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June 16, 2019

Mike Griffin, the Pentagon's top weapons development official, ousted Strategic Capabilities Office Director Chris Shank on Friday, escalating a bureaucratic fight over the fate of the SCO. Griffin wants to fold the organization into the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency -- a change opposed by key combatant commands and now congressional committees.

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June 14, 2019

Raytheon -- after securing permission to begin production in late 2017 of the Standard Missile-3 Block IB after years of engineering challenges, repeated technical setbacks and schedule delays -- stumbled right out of the gate last year, delivering only a third of the new guided missile interceptors the U.S. government planned to buy in fiscal year 2018.

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New Senate legislation would add to the conditions that must be met before the Pentagon can split U.S. Cyber Command from the National Security Agency, while also increasing CYBERCOM's fiscal year 2020 budget and directing a Defense Science Board assessment of future cyber warfighting capabilities.

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The Senate Armed Services Committee is suggesting the Navy is moving too quickly in its pursuit of the future large surface combatant.

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Senate authorizers are looking to elevate the civilian lead official overseeing space acquisition to a four-star level equivalent and expand the position’s authorities for the coming Space Force.

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Just eight months ago, the Pentagon was planning for two defense budgets -- and both were lower than the $750 billion now being advocated by congressional Republicans.

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June 13, 2019

The Senate Armed Services Committee is calling on the Navy to produce a report addressing the Columbia-class submarine program's schedule.

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Defense Department officials now say contractors can bill the government for the cost of implementing required cybersecurity measures, as DOD prepares to roll out a new cyber certification for defense suppliers.

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The March flight test of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system -- a developmental assessment that marked the first salvo launch of Ground-based Interceptors hailed as a landmark achievement by program boosters -- was 13 years behind schedule and was built on a record of GMD tests that have achieved less than 50 percent operational realism, according to congressional investigators.

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The Air Force achieved a major milestone yesterday when it completed the first captive-carry test of a new hypersonic weapon at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

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The Air Force achieved a major milestone yesterday when it completed the first flight test of a new hypersonic weapon at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

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June 12, 2019

House lawmakers introduced measures today to block the Trump administration's "emergency" arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Araba Emirates, as opposition to the weapons deals swells in both chambers of Congress and some members consider modifying the Arms Export Control Act.

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Senate lawmakers are proposing legislation that could chart an expansion of the Ground-based Interceptor fleet in Alaska to as many as 100 guided missiles, a push to enhance the Ground-based Midcourse Defense segment of the Ballistic Missile Defense System that comes as the Missile Defense Agency is facing significant delays in expanding the current 44-interceptor fleet to 64.

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Lawmakers on the House Oversight and Reform national security subcommittee are expressing concern about the number of U.S.-trained Afghan soldiers who go absent without official leave, as described in recent reports by Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko.

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The Pentagon is working with the F-35 prime contractors to identify alternative sources for the parts Turkish industry produces for the Joint Strike Fighter, as the Defense Department’s acquisition chief says there will be “no major disruptions” if DOD can stick to its plan to remove Turkish industry from the program by early next year.

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Senate authorizers are proposing a new framework to help the Defense Department shore up cybersecurity throughout its industrial base, as lawmakers feel the current status quo is inadequate.

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June 11, 2019

The Army is halfway through integrating its cloud system to help the service with budgeting, planning and programming processes.

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The proposed merger between Raytheon and United Technologies is likely to move forward without government intervention, analysts said, and could lead to another wave of consolidation within the defense industry.

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Tyndall Air Force Base, FL, will receive $250 million of the operations and maintenance funds allocated to the Air Force in a disaster relief bill President Trump signed into law last week and is looking to begin making awards to rebuild infrastructure damaged in Hurricane Michael.

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Draft legislation before a key Senate panel would assign the Missile Defense Agency responsibility for developing the Space Sensor Layer, bucking a Defense Department gambit to fold the project into the the new Space Development Agency as part of an effort to develop a new multimission satellite constellation.

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