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February 03, 2019

The Navy's $14.9 billion announcement of a highly anticipated contract to build the third and fourth Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers coincided on the same day as the Pentagon's top weapons tester published an annual report stating the Navy has "unrealistic assumptions" about the lead ship in the class.

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As the Army network "design" takes shape, two officials leading the network cross-functional team have outlined a series of capability sets planned to mark future development, directed by Army Futures Command chief Gen. Mike Murray.

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February 02, 2019

The Defense Department is considering a new guided-missile interceptor program to defeat hypersonic boost glide threats as part of a range of potential new-start programs that also include a possible high-powered laser or adapting existing ballistic missile interceptors to deal with the new-class of ultra-fast threats that China and Russia are expected to field in the 2020s.

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The Army's Common Infrared Countermeasures program -- a Northrop Grumman-led effort to outfit U.S. military helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft with a next-generation defense against infrared-guided missiles -- passed muster with the Pentagon's top tester in the inaugural assessment of the $3 billion program.

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The Army is now seeking proposals for development of the Next Generation Squad Weapon.

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The number of new vendors joining the federal contracting market as prime contractors grew from 2001 to 2006, but then sharply decreased from 2007 to 2013, according to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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The Air Force's top uniformed acquisition officer said today he's confident the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can meet the Pentagon's 80-percent mission-capable rate target, despite a recent report from the director of operational test and evaluation showing fleetwide availability is less than 60 percent.

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The Air Force has chosen someone to serve as the 'architect' who will oversee the new acquisition approach to the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), according to a senior Air Force official.

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The Pentagon is in discussions with the White House Office of Management and Budget on whether the upcoming defense budget will request money for a southern border wall in fiscal year 2020 and information is beginning to leak to Washington think tankers and other insiders.

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The Pentagon's top weapons tester considers the F-35's new Block 4 modernization plan "high risk" and is calling for a more robust assessment of the cost to test and continuously modernize software.

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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, MD -- The Army's Research, Development and Engineering Command today was rebranded as the Combat Capability Development Command and is now officially under the authority of Futures Command.

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House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA) says he is "deeply troubled" that Defense Department officials did not mention the planned deployment of additional troops to the southern border when they appeared at a hearing Tuesday, while across the river at the Pentagon, Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan told reporters he expected "a few thousand" more to be deployed soon.

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The Navy's next-generation Miniature Air Launched Decoy has moved into the engineering, manufacturing and development stage and appears to be on par with the service's schedule.

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Northrop Grumman has consolidated two groups within its technology services business, seeking to bolster the unit's high-end work.

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The Air Force is pursuing a Rapid Technology Development and Demonstration Program to develop new sensor systems that assist in command-and-control and battlespace awareness.

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The new chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee tasked with examining future threats and capabilities wants to see the Pentagon develop policies for using artificial intelligence and come forth with a plan for IT modernization, he told Inside Defense in an interview this week.

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February 01, 2019

CACI International said this week it has agreed to acquire LGS Innovations as well as Mastodon Design for a total of $975 million.

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The Defense Department is making plans to award Lockheed Martin a new contract to re-architect the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's troubled Autononomic Logistics Information System.

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The Air Force is in the final stages of completing a long-anticipated satellite communications analysis of alternatives, according to a Defense Department spokesman, who said the study should be validated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and reviewed by the Pentagon's cost assessment and program evaluation office in the near future.

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The Army should develop processes now to capitalize on early successes achieved by Army Futures Command's cross-functional teams to avoid "repeating past mistakes," according to a congressional watchdog.

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