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June 28, 2000

June 28, 2000 -- A team of Pentagon officials has prepared a series of near- and long-term recommendations aimed at stemming the "insider" threat to DOD information systems, a list that begins with an admonition to "get back to basics" by being more vigilant in the areas of personnel management, personnel security and information systems security.

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June 28, 2000 -- Despite the potential for security problems, the Pentagon's top acquisition official told a congressional panel today that the United States and Russia may be able to share pieces of their National Missile Defense designs and then build a different system to suit each country's needs.

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June 27, 2000

June 27, 2000 -- Paul Shennum, longtime Boeing executive and head of Team Airborne Laser, is retiring today, the defense contracting giant announced this afternoon.

Steve Sauve will replace Shennum as Team ABL program director. Sauve has been Team ABL deputy program manager since December 1998. Led by Boeing, the ABL prime contractor, the team includes Lockheed Martin and TRW.

Shennum spent nearly 40 years at Boeing.

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June 27, 2000 -- The Army has chosen Leo Burnett Worldwide Ltd. to steer a new recruiting advertising campaign that will more aggressively target the African-American and Latino communities, Army Secretary Louis Caldera announced today.

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June 27, 2000 -- Two days after the Senate Armed Services Committee grilled Energy Secretary Bill Richardson over security lapses at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Committee Chairman Sen. John Warner (R-VA) introduced a bill that would establish a congressional commission to examine the efficacy of a new Energy Department security office.

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June 27, 2000 -- Despite dramatic examples of how the Navy's attack submarine fleet is overworked, the Navy's top submarine requirements official told a House subcommittee today the service's latest long-range shipbuilding plan and a new six-year budgeting plan support construction of only enough boats to maintain the fleet at its current level of 55 subs.

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June 26, 2000

June 26, 2000 -- Last month Naval aviation officials publicly announced the service's newest tactical aircraft, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, had cleared its final operational testing hurdle and was ready for fleet introduction. But the Super Hornet will have to clear one more obstacle before it begins the next chapter in naval aviation history -- an assessment of its effect on the environment.

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June 26, 2000 -- There are only two laboratories in the nation equipped to analyze the most lethal of viral agents that could be used in a terrorist attack, according to a preliminary General Accounting Office report regarding bio-terrorism.

Members of the New York congressional delegation requested the audit last October, following considerable confusion among government agencies in dealing with last year's West Nile virus outbreak in New York State.

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June 26, 2000 -- The General Accounting Office believes the Defense Department should assess the services' recent efforts to improve recruiting and determine how one service's "best practices" can be applied to the others.

In its new report, GAO states this assessment should also help to minimize service competition for the same limited number of enlistees.

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NAS PATUXENT RIVER, MD, June 26, 2000 -- The V-22 program office has decided to conduct a series of additional flight tests here to simulate the conditions of the April 8 MV-22 accident that killed 19 Marines, officials said Friday.

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June 23, 2000

June 23, 2000 -- The Defense Department's first "Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Report," released today, touts DOD's progress over the last seven years in such areas as hazardous waste disposal, toxic chemical releases and pesticide use.

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June 23, 2000 -- President Bill Clinton issued an executive order late yesterday that bars any lawsuits from being filed against the Russian Federation in an urgent attempt to preserve a 1993 agreement that allows Russia to sell reprocessed uranium to a private U.S. company.

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June 23, 2000 -- Senior Pentagon officials yesterday gave the Army the go-ahead to proceed with the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the Theater High Altitude Area Defense System.

The Defense Acquisition Board's decision to allow EMD to start clears the way for a $4 billion contract to prime THAAD contractor Lockheed Martin.

Raytheon, which builds the radar for the THAAD program, is also due for a major deal. Both contracts could be signed by the end of the month.

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June 23, 2000 -- The Air Force announced yesterday it has awarded a $458 million contract to Orlando, FL-based FMC Corp. to build Next Generation Small Loaders.

The agreement calls for FMC Corp. to manufacture up to 246 loaders as well as provide up to 15 years of logistics support. According to the contract, the Air Force will be able to estimate the number of loaders it needs in the future and adjust the contract accordingly.

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June 23, 2000 -- The Navy announced today that it achieved a second successful flight test of its Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile, which is being developed to improve the service's ability to defeat air defense systems. The test flight took place June 19 at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, CA.

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June 22, 2000

June 22, 2000 -- During a meeting of NATO's Permanent Joint Council next Wednesday, Russian military representatives will brief NATO officials on a missile defense proposal put forth by Russian President Valdimir Putin, NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson told reporters this morning. President Clinton has assured European leaders that their views will be "a crucial ingredient" to any decision he makes on building a National Missile Defense System to protect the United States, a plan that has caused some anxiety among NATO's members, Robertson said.

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June 22, 2000 -- NATO Secretary Gen. Lord George Robertson told several senior U.S. senators yesterday that he believes member nations are "turning a corner" on defense spending and recognize the need to create a better balanced alliance to meet future threats.

At a breakfast with reporters this morning, Robertson said there are very few European countries contemplating defense cuts. The alliance, he added, has heeded the "alarm bells" that rang after last year's 78-day air war with Serbia, which sparked debate over whether the United States was carrying too much of the load.

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June 22, 2000 -- Defense Secretary William Cohen has informed Congress the Pentagon will not make a final decision on whether to divide the production work for the Joint Strike Fighter between competitors Boeing and Lockheed Martin until the RAND Corporation completes a new study in December.

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June 21, 2000

June 21, 2000 -- Energy Secretary Bill Richardson told a Senate committee today he is considering taking away security oversight for Los Alamos National Laboratory from the University of California in the wake a security breach at the lab involving two computer hard drives containing top-secret nuclear weapons information. The university operates the lab under a government contract.

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June 21, 2000 -- The developmental schedule for the booster rocket that will propel the National Missile Defense kill vehicle into space has slipped further, likely pushing its first flight in an NMD intercept test to the middle of next year, two senior Defense Department officials acknowledged yesterday.

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