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February 01, 2019

Neither Boeing nor Lockheed Martin will compete to build the Navy's next training helicopter, company spokeswomen told Inside Defense this week following the request for proposals' publication.

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General Dynamics said today it recorded $10.4 billion in sales during its most recent quarter, marking a 25 percent boost over the same three-month period a year earlier.

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The Navy awarded its latest P-8A Poseidon Lot 10 contract three months early to ensure a $60 million budget shortfall did not slow down the production line.

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The Defense Department is done accepting "stove-piped" solutions for its cyberspace needs, officials pledged this week, instead indicating the department will move to implement its new cyber strategy with a more standardized set of products.

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A recent draft of the White House's forthcoming Space Force policy directive corroborates reports that a new military space service will initially reside under the Air Force, but directs the defense secretary to conduct "periodic reviews to determine when to recommend the president" propose a separate military department for space.

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The Pentagon today notified Congress that the State Department has approved a potential $2.1 billion sale to Japan of two Aegis Weapon Systems, a key development in Tokyo's plans to expand its land-based ballistic missile defense shield to defend the entire Pacific nation against North Korean threats by building a pair of Aegis Ashore systems.

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The Pentagon wants to negotiate a solution for software rights allowing contractors to maintain their intellectual property and profit incentives, while also allowing for more open sharing of software capabilities and development across weapon systems, according to a Defense Department advisor.

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The Defense Department stands ready to transfer billions in spoken-for military construction funds should President Trump declare a national emergency and order the building of a wall on the southern border, though doing so would mean canceling or deferring existing projects prized in both red and blue congressional districts.

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Amid large reorganizations and personnel changes tied to Army Futures Command, the Army Reserve has been tasked with retaining talent in support of the new command, which includes strategically positioning new Reserve structures, according to its chief.

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The House Armed Services seapower and projection forces subcommittee plans to probe shipyard backlogs plaguing Navy repairs and follow up on collisions at sea, as the panel of lawmakers heads into the 116th Congress with an array of new members.

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FBI Director Christopher Wray referred to China's Cybersecurity Law to stress the national security implications of indictments handed down this week against company officials at telecom firm Huawei for allegedly manipulating financial markets, evading international sanctions against Iran and engaging in intellectual property theft of a U.S. company.

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Lockheed Martin said today sales in its most recent quarter reached $14.4 billion, up about 4 percent from the same three-month period a year earlier.

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The Government Accountability Office has outlined a number of paths the Defense Department could take to reform its controversial warfighting budget -- the Overseas Contingency Operations account -- but says the Pentagon has yet to decide a course of action as it finalizes its fiscal year 2020 budget amid the renewed onset of statutory budget caps and expected Capitol Hill gridlock.

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Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan believes the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has "a lot of opportunity for more performance."

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The Pentagon is directing its acquisition workforce to better assess and enforce contractors' compliance with cybersecurity requirements, as officials are particularly concerned about adversaries stealing sensitive data from companies further down the supply chain.

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January 28, 2019

Army Secretary Mark Esper has commissioned an influential advisory panel to recommend how the service's new modernization command -- established as part of a major reorganization in July 2018 in response to decades of failed acquisition projects -- should operate "to create a fast-moving, innovative and future-thinking organization."

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Peraton is focusing on areas of work "that are strategically important to us," including space command and control, offensive cyber, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company's chief executive told Inside Defense.

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Some $15 million of fiscal year 2018 funds previously intended to upgrade a limited quantity of Vietnam-era M113 armored personnel carriers has been reprogrammed "to fund higher priorities," according to the Army's acquisition executive.

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The communications sector and U.S. Northern Command have launched a collaborative effort on cybersecurity and other challenges that telecom industry leaders characterize as "the first major engagement" between the industry and the armed services on confronting these issues at a strategic level.

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January 26, 2019

Army Secretary Mark Esper has directed an independent review of the service's next-generation anti-armor strategy, an assessment by a panel that recommends, among other things, investment strategies and design parameters for next-generation combat vehicles and supporting systems.

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