Fact Sheet on the Defense Budget was issued by the White House on January 2, 1999) (begin White House Fact Sheet) THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary January 2, 1999 FACT SHEET Strengthening America's Military
p>For Immediate Release January 4, 1999 WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFING BY JOE LOCKHART The Briefing Room 1:35 P.M. EST MR. LOCKHART: Happy New Year, everyone. Welcome back. Q Happy New Year to you, too. [ . . . ] Q Joe, can I ask you a question about Iraq? The Iraqis continue to violate the southern no-fly zone. There's been apparently no American response or allied response to this in days, but we're told the Iraqis continue to violate it, perhaps on a daily basis. What is the U.S. going to do about this?
U.S. Department of State Office of the Spokesman Press Statement by M. Lee McClenny, Acting Spokesman December 24, 1998 U.S. Concerned About Kosovo Violence

January 01, 1999


January 27, 1998


December 31, 1969

p>U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE OFF-CAMERA DAILY PRESS BRIEFING DPB # 11 MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1999 1:10 P.M. (ON THE RECORD UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED) [ . . . ] QUESTION: Do you have anything on the talks with the North Koreans in Geneva? MR. FOLEY: I do. You're referring to the bilateral talks concerning the suspect underground site, I imagine, as opposed to the Four Party Talks, which concluded last week.
p>U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesman (Middletown, Connecticut) Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright Remarks to Conference on the Domestic Impacts of Foreign Policy Wesleyan University February 6, 1999 Thank you, Representative Gejdenson, for that introduction and for the invitation to be here. President Bennet, fellow speakers and participants, and members of the Wesleyan community, it is a pleasure to see old friends and participate in this impressive conference.
p><pre> THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary March 2, 1999 PRESS BRIEFING BY BARRY TOIV AND DAVID LEAVY The Briefing Room 1:20 P.M. EST TOIV: Any questions? [ . . . ] Q: How about the UNSCOM? Have you got anything new on our role and spying -- using it as a spy mechanism? LEAVY: We talked a lot about this this morning. But let me just say that our efforts in Iraq were concentrated on supporting UNSCOM's
News from the USIA Washington File _title: Italian Prime Minister Addresses Senate on Kosovo Crisis _doc_number: dplus991171 _summary: USIA excerpts of Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alena's address to the Italian Senate on Kosovo. ] _creation_date: 4/13/1999 _pub_date: 4/15/1999\ _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: kosovo _F_name: dpix_4_005.ask _name_location: ] _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY: _AIRFORCE: _MISSILE:
p>Thurmond Seeks Compensation from Germany for 1997 Air Crash over Atlantic Documents include letters from Thurmond to German Ambassador Juergen Chroberg and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Ted Stevens, as well as a letter to Thurmond from Defense Secretary William Cohen. Thurmond Letter to German Ambassador Thurmond Letter to Sen. Stevens Cohen Letter to Thurmond
From: U.S. Dept of State Listserver To: DOSSEC@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU _title: Albright Meets with Macedonian Prime Minister on Kosovo Crisis _doc_number: dplus991895 _summary: ] _creation_date: 6/2/1999 _pub_date: 6/3/1999\ _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: kosovo _F_name: dpix_4_007.ask _name_location: _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY: _AIRFORCE: _MISSILE: _Electronics: ]