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April 05, 1999

NATO Transcript: Press Conference Shea & Wilby - 4 April 1999 NATO HQ
p>Latest Army Master Activities Calendar This calendar is available as a Microsoft Excel file. Click here to download. _title: Latest Army Master Activities Calendar _doc_number: dplus991031 _summary: ] _creation_date: 4/4/1999 _pub_date: 4/5/1999 _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: defplus _F_name: dpix_4_004.ask _name_location: _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY:
DefenseLINK News: Contracts for April 1, 1999 _title: DOD 4/1/1999 Daily Contracts List _doc_number: dplus991036 _summary: ] _creation_date: 4/1/1999 _pub_date: 4/5/1999 _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: CONTRACTS _F_name: dpix_4_004.ask _name_location: ] _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY: _AIRFORCE: _MISSILE: _Electronics: ]
Press Release for April 3, 1999 The White House Briefing Room April 3, 1999 RADIO ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT TO THE NATION 10:06 AM EST _title: Clinton 4/3/1999 Radio Address on Kosovo _doc_number: dplus991016 _summary: ] _creation_date: 4/3/1999 _pub_date: 4/5/1999 _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: kosovo _F_name: dpix_4_004.ask _name_location: ]

April 02, 1999

p>USIA Fact Sheet on Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo 01 April 1999 FACT SHEET: ETHNIC CLEANSING IN KOSOVO (The following Fact Sheet was released April 1.)
p>NATO 4/1/1999 Briefing on Operation Allied Force NATO HQ 1 Apr. 1999 Press Conference by NATO Secretary General, Javier Solana and General Wesley K. Clark, SACEUR Secretary General: Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, together with SACEUR, I wanted to meet with you today to give you a full update on how NATO's Allied Force operation is progressing after just over one week of operations. In just a moment, SACEUR and his team will brief you on the military aspects.
p>Albright Meets with Croat Foreign Minister on Kosovo 01 April 1999 Washington -- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with visiting Croatian Foreign Minister Mate Granic March 31 to discuss bilateral issues and review developments in Kosovo. State Department Spokesman James Rubin said Secretary Albright expressed U.S. appreciation for Croatia's "exceedingly solid support" for NATO operations in Kosovo. "Both deplored the atrocities being committed by Serb forces in Kosovo," he added.
p>Talbott to Visit Countries in Southeastern Europe The White House Briefing Room April 1, 1999 THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary (Norfolk, Virginia) For Immediate Release April 1, 1999 STATEMENT BY THE PRESS SECRETARY
p>Pentagon Sends Additional F-117 Stealth Aircraft to Support Operation Allied Force No. 137-99 IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 1999 (703)695-0192(media) (703)697-5737(public/industry) Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen has directed the deployment of 12 additional F-117A Nighthawk stealth attack fighters to join other U.S. aircraft currently supporting Operation Allied Force. The aircraft will depart Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., and arrive in theater over the weekend.
p>Air Force FY-00/01 Budget Justification Books These files are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the links to download the files. If you need help with Adobe Acrobat, or you need to download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader software (available free of charge from Adobe), click here. Air Force O&M Justification Book Volume I as of 3/3/1999
p>U.S. Fears KVM Personnel May Become Targets of Yugoslav Anger 01 April 1999 TEXT: STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESMAN JAMES RUBIN STATEMENT, APRIL 1 Washington -- State Department spokesman James Rubin says the United States is "deeply concerned by credible reports that local employees in Kosovo of the OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM), as well as of humanitarian and non-governmental organizations, have been targeted for retribution by security forces in the FRY."
p>Cohen, Shelton 4/1/1999 Briefing on Operation Allied Force 01 April 1999 Norfolk, Virginia -- Secretary of Defense Cohen says NATO air strikes were needed in Kosovo because Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milosevic "left us no choice." Speaking at an April 1 press conference at the Norfolk Naval Station here, Cohen said Milosevic "refused to accept a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Kosovo. Indeed, even while negotiations were underway, he was positioning his forces to attack the Kosovo Liberation Army and the people of Kosovo."
p>Pentagon 4/1/1999 Briefing on Operation Allied Force DoD News Briefing Thursday, April 1, 1999 - 4:45 p.m. Presenter: Mr. Kenneth H. Bacon, ASD PA Mr. Bacon: Good afternoon. I'm sorry to be late.
p>White House 4/1/1999 Statement Describing U.S. Goals in Yugoslavia White House at Work - A COMMITMENT TO BRING PEACE TO KOSOVO THE WHITE HOUSE AT WORK Thursday, April 1, 1999 PRESIDENT CLINTON: A COMMITMENT TO BRING PEACE TO KOSOVO President Bill Clinton April 1, 1999

April 01, 1999

DefenseLINK News: Contracts for March 25, 1999 _title: DOD 3/25/1999 Daily Contracts List _doc_number: dplus99 _summary: ] _creation_date: 3/25/1999 _pub_date: 4/1/1999 _site: defense _Priority: _doc_format: as _doc_type: ex _subj_cat: CONTRACTS _F_name: dpix_4_004.ask _name_location: ] _PENTAGON: _ARMY: _NAVY: _AIRFORCE: _MISSILE: _Electronics: ]
Opening Remarks by LtGen Lyles, USAF Statement of Lieutenant General Lester L. Lyles, USAF Director, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization before the House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Defense March 24, 1999