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September 13, 2019

With its public shipyard improvement efforts in full swing, the Navy is now developing a plan that would "mirror" those efforts for private shipyards, according to top Navy officials overseeing shipbuilding.

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The Senate Appropriations Committee is proposing a $270 million cut to the Air Force's Adaptive Engine Transition Program and are calling on the service to deliver details on plans to transition the new engine technology into major programs like the F-35.

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The Missile Defense Agency is eyeing a $12 billion makeover of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, launching a competition for a new guided missile interceptor as part of a proposed 10-year realignment of funds to improve defenses agains North Korean long-range rockets.

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Lawmakers on the Senate Appropriations Committee are criticizing the Marine Corps' plan to speed up the "development" of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle's gun variant.

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A Senate panel wants the Navy to continue with previously abandoned upgrades for a developmental air-launched, anti-ship missile, and is recommending the service receive an additional $50 million for that purpose.

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In a report accompanying its fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill, the Senate Appropriations Committee is raising issues with the ongoing initial development of the Air Force's Advanced Battle Management System.

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New legislation advancing through the Senate would allocate nearly half a billion dollars for the Defense Department's new program to research and develop fifth-generation wireless technologies.

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September 12, 2019

The Air Force is developing its own variant of a hypersonic glide body that pairs an aeroshell common to Army and Navy hypersonic programs with an Air Force-unique substructure needed to withstand conditions when dropped mid-air from a fast-moving aircraft, according to the service

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The Air Force has released an artificial intelligence strategy intended to focus the service’s budget planning, adoption of data and commercial partnerships for a future in which AI-enabled capabilities transform the conduct of war.

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The president's nominee to serve as Air Force secretary told lawmakers today she supports the call for a separate space service, saying the move is "overdue."

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More than a year after Army Futures Command was created, the relationship between the non-traditional four-star command and the office of the Army's acquisition executive is still unclear, according to lawmakers.

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Senate appropriators are concerned about the Navy's acquisition approach for its future large surface combatant, calling the current strategy "high-risk."

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The Senate Appropriations Committee is the only one of four key congressional panels overseeing the Pentagon's budget expressing support for the Navy's plan to purchase two unmanned surface vessel prototypes.

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Senate appropriators want more details about the Air Force's F-15EX procurement plan, including its reasoning for pursuing a sole-source buy of Boeing-made jets.

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Senate Appropriations Committee Democrats today voted against the fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill after failing to add measures that would block the Pentagon from spending funds on President Trump’s southern border wall.

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Senate appropriators this week echoed concerns from House lawmakers that the Air Force is slow-rolling its Light Attack Aircraft experimentation campaign.

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Senate lawmakers are criticizing the Army's inconsistency in communicating changes resulting from its budget review process dubbed "Night Court," as well as the service's "reluctance" to share acquisition materials.

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The Justice Department is defending the authority of Congress to ban the government and its contractors from purchasing tech products by China-based companies including Huawei, in urging a federal court to dismiss the company's lawsuit claiming the prohibition to be unconstitutional.

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The congressional committees overseeing the Pentagon's budget are divided on funding for technology developed by the Strategic Capabilities Office and bound for the Marine Corps that would launch organic fires from an unmanned surface vessel.

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September 11, 2019

A Senate panel is recommending more than doubling spending in fiscal year 2020 on technology to counter maneuvering hypersonic threats, lifting the Missile Defense Agency's $157 million request to $394 million -- a $237 million hike as the agency is readying a plan to launch an end-to-end network of sensors, command and control systems, and interceptors for ultra-fast threats.

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