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April 26, 2019

The Pentagon has sent a strategy to Congress laying out an approach to reduce spending at civilian management agencies, also known as the Fourth Estate, by 25% over the coming years, acting Chief Management Officer Lisa Hershman told Inside Defense in an interview.

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COLUMBUS, GA -- As the Army fine tunes its requirements for the Robotic Combat Vehicle, officials in charge of the technology demonstration project are relying on industry to help determine what the final specifications will be.

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The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center is working with Boeing to double the capability of the next Wideband Global Satellite Communications space vehicle -- a strategy that could give the service the option to buy one satellite instead of two.

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The Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration plans to issue a new contract this year for JASON national security studies after the Pentagon discontinued its long-standing deal with the group of scientists.

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During at-sea testing later this year, the Office of Naval Research plans to experiment with a high-energy laser's ability to conduct a secondary surveillance mission in addition to disabling small surface craft and unmanned aerial systems.

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The Pentagon will soon issue new guidance for facilitating cyberspace security cooperation, as officials aim to increase partnerships between U.S. cyber forces and those of allied nations.

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The Office of Naval Research's Medium Displacement Unmanned Surface Vehicle experienced three "mechanical or electrical" issues during a transit to Hawaii last fall, requiring a human to board the ship before it reached its destination.

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The focus of the Defense Department inspector general's latest report was whether acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan acted ethically, but the document also offered a rare behind-the-scenes look into acquisition decisions made by the Pentagon's most senior officials.

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April 25, 2019

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in a letter today that the service is committed to its strategy for launch procurement.

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The Pentagon will soon issue new guidance for facilitating cyberspace security cooperation, as officials aim to increase partnerships between U.S. cyber forces and those of allied nations.

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A new Government Accountability Office report claims that the F-35 program's faulty planning and allocation of spare parts has contributed to an inability to meet warfighter requirements, and offers eight recommendations to improve the program's supply chain management.

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The Navy is readying the Barracuda mine neutralizer for a preliminary design review in June, advancing development of a next-generation capability that is slated to be part of a new unmanned and autonomous technology package to clear contested waters for aircraft carrier strike groups and other surface combatants, executing in hours tasks that now can take weeks.

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COLUMBUS, GA -- The Army is holding a demonstration this week to test multiple add-on systems for the Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport unmanned vehicle.

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reportedly admitted to the Defense Department that the company's losing bid for launch vehicle development funding "missed the mark," according to a newly released DOD inspector general report.

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Air Combat Command is seeking research proposals to develop the core capability of its Combat Cloud, the Air Force's idea for enabling secure data flow across a battlespace using computing technology.

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The first task under a new $14.3 billion bomber modernization and sustainment contract awarded to Boeing earlier this month will study integration options for a new advanced extremely high frequency nuclear command-and-control channel.

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April 24, 2019

The Pentagon has officially stopped producing an annual aviation inventory and funding plan which had been sent to Congress after delivery of the president's budget for nearly a decade, denying defense aviation wonks a key resource in scrutinizing the U.S. military's long-term investment about the approximately 14,000 aircraft flown and operated by the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

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The Air Force is seeking congressional approval for a $12 million reprogramming to purchase counter-small unmanned aerial systems.

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Jacobs will operate KeyW as a bolt-on acquisition for the first six months while it addresses redundant costs, but the company will then make decisions about how to further integrate the contractor, a top Jacobs executive told Inside Defense this week.

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The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction says the U.S. government continues to over-classify important information about the 17-year war and the status of Afghan forces.

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