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December 11, 2018

The Pentagon's newly established Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will "coordinate" all military AI projects expected to cost more than $15 million to ensure common standards and practices, with the organization expected to take on a greater role for component-specific programs once it receives more funding.

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MOORESTOWN, NJ -- The Missile Defense Agency could select a winner in the $1 billion program to design and deliver a new ground-based, ballistic missile defense radar to better defend Hawaii from North Korean threats, one of the three competitors for the Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii program said here.

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The Air Force announced this month it had approved a milestone C decision for the B61-12 tailkit assembly program in late October, clearing the way for production.

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A new Congressional Budget Office report estimates the unit cost of a new fighter jet to replace the F-22 and F-15 C/D at about $300 million and projects the Air Force's yearly procurement spending on the new aircraft will peak in 2030 at about $9 billion in 2018 dollars.

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The Pentagon, despite the abrupt departure last month of Chief Management Officer Jay Gibson, saved nearly $4.4 billion in fiscal year 2018 through various business reforms and remains on track to save $6 billion in FY-19, according to acting CMO Lisa Hershman.

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The Army's new policy on intellectual property in acquisition intends to provide overarching guidance on how the service should consider IP in negotiations and better plan for sustainment, according to one of its authors.

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The Army at the 2019 Joint Warfighting Assessment this spring will for the first time use a reconfigured Abrams tank to serve as the robotic vehicle breaching a simulated minefield.

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The Pentagon's newest Aegis ballistic missile interceptor -- the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA -- intercepted a target in a key operational test over the Pacific today, a pivotal event that caps a 12-year development, sets the stage for a technical declaration of improved defenses against Iranian threats and also makes way for a long-delayed production decision.

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There is widespread agreement within industry and government that the United States needs to strengthen its position for deterring cyberattacks from foreign adversaries, yet the process for developing such a widely supported policy remains unresolved even after years of debate, legislative action and an administration intent on demonstrating a get-tough resolve in countering cyber threats.

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The Navy has deemed a theoretical "MH-53K King Dragon" helicopter as "not practical," estimating procuring such a platform could cost up to $7.6 billion in 2014 constant-year dollars for 48 aircraft, while developing and testing the aircraft could run $2.6 billion, according to documents viewed by Inside the Navy.

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December 10, 2018

If the Trump administration submits a $750 billion defense budget, as multiple sources have indicated, the proposed topline could blow past Congress' statutory budget cap by more than $100 billion.

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Defense experts in Washington say Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' vision may conflict with Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson's recent remarks that the service can't continue its current level of effort in the Middle East while properly executing the National Defense Strategy, but that greater funding and new programs could bridge the apparent divide between their perspectives.

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FT. EUSTIS, VA -- The Army Capabilities Integration Center has been officially redesignated the Futures and Concepts Directorate under Army Futures Command and will remain here to oversee the publication of two major documents on Army modernization.

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President Trump has now heard from a long line of Pentagon and Capitol Hill officials urging him to halt a $33 billion defense budget cut being contemplated by the Office of Management and Budget, including Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who said he is optimistic that Trump understands the position of GOP defense hawks.

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December 08, 2018

The Navy this week awarded a $140 million contract modification to BAE Systems to build 30 Amphibious Combat Vehicles for Lot 2 of the program’s low-rate initial production phase.

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The Army this week published its latest iteration of the Multidomain Operations concept, which one general called a "more fleshed out" response to the National Defense Strategy's focus on the near-peer threats of Russia and China.

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The Army today released its new concept for fighting near-peer competitors Russia and China, "The U.S. Army in Multidomain Operations 2028," following the priorities outlined in the National Defense Strategy.

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December 07, 2018

The Pentagon’s highest ranking officer said today it’s "inexplicable" commercial technology companies wouldn’t want to work with the U.S. military.

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December 06, 2018

The Navy should conduct Freedom of Navigation operations in the Arctic as it works toward an increased presence in the region, according to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

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BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, CA -- High-altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft -- particularly Lockheed Martin’s U-2 Dragon Lady -- can serve as a bridge to the next generation of reconnaissance aircraft by acting as a test truck for new sensors, according to the commander of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing here.

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