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October 07, 2020

Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord, flanked by her top deputies, said today her team's work to re-write procurement policy over the past few years has resulted in "irreversible momentum."

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While Air Force leaders advocate a new force structure to confront emerging threats, Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) says military planners haven't demonstrated they can meet current operational needs while executing their ambitious plans to retire and replace legacy aircraft.

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A key contractual milestone for the KC-46 tanker program expected to be achieved this summer has been pushed to mid-2021 due to supplier qualification delays, Inside Defense has learned.

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Defense Department acquisition Chief Information Security Officer Katie Arrington says the defense industrial base should come together to create a model for the Pentagon's cyber certification program that buys down risk, instead of creating division and "unnecessary angst" on social media.

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October 06, 2020

Defense Secretary Mark Esper today said he has laid out a "credible path" for a new Navy of more than 500 manned and unmanned ships to deter China in the future, necessitating significant new investments in shipbuilding from funds "harvested" elsewhere in the Pentagon.

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The Navy has commissioned more than a dozen Light Amphibious Warship "concept design" industry studies due next month that are expected to shape a formal competition next summer in advance of a planned lead-ship contract award in fiscal year 2022.

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The Central District Court of California has dismissed SpaceX's lawsuit against the Air Force, ordering the case to be vacated in a new judgment issued last week.

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The Trump administration’s decision to export material used in missile production to China undermines U.S. national security and should not be allowed to proceed, a group of Senate Democrats said on Monday.

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October 05, 2020

The Pentagon's limited waiver allowing some contractors to continue using equipment made by Chinese vendors like Huawei and ZTE has been extended for two years, according to a Defense Department spokeswoman.

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The Navy is in the process of updating its cost confidence levels for the Columbia-class submarine program and will release the updated estimates in its next budget request.

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The Missile Defense Agency is laying the organizational and technical ground work to add a new layer to the Ballistic Missile Defense System that would defend North America from enemy cruise missiles, a project that comes as Air Force leaders this fall are eyeing options to begin a potential program as soon as 2023 to better defend the United States and Canada from such low-flying, air-breathing threats.

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October 02, 2020

The Defense Department released an interim rule to implement its CMMC program this week with a section on estimated costs for each maturity level, but experts say the actual costs will depend on many factors yet to be determined.

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The Space Force expects to stand up its new acquisition command in 2021 -- a schedule target that should give the service time to determine a transition plan for Army and Navy space capabilities and to ensure it's taking the right approach to combining a number of organizations under a single command.

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Puget Sound Naval Shipyard this week published and then quickly retracted a statement about launching the first phase of the naval sustainment system-shipyards on Sept. 22, citing a legal challenge as its reason for pulling the public notice.

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October 01, 2020

Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord told lawmakers today the Defense Department is justified in distributing COVID-19 bailout funds to defense contractors economically hurt by the pandemic and said Congress needs to provide billions more.

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A government watchdog says the Army lacks coordinated practices to share lessons from entering into alternative contracting agreements and should improve its use of alternative approaches by enhancing oversight and communication.

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The U.S. military today conducted a flight test demonstrating new interoperability between the Patriot and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems as it responds to an urgent requirement from commanders in South Korea for improved Patriot-THAAD integration to defend against North Korean ballistic missile threats.

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The Pentagon's acquisition chief said today she believes the "root cause" of problems with the KC-46 tanker is linked to the program's fixed-price contract.

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A Navy officer overseeing the service's newest unmanned surface vessels said Wednesday those vehicles will begin transits nearing a month in length this fiscal year.

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AeroVironment officials yesterday unveiled the company’s new next-generation loitering missile, including a new system with extended endurance and multipurpose, anti-armor munition capabilities.

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