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Defense Budget Alert

CRS: Gates' Efficiency Initiatives To Generate 'Relatively Small Amounts'

A new congressional analysis of Defense Secretary Robert Gates' new efficiency initiatives -- including a bid to close U.S. Joint Forces Command and trim the ranks of government personnel and contractors -- concludes that savings from these efforts would produce "relatively small amounts" toward the defense secretary's stated goal of wringing $100 billion from the Pentagon budget over five years.

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New JSF Price Tag Requires DOD To Siphon Nearly $2 Billion From Other Accounts

The Pentagon will siphon nearly $2 billion away from other accounts to execute the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program over the next five years, in accordance with changes Defense Secretary Robert Gates directed to the program in December, according to budget documents.

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NGA, DFAS Slated To Undergo Procurement Management Reviews

Several defense agencies are scheduled to undergo independent procurement management reviews next year as the Defense Department conducts a major top-down efficiency initiative and focuses on contracting issues.

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Gates: Eliminate JFCOM And Networking Offices

Over the next six to 12 months, the Obama administration plans to eliminate U.S. Joint Forces Command and major Pentagon offices that handle computer networks, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced today.

Gates told reporters he is recommending President Obama close JFCOM and assign the command's "force management and sourcing functions" to the Joint Staff. JFCOM's remaining responsibilities will be assessed and those deemed still essential to promote jointness in the military will be reassigned to other entities, he said.

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General Says Army Needs To Be More Agile And 'Buy Less, More Often'

A general involved in the Army's capability portfolio reviews fleshed out the process for defense industry executives at a conference last week and explained that the service might begin shortening its planning time frames and become more agile by acquiring less materiel, but more often.

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Chief Programmer: Joint Efforts Not Panacea For Budgetary Savings

As the Pentagon's budget begins to flatten, multiservice joint programs could translate into savings in some areas, but are not the be-all, end-all solution for cutting costs, the Air Force's top programmer said this week.

Of late, the Air Force and Navy have been increasingly been working together to create efficiencies, most notably on the air service's Global Hawk and sea service's Broad Area Maritime Surveillance programs, which share a similar airframe.

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Pentagon Officials Urge Congress To Pass Supplemental Budget To Avoid Furloughs

Four key Pentagon officials warned Congress today that failing to pass a $33 billion supplemental defense budget before the scheduled August recess would result in civilian furloughs and create a financial emergency for the military.

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GAO: Pentagon Needs To Better Manage Operating And Support Costs

The Defense Department lacks the information and guidance needed to manage and reduce operating and support costs for major weapon systems, according to a report released this week by the Government Accountability Office.

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Assad: Competition, Efficiency Incentives Will Help Cut Contracting Costs

A top defense acquisition official told Congress last week the Pentagon intends to increase competition in contracts and provide efficiency incentives to industry as part of its developing strategy to dramatically cut overhead costs.

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