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October 23, 2020

Ligado Networks is developing safeguards required to ensure its proposed network won't interfere with the Global Positioning System and other operations, but federal agencies are refusing to work with the company, Ligado told the Federal Communications Commission today.

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Oshkosh Defense and the Army have agreed to design changes for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles A2 variant that aim to resolve problems that surfaced during reliability evaluations in May, with the contractor set next month to begin "shakedown" testing in an effort to resume reliability testing in 2021.

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The Army earlier this month wrapped up Network Modernization 2020, or NetModX 20, an annual science and technology field experiment. This year's experiment focused on mission command resiliency and command post survivability with ongoing research and development projects, according to those leading the experiment.

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The Space and Missile Systems Center plans to leverage existing Air Force cloud services and integration efforts as it works to establish a cloud-based ecosystem to enable greater use of digital and model-based systems engineering -- a plan it expects will allow the Space Force to move more quickly toward greater adoption of digital engineering practices and increase commonality and collaboration between the two services.

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Brig. Gen. Heath Collins is taking on his new position as the Air Force's program executive officer for weapons by launching initiatives like the Global Precision Attack Weapon to promote the use of digital engineering and open architecture principles in legacy and future munitions.

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The Pentagon has faced confusion, pushback and controversy over its latest spectrum proposals, forcing the Defense Department to issue a denial about plans to nationalize fifth-generation wireless networks and muddying DOD's role in U.S. 5G initiatives.

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The chief executive of AM General, which was recently sold, said the company is focused on expanding not only its product line, but also the ways it does business.

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The Pentagon says the vast majority of its "other transaction agreements" -- contracts typically used to sidestep regular acquisition regulations to quickly build prototype weapon systems -- have gone to companies it considers "nontraditional" defense contractors.

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October 22, 2020

The Defense Department has set a deadline for the accreditation body behind the Pentagon's cyber certification program to establish a contractual relationship with DOD by the end of this month.

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Boeing, prime contractor for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, has warned government auditors that if the Missile Defense Agency breaks the current contract used to manage the homeland defense system into smaller projects as the Defense Department is currenting considering, then the company could lose "irreplaceable" personnel with experience and expertise on the program.

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The Pentagon made significant headway advancing its surveillance capabilities last week when the Air Force updated software on a U-2 Dragon Lady mid-flight for the first time -- opening the door to greater use of data streaming and machine learning aboard aircraft during spy missions.

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The Space Force expects to begin standing up a new Space Systems Center next spring and will complete the initial plan for the new acquisition hub within the next month, Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond said today.

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The Defense Department is in the process of determining which contracts will be featured in the first-year rollout of its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program, according to leading Pentagon acquisition officials.

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October 21, 2020

As the Air Force Research Laboratory and U.S. Transportation Command work with industry to better understand how the Defense Department might leverage a future commercial space cargo transport capability, one of the primary imperatives has been to ensure DOD is the first customer in line when companies begin to offer it.

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The commanding general of Army Combined Arms Support Command last week laid out four sustainment goals the service has set to meet requirements growth projected for 2028.

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The Army in September wrapped up its first Project Convergence demonstration, a sensor-to-shooter learning campaign exploring the service's role in the Air Force-led Joint All-Domain Command and Control effort, and now service leaders are planning for next year’s experiment.

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House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA) said today he remains "unconvinced" by the liberal wing of his party pushing for major cuts to the Pentagon, but stressed he is open to the debate if Democrats win unified control of the federal government.

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The Navy has received its first four CMV-22s, the new tiltrotor which will deliver cargo to aircraft carriers and replace the legacy C-2A Greyhound.

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October 20, 2020

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said today the Pentagon has made some internal reforms to ease the path of U.S. weapons to foreign buyers.

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The Army is planning to buy more Joint Light Tactical Vehicles than the currently contracted quantities before a fiscal year 2022 re-compete, due to previous-year cost savings, according to the service.

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