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June 20, 2000

June 20, 2000 -- Snowed under by an ever-increasing number of logistics information systems, the Marine Corps has issued a new logistics information technology policy that is intended to create an original technical architecture that will reduce the number of systems needed and the cost to maintain those systems.

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June 20, 2000 -- Alliant Techsystems announced today it has teamed with Israel Military Industries to produce IMI's M971 120 millimeter Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition (DPICM) for sale to the United States.

The IMI cargo round improves the existing 120mm mortar system, according to a June 20 Alliant statement.

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June 20, 2000 -- The National Security Agency is planning to hire a senior acquisition executive to steer the agency's massive information infrastructure modernization program, a first-ever move that shows the organization recognizes the significant technological challenges it faces as well as NSA's lack of expertise in the procurement field, senior DOD officials said last week.

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June 20, 2000 -- James Sheaks, slated to lead a new State Department arms control office, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today he feels the office should take a proactive stance in treaty verification and compliance issues, its main responsibility.

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June 20, 2000 -- The Defense Department announced today that Maj. Gen. Joseph Cosumano has been nominated for a third star and the position of commanding general, U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command.

Cosumano, if he is confirmed by the Senate, will leave his post as assistant deputy chief of staff for operations and plans (force development) and replace the current SMDC chief, Lt. Gen. John Costello, who will retire later this year.

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June 19, 2000

June 19, 2000 -- After Republican members of Congress presented a bill in March mandating an audit of the Education Department, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has now introduced a similar bill mandating an audit of the Defense Department.

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June 16, 2000

June 16, 2000 -- The Navy announced today that the United Kingdom will be the first foreign partner in the development of the service's Cooperative Engagement Capability, a sensor-netting system designed to greatly improve naval air and missile defenses.

"The United Kingdom's involvement in CEC will increase considerably the interoperability between the U.K. and U.S. naval forces," the Navy says in a statement issued today. The Royal Navy plans to install CEC on its Duke class guided missile frigates. There are 16 ships in the Duke class.

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June 15, 2000

June 15, 2000 -- Watervliet Arsenal, NY, has been selected as the central location for producing the Joint Lightweight 155 mm Howitzer, sources told InsideDefense.com today.

Navy acquisition executive Lee Buchanan decided during a negotiating meeting today that cannon barrels for the howitzer should be produced at Watervliet as opposed to a private facility in Louisville, KY, owned by United Defense L.P. Armament Systems Division, sources said.

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June 15, 2000 -- The Air Force is the only service that will see its procurement budget rise in the 2001-2005 future years defense plan over the 2000 plan, according to a new analysis by the General Accounting Office.

GAO compared the projected levels of defense spending for fiscal years 2001-2005 as laid out in the FY-00 and FY-01 plans.

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June 15, 2000 -- Defense Secretary William Cohen announced yesterday that Rear Adm. Paul Gaffney has been nominated for a third star and the position of National Defense University president.

Gaffney is the chief of naval research and director for test and evaluation and technology requirements within the office of the chief of naval operations.

If confirmed, Gaffney would replace Lt. Gen. Richard Chilcoat as head of the NDU. Chilcoat will soon retire from the Army, according to an NDU official.

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June 15, 2000 -- A software problem connected with the Standard Missile 2 forced Navy officials to scrub a test of the Area missile defense program scheduled for this morning at White Sands Missile range, NM, according to a Navy spokeswoman. No new date has been set for the test, Lt. Cmdr. Dawn Cutler said.

As reported this week by Inside the Navy, the test is designed to judge the Area missile's autopilot response performance, stable autopilot performance throughout flight and autopilot performance at near maximum angle of attack.

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June 15, 2000 -- U.S. defense officials have asked their Russian counterparts to add ballistic missile threat analysis and a Russian boost-phase interceptor concept to a list of topics for discussion at a June 25-26 meeting, Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said today.

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June 15, 2000 -- The Navy today announced it has signed a $9 billion multiyear contract with Boeing for full-rate production of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft. The deal calls for Boeing to build 222 planes over five years, according to a Navy statement.

"By signing a multiyear contract, the Navy will save over $700 million and deliver a quantum leap in tactical ability to the U.S. naval fleet," the Navy said.

Under the terms of the contract, the Navy will buy 36 aircraft in fiscal year 2000, 42 in FY-01 and 48 per year from FY-02 to FY-04.

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June 14, 2000

June 14, 2000 -- The Senate yesterday included language in its fiscal year 2001 defense appropriations bill that adds $23 million to the Air Force budget for the development of an air-launched cruise missile that can fly beyond 1,000 miles. The Senate passed the appropriations bill by a 95-3 vote yesterday.

The Senate's bill provided $20 million for the Extended-Range Cruise Missile project when it cleared the appropriations committee. The amendment adds to that figure and brings the total FY-01 allocation to $43 million. The House bill contains no money for the project.

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June 13, 2000

June 13, 2000 -- The Navy's testing command yesterday approved fixes to the ground station element of a Marine Corps tactical reconnaissance pod and is recommending the program be cleared for fleet use, according to a Marine Corps official.

The Navy's Operational Test and Evaluation Force issued a report earlier this year saying the Marines' Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System (ATARS) failed its operational evaluation due solely to problems with the reliability and availability of the Squadron Ground Station. The tests took place during September and December 1999.

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June 13, 2000 -- Starting tomorrow, 18,700 military personnel from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Canada will participate in "Roving Sands '00," which the Army bills as the world's largest air and missile defense training exercise.

Despite that billing, the annual event has been scaled down in scope from prior years.

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June 12, 2000

June 12, 2000 -- Citing the "lessons of Kosovo," Defense Secretary William Cohen announced late last week that the United States and five allies have agreed to "explore cooperation in the acquisition and stockpiling of precision-guided munitions."

"All NATO members must expand and improve the use of precision-guided munitions and the PGM consortium is a very important step toward meeting one of the (NATO) Defense Capabilities Initiative," he told reporters June 9.

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June 12, 2000 -- The Army and Lockheed Martin have begun negotiating an engineering and manufacturing development contract for the Theater High Altitude Area Defense system following weeks of wrangling over the company's proposal, which was deemed unacceptable at first blush.

Army and industry sources say negotiations began this morning in Huntsville, AL, home of the Space and Missile Defense Command. SMDC is the contracting authority.

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June 09, 2000

June 9, 2000 -- Navy Secretary Richard Danzig has told Defense Secretary Bill Cohen the service's recent long-term budget submission to the Office of the Secretary of Defense meets near-term goals but presents "significant out-year risk." He also outlined a case for an increase to the Navy's topline, saying that in light of the service's expanding operations around the world, a concomitant budget boost is justified.

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June 08, 2000

June 8, 2000 -- A General Accounting Office report released today recommends the Navy revise the schedule and funding profile for its theater wide missile defense system to mitigate against schedule and technological risks.

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