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August 14, 2001

Aug. 14, 2001 -- The chief of naval operations is putting the commander-in-chief of Atlantic Fleet in charge of a new organization called U.S. Fleet Forces Command, designed to coordinate and implement the requirements and policies of the Navy's non-deployed Atlantic and Pacific Fleet forces.

According to an Aug. 13 message from CNO Adm. Vern Clark obtained by Inside the Navy, the alignment changes are "the next step" in an ongoing process to give the fleet a "larger role in the Navy's program development process in Washington" and move community sponsors to the fleet.

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Aug. 14, 2001 -- The Army has reduced the time it needs to process an export license from 30 days to 10, a senior service official said today.

Army Security Assistance Command chief Maj. Gen. Bruce Scott said his command processes approximately 4,500 export licenses per year. USASAC is responsible for implementation of approved Army security assistance programs, including foreign military sales of defense articles and services to eligible foreign governments. The general spoke at a Foreign Press Center briefing in Washington, DC.

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Aug. 14, 2001 -- The House Armed Services Committee has approved legislative language that would require the Defense Department to assess the impact to national security any time the military examines the environmental impacts of a proposed action. Backed by Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA), the measure was included in the committee's Aug. 1 mark-up of the fiscal year 2002 defense authorization bill.

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August 13, 2001

Aug. 13, 2001 -- The United States' views on ballistic missile defense, NATO expansion and nuclear nonproliferation are causing Russia to make choices in its security policy that could cause problems for both countries, a senior Russian lawmaker warned today.

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August 10, 2001

Aug. 10, 2001 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday that he expects to issue his long-awaited Defense Planning Guidance to the services.

The document, issued annually, shapes how the military crafts its future spending plans.

During a town hall meeting at the Pentagon yesterday, Rumsfeld said the guidance would be issued after he returns from an Aug. 11-14 trip to Moscow. The town hall meeting was closed to the press but was broadcast via closed circuit television and over the Internet.

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Aug. 10, 2001 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will travel to Moscow Saturday evening to forge a new friendship with Russia that the United States believes should result in mutual withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, according to a senior defense official.

Rumsfeld will meet with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov in an "intense" schedule on Monday and return to the United States the same night, the official told reporters during a background briefing today.

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Aug. 10, 2001 -- Air Force Secretary James Roche this week asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to push for the addition of nearly $200 million to the fiscal year 2002 budget request for new C-17 strategic airlifters, Inside the Air Force has learned.

The issue, raised in an Aug. 8 memo from Roche to Rumsfeld, is under consideration by Pentagon acquisition czar Pete Aldridge, sources say.

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August 09, 2001

Aug. 9, 2001 -- Stephen Younger will become the next director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency on Sept. 1, the Defense Department announced today.

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Aug. 9, 2001 -- The United States will likely bar South Korea from integrating the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile onto any non-U.S. aircraft if the country does not choose Boeing's F-15 as its next air superiority fighter, according to sources and documents.

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Aug. 9, 2001 -- Alliant Techsystems' $685 million acquisition of Alcoa's Thiokol Propulsion business unit helped boost ATK's earnings during the past quarter, company officials said yesterday.

The Thiokol buy, completed earlier this year, as well as strong performances by ATK's core businesses combined to lift earnings from continuing operations by 13 percent to $1.22 per share compared to earnings of $1.08 per share for the same period last year, according to a company statement.

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Aug. 9, 2001 -- The Defense and Justice departments will not decide whether General Dynamics or Northrop Grumman will be allowed to acquire Newport News Shipbuilding until sometime after Aug. 20.

In a statement released today, General Dynamics said it "will comply with a Department of Justice request not to issue before August 20, 2001, its intent to close its proposed acquisition of Newport News Shipbuilding."

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Aug. 9, 2001 -- Within the next few weeks, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization plans to test-launch for the first time the booster that will be used for the ground-based element of its midcourse national missile defense system, a senior BMDO official said today.

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August 08, 2001

Aug. 8, 2001 -- A senior Justice Department official yesterday announced a new program aimed at speeding up corporate merger investigations.

Charles James, the new assistant attorney general for antitrust issues, said the program has two parts: "(1) aggressive use of the initial Hart-Scott-Rodino 30-day waiting period to identify possible competitive issues and routes of inquiry; and (2) early consultations with parties to negotiate, where possible, a specific framework for conducting an investigation." The program will be put in place in September.

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Aug. 8, 2001 -- The Bush administration is putting together a new method for determining military readiness status that addresses all the capabilities of military combat units rather than only their ability to fight in a major theater war, the Pentagon's top personnel and readiness official said today.

The administration expects to have an outline of the new system to send to Congress next February when it submits its fiscal year 2003 budget request.

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Aug. 8, 2001 -- The Office of the Secretary of Defense last night sent the services guidance for mapping out their fiscal year 2003 budgets as well as their program objective memoranda for fiscal years 2003 through 2007, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said today.

"How that's going to end up fitting with the QDR is a challenge," Wolfowitz said at a Pentagon briefing on the ongoing Quadrennial Defense Review. The services must submit their fiscal year 2003 budget estimates to the Office of the Secretary of Defense by Oct. 1, according to sources and service documents.

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Aug. 8, 2001 -- Within the Bush administration's $8 billion budget request for missile defense efforts in fiscal year 2002 is a $4 million earmark that may prove vital to the administration's plans for developing a land, sea and space national missile defense. The money will be used to build a laboratory to test how well the weapons and sensors that make up the missile defense shield work with each other and other military communications and battle management systems.

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August 07, 2001

Aug. 7, 2001 -- President Bush has nominated the Air Force vice chief of staff, Gen. John Handy, for command of U.S. Transportation Command and Air Mobility Command, the Pentagon announced yesterday.

If confirmed, Handy will succeed Gen. Charles Robertson, who will retire, according to a TRANSCOM spokesman.

Handy is slated to be replaced in the vice chief's office by Lt. Gen. Robert Foglesong, presently the deputy chief of staff for air and space operations.

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August 06, 2001

Aug. 6, 2001 -- General Dynamics announced today that the company would buy Motorola's Integrated Information Systems Group for $825 million in cash.

The Scottsdale, AZ-based IISG has three business units: the Communication Systems Division, Information Security Systems and Products Division and the Integrated Systems Division. The group builds various encryption products, the Army's Common Ground Station and various command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence systems like the Joint Services Workstation.

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August 03, 2001

Aug. 3, 2001 -- Sens. Wayne Allard (R-CO) and Robert Smith (R-NH) today introduced legislation molded after the January recommendations of the Space Commission, which said the government should reorganize space management to give it greater national priority. Allard and Smith's bill also calls for creating a new under secretary of defense for space, information and intelligence.

Allard is the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee.

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Aug. 3, 2001 -- Despite his team's recent loss of a $131 million contract for next-generation environmental satellite system components, EDO Corp's chief executive officer said today he is still confident his company would have a role to play in the program's development.

"We think there's still business in this area and we intend to pursue it," EDO's James Smith told investment analysts during a conference call on the company's second quarter 2001 earnings report.

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