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October 22, 2019

The Army, which two years ago said it needed an additional $10 billion to fully fund its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense requirements, has recalibrated its need for the ballistic missile defense system that "balances" operational requirements and affordability, according to a senior service official.

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As Lockheed Martin works to replace Turkish suppliers on the F-35 program, the company's associated risk is covered by the U.S. government, according to the contractor's chief executive.

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The Army's top air defender -- a key player in overseeing day-to-day operations of the Ground Based Midcourse Defense System -- voiced continued support for the fleet of ballistic missile interceptors in the wake of the Pentagon's decision to terminate the Redesigned Kill Vehicle, a move that will delay plans to modernize the current interceptor fleet.

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ANNAPOLIS, MD -- A top Marine Corps official today slammed the stopgap continuing resolution that is keeping the government funded while the Senate remains stalled in the appropriations process.

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The Air Force has informed Boeing it will no longer provide funding toward the company's ongoing contract for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, essentially ending its work supporting the nuclear program.

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A coalition of industry groups is urging the Defense Department, General Services Administration and NASA to revise a federal acquisition rule issued this summer that bans the government from purchasing IT and video surveillance products from China, calling for an "annual certification" process to assist small businesses as well as other steps to make those requirements more specific.

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October 21, 2019

A senior Pentagon official who oversees military policy on Ukraine is slated to testify this week before House committees conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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October 18, 2019

The Army is forging gun tubes and readying initial contracts for a new system intended to operate with the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon in the opening salvos of a major fight against a near-peer military force. The Strategic Long Range Cannon is a prototype mega-cannon envisioned to fire rounds hundreds of miles at high-priority enemy radar and air-defense sites, namely those of Russia and China.

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Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord said her office is set to unveil in December "the most transformational acquisition policy change we’ve seen in decades."

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The Air Force's directed-energy experimentation campaign has started another round of counter-drone testing with five different systems that management officials are exploring for an anticipated program of record.

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The Pentagon's landmark cybersecurity certification program could be scuttled if Congress ends up funding the military through a series of continuing resolutions until after the election, according to Defense Department Special Assistant for Cybersecurity Katie Arrington.

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The Pentagon confirmed today the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter full-rate production decision, which was expected in December, could be delayed by 13 months due to delays in integrating the Joint Simulation Environment.

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October 17, 2019

The Army is developing a "digital backbone" for its aircraft while modernizing the current fleet, according to the program executive officer for aviation.

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The Defense Department is developing guidance for securely connecting national security systems and other devices to the pending Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure commercial cloud environment using a "zero trust" security framework, according to a defense official.

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Defense Department Special Assistant for Cybersecurity Katie Arrington said the Pentagon's maturity model for certifying contractors based on their ability to secure data and systems is moving forward, with a revised version of the plan to be released at the beginning of November for use in contracts next year, despite calls from industry and others to slow down the implementation process.

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Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord said today the United States is working on how it might keep selling weapons to Turkey, despite growing tensions over Ankara's ongoing military operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

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The Air Force is working to better characterize cyber vulnerabilities at its installations and plans to discuss the findings of several ongoing assessments during a summit next month.

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October 16, 2019

The Army has selected Raytheon to build the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor, handing defeat to Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman who had hoped to oust the incumbent Patriot radar builder. The source selection marks one of the first major weapon systems shaped by Army Futures Command and a growing reliance on non-traditional acquisition rules.

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The Defense Information Systems Agency is seeking proposals from companies interested in prototyping identity management technologies that officials say are foundational to the Defense Department's new "zero-trust" approach to network security.

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The acting director of the Space Development Agency told reporters today his organization is not under immediate pressure due to the lack of a fiscal year 2020 budget, but noted that if the continuing resolution continues into February, early launch plans could face delays.

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