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December 11, 2019

Two of the House Armed Services Committee's biggest Space Force proponents told reporters today that while the idea for establishing a sixth branch of the military to focus on space warfighting did not originate with President Trump, the administration's support did help elevate the effort and secure backing in the Senate.

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Lawmakers are moving to slow the Navy's push for a new unmanned, corvette-sized vessel the service highlighted in its fiscal year 2020 budget, a move that follows a year of conversations between lawmakers and Navy officers about the maturity of unmanned systems.

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The Pentagon is beginning a new weapon system project to defeat hypersonic glide vehicles, briefing industry next week on what is likely a decades-long project to expand the reach of the Ballistic Missile Defense System to counter these ultra-fast, maneuvering menaces that exploit current seams in U.S. defenses.

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An agreement by the House and Senate on the fiscal year 2020 defense authorization bill contains numerous cybersecurity provisions, including an expansion of past cyber acquisition reforms targeting foreign adversaries such as China and Russia, and a requirement that the Defense Department develop a strategy for securing next-generation 5G networks crucial to warfare in the digital age.

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The Office of the Secretary of Defense has sent the Air Force's list of programs for potential waivers under the ongoing continuing resolution to the Office of Management and Budget amid negotiations on Capitol Hill over fiscal year 2020 spending.

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A nascent program that's developing the shared architecture for 21st century nuclear command, control and communications technology has begun to define requirements, explore readiness of current systems and consider approaches for a total NC3 modernization cost analysis.

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The Defense Department called a meeting last week with contractors and standards-writing bodies that included presentations from several working groups on recommendations for establishing a cybersecurity certification program, an event that underscores the Pentagon's breakneck pace for creating the landmark program even while core elements remain unresolved.

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December 10, 2019

The compromise fiscal year 2020 defense policy bill allows the Defense Department to continue developing and testing conventional, ground-launched missiles with ranges in excess of limits set by a now-abandoned treaty, while lawmakers want more information on DOD's plans for the weapons before approving their procurement and deployment.

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House and Senate lawmakers are providing the Navy flexibility on cost caps for the Ford-class aircraft carriers, but are stopping short of repealing the restrictions.

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House and Senate lawmakers are pressing the Navy to plan on purchasing an additional Virginia-class submarine in future spending requests after the service told Congress the original budget submission could not be executed. (UPDATED)

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Congressional conference members have agreed to include a House provision in their fiscal year 2020 defense policy bill that requires the Air Force to share information on progress in the Advanced Battle Management System program.

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Defense policy language released this week directs the Air Force to work with U.S. Special Operations Command to determine how both organizations can take advantage of continued light-attack aircraft experimentation.

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House and Senate lawmakers resoundingly rejected a Pentagon plan by Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Mike Griffin to subordinate the Strategic Capabilities Office under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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Pentagon officials are meeting with Microsoft representatives in Washington this week to begin implementing the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, even as Amazon is suing to block the award in federal court.

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Lawmakers are proposing a slew of F-35 oversight provisions as part of a defense policy bill released Monday by conference committee members, including requirements for sustainment cost and readiness details, reporting on the Block 4 modernization process and insight into efforts to rearchitect the Joint Strike Fighter's Autonomic Logistics Information System.

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Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord today outlined her key goals and challenges for 2020, focusing specifically on implementing new supply chain security standards, fielding counter-drone systems to U.S. troops, developing 5G communications, protecting intellectual property and strengthening the National Technology and Industrial Base.

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The defense authorization bill that House and Senate conference members released Monday night requires the Air Force to identify risks and costs if the service receives only one proposal to develop the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.

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SIMI VALLEY, CA -- The Marine Corps plans to commence early next year a major realignment of its investment accounts, building a new five-year budget plan that sheds select weapons acquired during land operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and invests in capabilities optimized for expeditionary fights against technologically sophisticated adversaries such as China and Russia.

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December 09, 2019

House and Senate conference members released a defense policy bill tonight that would establish a Space Force as a separate military service with Title 10 authority.

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The Air Force is finishing up an acquisition plan for a new beyond-line-of-sight receiver that allows aerial and ground-based nuclear platforms to accept "emergency action messages" from the president.

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