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June 26, 2017

A House panel wants to fence off the bulk of $222 million the Navy seeks in fiscal year 2018 to launch the MQ-25, the Unmanned Carrier Aviation program, until the service details performance parameters for the multibillion weapon system development project whose mission has shifted since the original requirement for the capability was validated in 2011.

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While the Army upgrades a group of Strykers for use in Europe, the service plans to make key decisions by the end of the summer on how to upgun the entire Stryker fleet, according to the project manager.

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The House Armed Services Committee is proposing funding for 17 of the 24 additional F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets the services asked for in their fiscal year 2018 unfunded priorities lists.

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The House Armed Services Committee is again seeking to restrict the Air Force from funding the development of a new launch vehicle -- a key part of the service's strategy for assured space access.

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The House Armed Services Committee will propose legislation aimed at considering permanent forces in Europe, a shift from the Army’s present strategy of providing heel-to-toe rotations on the continent.

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A Defense Department assessment of ballistic and cruise missile threats to the Untied States has, for the first time, identified hypersonic glide vehicles -- being developed by Russia and China to penetrate U.S. ballistic missile defenses -- as an "emerging threat."

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June 25, 2017

The House Appropriations Committee released a draft version of its fiscal year 2018 defense spending bill Sunday night that would boost weapons procurement by $18.6 billion above what is sought by the Trump administration and $24 billion more than what was enacted in FY-17.

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June 23, 2017

The Pentagon may be falling behind on fulfilling a mandate from the latest defense policy law to find organizational and management efficiencies across the Defense Department, according to the Government Accountability Office.

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Sierra Nevada Corp. will partner with prime contractor Lockheed Martin, Bombardier and Raytheon to missionize Bombardier's Global 6000 business jet to function as a recapitalized E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System.

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Staffers from the House Armed Services Committee canceled a press briefing and were scrambling Friday to revise the base defense budget topline on the fiscal year 2018 defense authorization bill from $640 billion to $621 billion, and are also working on a $65 billion Overseas Contingency Operations account that would allow $10 billion be used for base budget spending, according to congressional sources.

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The Marine Corps recently tested a "critical link" between Amphibious Combat Vehicle Increment 1.1 and 1.2, which was the ability to launch and recover the system from an amphibious assault ship.

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The Air Force removed the last intercontinental ballistic missile scheduled to be packed up from its launch facility June 2, finishing the 50-missile drawdown eight months ahead of the deadline required by the New START treaty, service spokesman Capt. Mark Graff confirmed June 22.

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A House panel is signaling its interest in a promising new weapon system, asking the Navy to draft plans to accelerate production of a project begun as a secret research and development effort and adopted in the Navy budget as a stand-alone program in fiscal year 2017: the Advanced Low Cost Munition Ordnance (ALaMO), being developed by Plano, TX-based L3 Mustang Technology.

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The Air Force plans to start buying 226 Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicles in fiscal year 2017 to replace earlier humvees.

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The Air Force is about halfway through its first year of formal programmed depot maintenance on the 1960s-era intercontinental ballistic missile fleet, as the service continues its effort to replace the land-based nuclear weapons into the 2030s.

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The House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee is stepping into the Air Force's competition to build the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent with a provision to block the engineering and manufacturing development contract award if the design includes fewer than 15 fixed launch control centers at each missile wing, unless the head of U.S. Strategic Command approves.

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The Air Force anticipates at least a six-month delay to next year's full-rate production decision for its Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals program, but officials say they're pleased with the progress the program is making after years of development delays.

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CREECH AIR FORCE BASE, NV. -- The Navy is considering a plan to recycle the Air Force's soon-to-be retired MQ-1 Predators for its own use, a Navy spokeswoman confirmed to Inside the Air Force this week.

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June 22, 2017

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry said Thursday that, barring a multiyear spending deal, he will approve legislation Wednesday that would propose authorizing $640 billion in base defense spending and $65 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations funding.

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House authorizers want the Missile Defense Agency to consider at least two competitive designs for a system defending against hypersonic glide vehicle threats.

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