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November 22, 2019

A Marine Corps general who serves as an adviser to the commandant expressed concern yesterday over the "normalization" of using stopgap continuing resolutions to fund the government.

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The Army recently outlined its plans to develop and field the next tactical network capability set during a two-day industry event in Austin, TX.

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The Navy is pursuing an experimental effort to rapidly upgrade its older destroyers to a newer baseline of the Aegis combat system, according to a service official.

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Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Thursday the Army has already felt the effects of the first continuing resolution that started Oct. 1, previously asking commands to reduce spending by 2%.

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November 21, 2019

The Air Force confirmed today that it will amend it's Launch Services Procurement request for proposals to comply with a recommendation from the Government Accountability Office, noting that it does not expect the process to affect its plan to award a contract next spring.

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The Navy is assessing bids for the Large Unmanned Surface Vessel concept design contract ahead of a planned fiscal year 2020 award date.

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Pentagon officials warned defense contractors today that Congress could be inching closer toward a yearlong short-term spending bill that could prevent the Defense Department from starting new acquisition programs.

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The Air Force as soon as January plans to begin initial modification of the first of two commercial Boeing 747-8 jumbo jets slated for the $5.3 billion next Air Force One program, dubbed the VC-25B, a major event in the high-profile effort to demonstrate initial flight in late 2021.

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As the Army reaches an inflection point with autonomy and artificial intelligence to face near-peer competitors, the service is encouraging traditional defense contractors to take it in stride by including new technology requirements in requests for proposals.

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper is urging the Federal Communications Commission to reject a request from Ligado Networks to use spectrum that the department fears could disrupt its GPS capability.

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The Air Force has confirmed its first three "vanguard" programs are Golden Horde, Skyborg and Navigation Technology Satellite-3 -- all of which are demonstrating revolutionary technology the service wants to quickly transition into programs of record.

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The Air Force's strategic development planning and experimentation office says it's exploring the possibility of a small proof-of-concept effort to examine the feasibility of a "palletized munitions" concept.

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The Defense Department is planning a December meeting to begin discussions with industry and standards-writing groups on a binding agreement to establish an accreditation body for auditors under a landmark cybersecurity certification program that the Pentagon expects to be "operational" by January.

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November 20, 2019

The Air Force is required to shut down its legacy Space Defense Operations Center by fiscal year 2022, but the official leading an effort to replace the outdated system with a new, open architecture command-and-control capability is aiming to beat that time line.

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The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency has continued to put a dent in the background investigations backlog, as the case inventory is nearing the point at which federal officials believe they should start to achieve "timeliness" goals for completing investigations.

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The recent changes to the Navy's acquisition directorates aim to give the acquisition executive a "holistic" view of the service's research and development, sustainment and programmatic enterprises, according to a senior Navy official.

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November 19, 2019

Leidos' intelligence group, split from its defense group early this year, is now seeing growth and finding new ways to incorporate technology, according to its chief.

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A bipartisan group of senators is pressing new White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien to establish a telecommunications security coordinator, citing concerns about China and the development of next-generation 5G networks and arguing federal efforts lack a "coherent national strategy."

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U.S. missile defense contractors are pitching ideas for improving the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system with alternative interceptor concepts in a gambit to provide near-term upgrades should the Pentagon proceed with the technically ambitious Next-Generation Interceptor program that could take a decade or more to field.

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November 18, 2019

The Government Accountability Office has sustained Blue Origin's protest of Phase 2 of the Air Force's Launch Services Procurement effort and is recommending the service amend the solicitation.

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