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August 13, 2019

The Pentagon's top technology official will soon decide how to proceed with developing a new kill vehicle for the U.S. fleet of Ground-based Interceptors after halting work on the Missile Defense Agency's Redesigned Kill Vehicle program earlier this year due to technical issues and soaring costs.

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The Pentagon's under secretary of defense for research and engineering today rejected reports of turmoil at the fledgling Space Development Agency, attributing management changes and a lack of congressional buy-in to the standard disruption that comes with establishing any new organization.

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The Marine Corps is weighing integrating parts of the Israeli-designed Iron Dome air and missile defense system with the service's existing capabilities -- including the AN/TPS-80 Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) -- to address an urgent warfighting requirement and is planning to soon execute a live-fire demonstration, according to sources.

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An investigation by the Pentagon's internal watchdog found NATO's efforts to train Afghan forces for airdrops and airstrikes have failed to meet certain deadlines and objectives.

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The Defense Department inspector general has opened a sweeping review into the development of the multibillion-dollar Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud acquisition, including whether any DOD employees had conflicts of interest while they were involved in the program.

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Regulations banning the federal government from purchasing products from Huawei and other China-based tech companies take effect today, imposing sweeping requirements on widely available commercial items while also providing for some exceptions.

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August 12, 2019

Mike Griffin, the Pentagon's chief technology officer, is canceling plans to produce detailed spending justifications for high-priority projects sought by combatant commanders -- jeopardizing more than a dozen new projects proposed this spring for the U.S. military's fiscal year 2021 budget request.

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Blue Origin confirmed today it has filed a pre-award protest with the Government Accountability Office over the Air Force's Launch Services Procurement effort.

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The Marine Corps today announced that its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle has reached initial operational capability.

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The Navy is seeking industry's help to identify the costs and requirements for constructing a floating dry dock that can accommodate aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, according to an Aug. 9 request for information.

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August 09, 2019

The Pentagon's top information technology official says the Defense Department continues to evaluate proposals from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract as new Defense Secretary Mark Esper reviews the overall JEDI program.

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A government watchdog agency says the Navy won't commit to adjusting its proposal to build the next-generation frigate via a less-risky contract mechanism, despite not providing analysis to support claims about the second- and third-order effects that change may have.

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The Air Force plans to take an incremental approach to fill a $623 million funding gap in the Next-Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared program, according to a top space acquisition official.

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August 08, 2019

The Pentagon is struggling to implement policy for addressing cybersecurity risks in critical infrastructure and weapon systems, as the Defense Department lacks the personnel with the skills necessary to address flaws in operational technology, according to defense officials.

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The first Initial-Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense vehicle will be on display in Washington in October, showcasing the new air and missile defense Stryker variant and the fruit of a new prototyping process that will deliver a combat vehicle 13 months after inking agreements with industry for an IM-SHORAD to harden ground forces in Europe from Russian threats.

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The Defense Department, General Services Administration and NASA have drafted interim final regulations for banning the government's purchases of IT and video surveillance equipment and components from Hauwei and other China-based tech firms, a move that will likely fuel growing tensions between Washington and Beijing.

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The unit cost of a new F-15 self-protection capability has spiked more than 24% above its original estimate due to a decision to reduce the overall quantity and subsequent delays to hardware delivery and test jet modifications -- triggering a Nunn-McCurdy cost breach.

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August 07, 2019

The Missile Defense Agency has completed a proposal for a new multibillion-dollar project to develop and field a defense against hypersonic weapons, that -- if included in the Defense Department's fiscal year 2021 budget request -- would expand the agency's focus to a new class of maneuvering, ultra-fast threats.

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In the wake of a congressional proposal to cut the Air Force’s fiscal year 2020 Next-Generation Air Dominance funding in half, service officials say they may need to do a better job of explaining the "family-of-systems" concept.

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The Navy this fiscal quarter will begin a full-and-open competition to replace its legacy class of catamaran-hulled auxiliary ships focused on undersea surveillance, a vessel with renewed importance to the fleet as the Navy continually sounds the alarm over Russia's submarine force.

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