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December 31, 1969

p>U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesman (Middletown, Connecticut) Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright Remarks to Conference on the Domestic Impacts of Foreign Policy Wesleyan University February 6, 1999 Thank you, Representative Gejdenson, for that introduction and for the invitation to be here. President Bennet, fellow speakers and participants, and members of the Wesleyan community, it is a pleasure to see old friends and participate in this impressive conference.
p><pre> THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary March 2, 1999 PRESS BRIEFING BY BARRY TOIV AND DAVID LEAVY The Briefing Room 1:20 P.M. EST TOIV: Any questions? [ . . . ] Q: How about the UNSCOM? Have you got anything new on our role and spying -- using it as a spy mechanism? LEAVY: We talked a lot about this this morning. But let me just say that our efforts in Iraq were concentrated on supporting UNSCOM's
News from the USIA Washington File _title: Italian Prime Minister Addresses Senate on Kosovo Crisis _doc_number: dplus991171 _summary: USIA excerpts of Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alena's address to the Italian Senate on Kosovo. ] _creation_date: 4/13/1999 _pub_date: 4/15/1999\ _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: kosovo _F_name: dpix_4_005.ask _name_location: ] _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY: _AIRFORCE: _MISSILE:
p>Thurmond Seeks Compensation from Germany for 1997 Air Crash over Atlantic Documents include letters from Thurmond to German Ambassador Juergen Chroberg and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Ted Stevens, as well as a letter to Thurmond from Defense Secretary William Cohen. Thurmond Letter to German Ambassador Thurmond Letter to Sen. Stevens Cohen Letter to Thurmond
From: U.S. Dept of State Listserver To: DOSSEC@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU _title: Albright Meets with Macedonian Prime Minister on Kosovo Crisis _doc_number: dplus991895 _summary: ] _creation_date: 6/2/1999 _pub_date: 6/3/1999\ _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: kosovo _F_name: dpix_4_007.ask _name_location: _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY: _AIRFORCE: _MISSILE: _Electronics: ]
p>U.S.-Russian Agreement on Russian Participation in KFOR Includes a joint statement and various charts, among them one depicting the chain of command for Russia's participation in KFOR Chain of Command for Russian Participation in KFOR KFOR Sectors with Russian Operating Areas Summary of Agreed Principles
_title: NRO's Space Technology Experiment Satellite Completes Mission _doc_number: dplus992292 _summary: The National Reconnaissance Office's Space Technology Experiment Satellite (STEX) successfully tested over two dozen advanced technology subsystems for satellites before being turned off in early June. ] _creation_date: 6/18/1999 _pub_date: 6/24/1999\ _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: defplus _F_name: dpix_4_008.ask _name_location: _PENTAGON: _ARMY:
SEATTLE Feb. 26, 2001 Boeing has received a contract worth $25.5 million to install a global positioning inertial navigation system (GINS) capability into the mission system and flight deck of the French Air Force's fleet of four E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft. Additionally, the aircraft's altitude measurement system will be upgraded to meet near term requirements of the European Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) system for reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM).
Moynihan, Goss Introduce Declassification Review Board Legislation Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a longtime advocate of greater government openness, has teamed with House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Porter Goss to propose legislation that would create a public interest declassification board to oversee high-profile requests for declassified information about high-profile subjects. Download - Moynihan Floor Statement Download