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February 01, 1999

p><html> <head> <base HREF="http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Feb1999/b02011999_bt032-99.html"> <title>DefenseLINK News: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE BUDGET FOR FY 2000</title> </head> <body BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> <!-- main-body --> <!-- main-head --> <p><!-- /main-head --> <!-- main-body --> <!--?DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE BUDGET FOR FY 2000?--> </p>
p><html> <head> <base HREF="http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Feb1999/b02011999_bt038-99.html"> <title>DefenseLINK News: BUDGET FOR FY 2000 MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM ANNOUNCED</title> </head> <body BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> <!-- main-body --> <!-- main-head --> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div align="center"><center> <table WIDTH="100%"> <tr>
p>Speech by Defense Secretary Cohen to the Illinois General Assembly Mr. Speaker [Michael Madigan], Congressman [John] Shimkus, Lieutenant Governor [Corinne] Wood, Major General [Richard] Austin [Adjutant General of Illinois], Members of the General Assembly. It is an honor to be here to address the representatives of the great people of Illinois.
p>Acquisition Reform: Accelerating The Journey Remarks By The Hon. Jacques S. Gansler Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Technology) AIAA Executive Forum Washington DC January 28, 1999
p> STATEMENT BY NORTH ATLANTIC COUNCIL ON KOSOVO JAN. 30 (begin text) Statement by the North Atlantic Council on Kosovo 1. NATO reaffirms the demands set out in its statement of 28th January 1999. It stands ready to act and rules out no option to ensure full respect by both sides in Kosovo for the requirements of the international community, and observance of all relevant Security Council Resolutions, in particular the provisions of Resolutions 1160, 1199 and 1203.

January 29, 1999

p>Program Budget Decisions 096 and 096C: Funding for 99-01 Contingency Operations These files are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the links to download the files. If you need help with Adobe Acrobat, or you need to download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader software (available free of charge from Adobe), click here. PBD 096: Funding for DOD Contingency Operations in FY-99, FY-00 12/18/1998

January 28, 1999

/index.php?option=com_iwpfile&file=/pdf/dplus990273.pdf ]
p><html> <head> <title>This Week's Press Briefings and Releases</title> </head> <body> <h1 align="center">The White House Briefing Room</h1> <hr SIZE="7" align="center"> <h2>January 25, 1999</h2> <h3>VICE PRESIDENT GORE ANNOUNCES NEW GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM MODERNIZATION INITIATIVE </h3> <pre> THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Vice President ____________________________ ___
p><pre> Union Calendar No. 480 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 105th Congress Report 2d Session HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 105-839 ________________________ SURVEY OF ACTIVITIES OF THE PERMANENT SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE DURING THE 105TH CONGRESS __________ R E P O R T OF THE PERMANENT SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE <GRAPHIC(S) NOT AVAILABLE IN TIFF FORMAT>
/index.php?option=com_iwpfile&file=/pdf/dplus990274.pdf ]
p><html> <head> <base HREF="http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Jan1999/b01251999_bt028-99.html"> <title>DefenseLINK News: MILITARY STRENGTH FIGURES FOR NOVEMBER 30, 1998</title> </head> <body BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> <!-- main-body --> <!-- main-head --> <p><!-- /main-head --> <!-- main-body --> <!--?MILITARY STRENGTH FIGURES FOR NOVEMBER 30, 1998?--> </p>
p><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Press Release</title> </head> <body BACKGROUND BGCOLOR="#ffffff" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#008000" ALINK="#ff0000"> <table WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td ALIGN="CENTER" valign="top" WIDTH="50%"><br> <!-- ####### INSERT DATE ########--> JANUARY 21, 1999 <!-- ####### END DATE ####### --> </td> </tr> <tr>