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April 03, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency and the Air Force are seeking $30 million to launch a classified, joint program over the next three years that could be used to begin a new interceptor program or modify an existing guided missile based on scant details in the Pentagon's new spending request.

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The Air Force is planning to expand its infrastructure to conduct operational tests of hypersonics technology, a next-generation capability the service has prioritized for rapid prototyping.

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The Navy in August will begin retrofitting a new cabin-pressure altimeter on more than 1,000 F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets, one of several modifications intended to prevent physiological episodes in pilots.

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The Pentagon is lining up the transfer of a second former Coast Guard cutter to Vietnam as part of a push for closer security ties with the nation, but Hanoi's financial limitations and legacy of using Russian weapons puts constraints on potential arms sales, according to current and former U.S. officials.

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The Army plans to replace all UH-60 Black Hawk A models in the National Guard by fiscal year 2022 and in the active force by 2024, according to a service official.

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Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) yesterday bemoaned the lack of a disaster relief supplemental bill and said one must be passed within the next eight days before Congress adjourns for its Easter recess.

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The Overseas Contingency Operations account was introduced in 2009 to fund wars abroad, meant to give the Pentagon greater flexibility to pay for unexpected costs.

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April 02, 2019

Army Secretary Mark Esper is telling the defense industrial base to get on board with the service's modernization goals amid concerns over the service's drastic reallocation of funds from legacy upgrades and other programs to the defined six priorities in its fiscal year 2020 budget.

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The Defense Department is asking industry about the feasibility of demonstrating a 1,000 kilowatt-class laser for missile defense as soon as 2025, seeking industry feedback on the potential for scaling up electrically pumped, directed-energy technology -- for an undisclosed platform and mission -- to power levels that in theory could destroy an enemy ballistic missile during the boost phase of flight.

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The counterintelligence landscape has evolved from a focus on various nation-state actors to specific issues such as cybersecurity and supply-chain threats, intelligence official Bill Evanina said Monday, while advocating for government and industry groups to pursue "enterprise-wide" solutions to combat those supply-chain threats.

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HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The Army is working to define a range requirement for its new project to develop a "Mobile Medium-Range Missile" for the Pacific region based on a need identified by combatant commanders.

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April 01, 2019

The Navy is accelerating its research and development to counter commercially available unmanned aircraft systems, and is partnering with the Defense Digital Service to do it, according to a March 28 memo obtained by Inside Defense.

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The Missile Defense Agency is laying the technical groundwork for the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA -- a Navy interceptor originally designed to counter medium- and intermediate-range threats -- to also have an operational mission against intercontinental ballistic missiles, potentially stretching the reach of the new weapon to reinforce defense of the nation against North Korean threats.

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March 29, 2019

The Air Force continues to lead Defense Department efforts to develop joint cyber warfare capabilities, as the service seeks a big increase for a key infrastructure platform as part of its latest budget request, while the Marine Corps eyes offensive cyber capabilities to support a new joint mission requirement.

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The Defense Department has markedly curtailed what last year was a $1.4 billion five-year investment plan for a pair of programs -- the Common Kill Vehicle and the Multi Object Kill Vehicle -- that promised to deliver next-generation warheads for future ballistic missile defense in a decade.

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Senior Pentagon leaders are defending their "very robust" processes for ensuring officials who previously worked in industry comply with ethics arrangements, as acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is being investigated for allegedly favoring Boeing, his former employer.

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Ahead of sending Congress a report detailing the costs of recapitalizing the surge sealift fleet, a Navy official told lawmakers this week the service will consider accelerating procurement of used vessels in lieu of extending ships' service lives.

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The head of the House Armed Services Committee is raising concerns about the Air Force's launch services acquisition strategy, telling Secretary Heather Wilson in a March 28 letter the service appears to be moving forward with a request for proposals "in a way that risks undermining the Air Force's goal of maximizing and sustaining fair and open competition."

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March 28, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The program executive office for ground combat systems is expecting approval from the Army Requirements Oversight Council this week on three Stryker combat vehicle lethality upgrades.

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The Defense Department is considering whether both providers of solid-rocket motors should be involved in the development of the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, a senior Air Force official told a House subcommittee today.

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