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May 23, 2019

Serco said today it has agreed to acquire Alion Science & Technology's naval systems business unit, including its Canadian business, for $225 million.

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May 22, 2019

The Pentagon's research and engineering directorate is leveraging broad agency announcements, typically used for basic and applied research, to get over the "contractual valley of death" and more quickly design, develop and advance joint warfighting systems toward the field in key mission areas, starting with long-range targeting and electronic warfare.

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House authorizers are considering the option to cut the Chinook Block II upgrade program gradually, instead of canceling it after fiscal year 2020 as the Army has proposed, according to a key lawmaker on the House Armed Services Committee.

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Senior Pentagon acquisition officials are writing new intellectual property policies amid heightened scrutiny from Capitol Hill, where concerns about price gouging have put a new spotlight on the issue.

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SpaceX has filed a lawsuit against the Air Force in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, protesting the service's October 2018 Launch Services Agreement competition.

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The Air Force could see a major cut to its plan to fast-track development of the next generation of missile warning satellites as House appropriators pitch a plan to reduce the program's fiscal year 2020 funding by more than $200 million.

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The Navy's new experimental squadron for surface vessels anticipates requesting $31.8 million in the fiscal year 2021 future years defense program for its manpower requirements, according to briefing slides obtained by Inside Defense.

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May 21, 2019

Defense Department contractors are struggling to meet the standards for protecting sensitive DOD information on their networks, as most companies fail to use key controls like multifactor authentication and incident response tests, according to a new report from cybersecurity auditing firm Sera-Brynn.

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The B61-12 tailkit assembly program is on track to begin initial operational cyber testing this week and flight testing in August, with delivery of the first tailkit expected in October.

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A new report from the Government Accountability Office urges the Defense Department to direct an independent review of the Next-Generation GPS Operational Control System's schedule, noting that the information could offer lawmakers and department leaders key information to mitigate risk of future delays.

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House lawmakers are stepping up congressional oversight of the Air Force's Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon and Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon projects, arguing the Pentagon's new five-year spending plan indicates a potential lack of commitment to seeing them completed.

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The director of the Air National Guard said today he has a team working closely with Pentagon leaders to make sure that the Guard component of the future Space Force remains lean and transitions to the new service smoothly and with minimal new bureaucracy.

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The absence of a broad budget deal in Congress is being highlighted by the release of a White House letter opposing the defense spending bill crafted by House Democrats.

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Army Secretary Mark Esper said this week that despite an early potential setback to the Army's fiscal year 2020 budget plans, he feels assured Congress and the service are aligned on funding shifts.

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May 20, 2019

The House Appropriations Committee is recommending the Navy procure four additional V-22 Ospreys in fiscal year 2020.

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The House Appropriations Committee is poised to pass a fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill Tuesday that would rescind more than $3 billion from major weapon system programs.

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House lawmakers are proposing legislation that would elevate the role of academic research in tackling hypersonic weapons by establishing a university consortium to support U.S. military efforts to expedite testing, evaluation and acquisition.

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House appropriators say the Defense Department's case to create a Space Force lacks substance and suggest in a draft of the fiscal year 2020 defense funding bill that the Pentagon can improve the military space enterprise without creating a separate service.

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House defense appropriators are recommending an additional $541 million to the Navy's aircraft procurement budget for three P-8A Poseidons, citing concerns that two Navy Reserve squadrons would otherwise be decommissioned in fiscal year 2023, according to a draft of the FY-20 defense spending bill released by the committee today.

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House appropriators are concerned the Air Force's fiscal year 2020 budget request doesn't include the resources to adequately grow its fighter fleet, saying in a report accompanying a draft mark of the funding bill the service needs to boost F-35 procurement even as it recapitalizes its fourth-generation fleet.

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