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September 27, 2019

The Air Force intends to increase the maximum production quantities and purchases of Joint Air-to-Surface Missiles and Long-Range Anti-Ship Missiles -- including the first buy of the JASSM-D variant.

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The Air Force has contracted with an independent organization to study the global launch market in order to inform the next phase of its Launch Services Procurement strategy.

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The Navy and Marine Corps will complete by December an integrated force-structure assessment, according to a new memo.

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The Missile Defense Agency plans to release an updated version of a draft solicitation for a Next Generation Interceptor on Oct. 1, a revision of the preliminary request circulated to industry weeks ago as part of a rapid effort by the Pentagon to reboot the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program after terminating the Redesigned Kill Vehicle last month.

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The Defense Department today issued a final rule meant to limit the use of the lowest price, technically acceptable contracting approach, according to a Federal Register notice.

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The Defense Department's inspector general is planning this month to begin auditing hypersonic weapons research and development projects, a move that comes after Pentagon leaders announced plans to nearly double spending over the next five years on the new class of ultrafast weapons -- both offensive and defensive -- to more than $11 billion.

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The head of Air Force Air Combat Command told reporters recently that the Air Force's plan to apply a "Century Series" concept to the Next-Generation Air Dominance program is not a change of course, but instead aligns well with studies the service has been conducting over the last few years.

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The Army has selected Lockheed Martin for an estimated $3 billion project to replace every Sentinel A3 radar variant in the inventory with upgraded A4s to improve the service's defenses against low-flying unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles and helicopters, beating out Raytheon and a third bidder.

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Schedule delays to the B61-12 life extension and W88 Alteration 370 programs revealed earlier this month are expected to cost between $720 million and $850 million -- which the National Nuclear Security Administration intends to pay for using internal funding.

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The Air Force has contracted with an independent organization to study the global launch market in order to inform the next phase of its Launch Services Procurement strategy.

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The Defense Department has released a new template for "DevSecOps" software acquisition, as DOD aims to improve upon its legacy software development practices.

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The Pentagon's new Space Development Agency is preparing for the "imminent" release of its first solicitation in support of its vision to create a resilient, proliferated next-generation space architecture.

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper is being directed by Congress to promptly weigh in on the future of the Strategic Capabilities Office which this summer was effectively folded into the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a move that former Defense Secretary Ash Carter says subverts the original intent of the SCO to solve "immediate battlefield problems."

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The Army fielded its long-awaited heads-up display goggles today to soldiers in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, KS.

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September 26, 2019

During an upcoming experiment, the Air Force will demonstrate the ability of the Phaser high-powered microwave system to thwart adversary unmanned aerial systems in an overseas operational environment.

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The Navy announced Tuesday the service has achieved its 80% mission-capable rate target for both the F/A-18 Super Hornet and EA-18 Growler fleets.

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The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program is scheduled to have a technical interchange meeting this fall that will help inform next year's decision to enter the engineering and manufacturing development phase.

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The Defense Department estimates that if it is required to change the Air Force's launch services acquisition strategy as a result of legislative language or pending legal challenges, the program could be delayed by at least a year.

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The U.S. district court for eastern Texas has ordered the Justice Department to file an additional brief in its arguments rejecting Huawei's claim that a federal ban on purchasing its products is unconstitutional, a move that comes after parties argued in court last week in a case that could determine the government's authority to counter China's cybersecurity threat.

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The Missile Defense Agency has raised the potential value of Raytheon's work improving the X-band sensor portfolio to nearly $1 billion, tacking on a $500 million modification yesterday to a 2017 contract to bolster key Ballistic Missile Defense System radars, including the Sea Based X-Band and the Army/Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance Control Model-2.

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