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January 17, 2020

The Navy's top advocate for surface forces said the DDG-1000 -- a low signature destroyer capable of independent, open-ocean patrols whose role in the fleet the service is still defining -- should be armed with long-range hypersonic weapons to "put the fear of God in our adversaries."

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The Pentagon's No. 2 military official today issued a stinging rebuke of Defense Department deliberations over developing a new satellite urgently needed to track -- among other things -- adversary hypersonic weapons.

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The Pentagon's second highest ranking military officer said today one of his top priorities is updating the Defense Department's requirements process in line with "information age" technology, as he called DOD's current methods for building software "horrible."

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The Defense Department owes lawmakers a report next year on how to integrate Navy and Army space capabilities into the new Space Force, but the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says the department needs to move faster.

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The Navy is close to reaching a decision on whether or not it will alter course and employ a single-phased delivery approach for the second Ford-class aircraft carrier.

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The Navy plans to work with the Army and Air Force to expand the use of its developmental common system for controlling various unmanned vehicles, according to an officer overseeing the effort.

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A top Pentagon acquisition official says he is "proud" of the Army for heading back to the drawing board after canceling its initial plans to replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, but urged the service to be more flexible with the requirements it sets for defense contractors.

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Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said this week the Army gets a smaller slice of the spending pie than the other services, contributing to a public discussion by service leaders about who deserves more funding.

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AFWERX -- an organization striving to create a "culture of innovation" in the Air Force -- now has the authority to award contracts, setting up the young team for closer partnerships with industry and academia.

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The analysis of alternatives for the Air Force's Advanced Battle Management System is still underway and expected to be completed early this year, Capt. Cara Bousie, a service spokeswoman, told Inside Defense in an email Thursday.

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January 16, 2020

The Navy says it's confident the service can finish all 11 of the troubled weapons elevators for the lead ship in the Ford aircraft carrier class by the time the vessel completes its current testing phase.

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The Army today canceled the current Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program and plans to restart the competition later, at a time yet to be determined, following an analysis and revision of the requirements.

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The differences in cost estimates between the Navy and government analysts for a new multimission auxiliary vessel were caused by excessive requirements, according to a Navy officer overseeing the ship's development.

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Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are eyeing a second chance to compete for new Air Force radar business after the service pulled the plug on Raytheon's contract to develop a new long-range radar, with all three companies saying they plan to explore the follow-on "SpeedDealer" requirement and solicitation.

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Multiple sources are readying for a major Army decision as soon as today on the Optionally Manned Fight Vehicle program of record -- with some expecting the service to jettison the current program of record in the wake of congressional concerns about the lack of competition.

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The Pentagon will hear a briefing Friday on Lockheed Martin's proposal for a five-year, fixed-price performance-based logistics sustainment contract for the F-35 -- a deal that could set the stage for a future multiyear sustainment deal.

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An accreditation body that will certify third parties to audit the cybersecurity practices of Defense Department contractors is expected to form its complete board of directors by the end of next week, clearing the way for signing a Memorandum of Understanding with DOD acquisition officials by the beginning of February, according to officials involved in the effort.

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Navy officers this week expressed confidence the service can adapt to new legislation that prevents it from including a vertical launching system on a major unmanned surface vessel concept design.

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January 15, 2020

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger today forecasted changes to the Marine Air-Ground Task Force as a result of the service’s ongoing force design effort.

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The Defense Department inspector general will audit whether the Defense Department is addressing cyber vulnerabilities discovered during the test and evaluation of its weapon systems and other acquisition programs.

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