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September 04, 2020

Lockheed Martin is touting its ability to offer the Defense Department a one-stop shopping opportunity for the Next Generation Interceptor -- a single defense contractor to develop a booster tailored to carry a new class of kill vehicles for the nation’s marquee homeland ballistic missile defense system.

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Army Cyber Command yesterday completed its move to its new headquarters at Ft. Gordon, GA, forming a “focal point” for its global cyber operations, according to senior service officials.

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September 03, 2020

The Defense Department, following a recommendation from the Government Accountability Office, intends to begin annual reviews of independent industry research and development projects so they can be better integrated into the U.S. military’s technology plans.

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The CH-53K King Stallion helicopter performed well during its sea trials, which ended in June, and is now undergoing testing in a desert-like environment, according to the Marine Corps.

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Senior Navy leadership last month approved the capability framework for the service’s “operational architecture,” an overarching document that describes how the Navy will analyze and transmit data in the future distributed fleet envisioned by military brass.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, LMI has convened a company-wide task force to consider the associated business opportunities.

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The Air Force Research Laboratory’s space vehicles directorate this week announced its next slate of flight experiments -- one focused on very low Earth orbit and a second focused on cislunar space domain awareness.

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The Air Force Research Laboratory’s space vehicles directorate this week announced its next slate of flight experiments -- one focused on very low Earth orbit and a second focused on cislunar space domain awareness.

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One of the Pentagon’s four X-61A Gremlins is undergoing repairs after suffering damage during a July test -- the program’s second mishap in less than nine months -- and therefore will not participate in the long-awaited first experiment with the air recovery system that was delayed to this fall.

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September 02, 2020

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has finished captive-carry tests of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon's unique variants of the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept, paving the way for the first free-flight demonstrations later this year.

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BAE Systems on Monday delivered the first low-rate initial production Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle to the Army, the company announced this morning.

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September 01, 2020

The Pentagon's No. 2 official has overhauled missile defense policies and governance in a surprise move that will subject the Missile Defense Agency to increased oversight by other arms of the Defense Department, establishing new rules for the $202 billion portfolio of missile defense weapon system projects and setting the stage for the first major revision of the agency's charter in over a decade.

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A group of foreign military attachés representing some of the United States’ closest allies is asking Senate lawmakers to oppose House defense legislation that would strengthen "Buy American" requirements for some of the Pentagon’s largest weapons programs, according to a letter obtained by Inside Defense.

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China is "is already ahead of the United States" in shipbuilding, missile technology and integrated air defense systems, according to the Pentagon's latest annual report on Chinese military strength.

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Top Navy officials last month determined that two senior billets, charged with directing the service's $2 billion research and development enterprise, should no longer be "dual-hatted" by a single two-star admiral, according to a memorandum obtained by Inside Defense.

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In a new strategy paper released Monday, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown appears to build on his predecessor's drive to divest from legacy programs and reinvest in modernized, networked capabilities, saying the service has a "unique, but limited" opportunity to make significant changes to prepare to counter future threats.

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The Space Development Agency on Monday awarded contracts to Lockheed Martin and Denver-based York Space Systems to develop the first 20 satellites of its transport layer, slated to be developed and launched in two years.

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August 31, 2020

AFWERX is considering launching more programs in dual-use technology sectors while also eyeing export options for its inaugural Agility Prime effort that's pushing to bring electric vertical takeoff and landing providers to market amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Marine Corps has pushed back the scheduled start of testing for the VH-92A presidential helicopter by six months, which will allow the Marine operational squadron more time to familiarize itself with the aircraft and prevent overlap between testing and the busy presidential election cycle.

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The Next Generation Jammer-Mid Band program, the Navy and Marine Corps $8.7 billion maritime airborne electronic attack modernization effort, achieved an important developmental milestone this month when a prototype was flown for the first time on an EA-18G Growler, a key step for a project that suffered serious design setbacks three years ago.

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