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August 19, 2019

The Army is planning to field the first capability of the Distributed Common Ground System to 500 battalions by next spring.

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The Army has started fielding software from the Electronic Warfare Planning Management Tool and is implementing user feedback while the system is in production.

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The first delivery in the foreign military sale of 12 A-29 Super Tucano aircraft to Nigeria is not expected until May 2021, one year later than initially scheduled.

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper has ordered a review of a $116 billion Defense Department account outside the purview of the military services, stoking concern that officials will search for savings in civilian-led corners of the Pentagon already picked clean by previous efficiency initiatives.

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August 16, 2019

The Navy is establishing a new position dedicated to cybersecurity and information management following a critical review earlier this year of the service’s cyber practices, according to a top official.
Speaking to reporters today during a roundtable at the Pentagon, Navy Under Secretary Thomas Modly said the service in the coming weeks will create a special assistant to the secretary for information management, who will also serve as the chief information officer.

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This month, the Air Force began limited flight operations to support airfield assessments at Air Base 201 in Niger, where the service is building infrastructure, including a runway, to support regional counterterrorism missions.

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The Navy has informed House appropriators of a recent cost increase for the Marine Corps' delayed new heavy-lift helicopter.

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August 15, 2019

Lawyers for Huawei are disputing claims by the U.S. government to argue that a ban on its products under the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act violates the Constitution, in a case that sets up a legal showdown over issues with broader implications for addressing cybersecurity threats from China.

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The Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine program is at risk of incurring up to $43 million in contract cancellation fees if Congress slashes $20 million in requested funding for missile tube production.

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The Army may be getting ahead of itself in creating new cyber and electronic warfare units for multidomain operations without properly assessing risk, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

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The lead craft in the Navy's Ship-to-Shore Connector program -- a $5.4 billion project to modernize the fleet of combat hovercraft used to move Marine Corps ground vehicles, cargo and personnel from sea to land -- is readying to execute next week the final stage of builder's trials, a prelude to follow-on government acceptance trials and then delivery this fall.

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Artificial intelligence could more reliably be used for cybersecurity applications if the machines were better able to explain themselves, according to a representative for a key government agency funding research and development for emerging technology.

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The concept design phase for a new unmanned surface vessel may be limited from seven contract awards to five if Congress maintains a proposed $20 million cut to the program in the fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill, according to an undated document newly obtained by Inside Defense.

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August 14, 2019

The Navy disagrees with the House Appropriations Committee's choice to rescind fiscal year 2019 advanced procurement funding for the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, arguing the move would set back the service's timeline for standing up the Marine Corps' second squadron of F-35Cs.

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A House-proposed cut to the Pentagon's fiscal year 2020 request for the Conventional Prompt Strike program -- the U.S. military's marquee hypersonic strike project -- would knock both the Army and Navy off schedule from current plans to deploy variants of the new ultra-fast, boost-glide weapon in 2023 and 2025 respectively.

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The Navy told Congress this week that proposed cuts to the fiscal year 2020 defense spending bill could result in delays of one to two years for the fourth Gerald Ford-class aircraft carrier and the new MQ-25 unmanned aerial tanker.

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A new RAND Corp. study suggests the Navy's methods for gauging the readiness of its strategic sealift fleet is inherently problematic and calls into question whether those ships could respond to a large-scale contingency.

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The newly established center overseeing nuclear command, control and communications capabilities at U.S. Strategic Command is considering opportunities to open a facility for rapid modeling and simulation.

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The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center wants to triple the funding ceiling for the Space Enterprise Consortium -- bringing the total value to $1.5 billion and giving more Defense Department space programs access to a growing pool of traditional and non-traditional vendors.

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The law firm DLA Piper is urging the Defense Department to revise its cyber-incident reporting rules for contractors, including recommending changes to core elements of the program such as deadlines, scope and the definition of data covered by the requirements.

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