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March 22, 2021

Congressional auditors have identified 70 projects focused on hypersonic weapons research and development backed by $15 billion through 2024 across the U.S. government, shining light into the breadth and scope of a campaign to field a new class of maneuvering ultra-fast weapons with the potential to shape the balance of power between the U.S. military and other major powers such as China and Russia.

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March 19, 2021

The Navy is seeking to accelerate its efforts to improve the infrastructure of its public shipyards, following calls from members of Congress to do so.

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Defense and diplomatic officials from key Arctic nations and the United States affirmed their shared commitment to peace in a region predicted to play an increasing role in global security and transit in the coming decades.

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Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks has approved the Next Generation Interceptor project to proceed, clearing the way for the Missile Defense Agency to award a pair of contracts as well as seek $1.6 billion in fiscal year 2022 and FY-23 for the new Ground-based Midcourse Defense guided missile, according to a source familiar with the decision.

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Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said the Pentagon would work with Congress to make "difficult decisions" to "phase out" legacy weapon systems unsuitable for competition with China, but also committed to help developing technologies bridge "the valley of death."

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There are five primary ways in which the Army's sustainment operations will support modernization, according to Gen. Edward Daly, the leader of Army Materiel Command.

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Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV), who recently joined the Senate Armed Services Committee, is urging Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to continue funding the Air Force's MQ-9 Reaper production line as he develops the Pentagon's fiscal year 2022 budget proposal.

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March 18, 2021

The Army will host its second soldier operational experiment for the light and medium Robotic Combat Vehicles from June to August 2022, a service official said March 16 at the Association of the U.S. Army's Global Force Next conference.

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The Army for the first time combined this year's Cyber Quest, a lab-based demonstration of new technologies focused at the brigade combat team level and below, with the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment at Ft. Benning, GA, service officials told reporters earlier this week.

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Just two days after the Navy released its unmanned campaign plan, the first chance for senior Navy and Marine Corps officials to defend their framework was met with skepticism from House lawmakers.

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Delays to F-35 Block 4 development drove a $1.9 billion net cost increase between 2019 and 2020, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

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As the Space Development Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency demonstrate key proliferated low Earth orbit capabilities over the next few years, the Space and Missile Systems Center is working alongside those teams -- both as a partner in technology development and as a connector, seeking opportunities to leverage and operationalize that work within the Space Force.

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The Biden administration is not yet sold on the Missile Defense Agency's plan for a Next Generation Interceptor and is conducting a review of the project, which has completed the source-selection process and is now subject to further assessment by Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

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The Defense Department's challenges fielding a jam-resistant GPS signal is driving the Air Force to take precautionary steps to mitigate cost and schedule risks as it delivers the latest variant in the AGM-158B Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile product line.

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CMMC Accreditation Body chair Karlton Johnson says his organization is prepared to meet the demand for assessments from contractors once the first certified, third-party assessment organizations are approved by the Defense Contract Management Agency.

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March 17, 2021

Industry's investment in the Army's Future Vertical Lift modernization priority has made it possible for the service to afford both aircraft under the effort, a service official said today.

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Missile Defense Agency plans to deliver the Long Range Discrimination Radar for operations is delayed again with a new setback pushing the key milestone from June to September, according to U.S. government officials.

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Any war between the United States and China would quickly escalate outside the immediate region, so armor and other traditional Army capabilities would still be necessary, the commander of Army Futures Command said March 17.

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Congress' decision to significantly reduce the Air Force's fiscal year 2021 budget proposal for the Advanced Battle Management System forced the service to limit the scope of the latest test event in Europe and cancel a major upcoming demonstration with Australia.

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Influential defense innovation leaders, asserting the Defense Department's slow budget process is hindering the adoption of new technology, are recommending Congress establish a technology transfer fund to serve as a "bridge fund" between promising prototypes and large programs of record.

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