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The InsideDefense.com NewsStand is a pay-per-view window into the No. 1 source of inside information about U.S. national security policies, programs, procurement and people. The NewsStand offers quick, easy access to InsideDefense.com's exclusive news and documents without a subscription.

On the NewsStand, you'll find:

  • exclusive, hard-hitting news on Defense Department programs, procurement and policymaking
  • thousands of documents, including internal Defense Department memos, studies, reports, speeches and legislation
  • in-depth reporting from the pages of Inside the Pentagon and its family of award-winning newsletters
  • The INSIDER, a twice-weekly guide to the best of what's on the NewsStand, as well as breaking news alerts
  • special reports on key areas like the defense budget, homeland defense and more

The InsideDefense.com NewsStand is a pay-per-view service -- buy what you want, when you want it. All you need is Internet access and a credit card!

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You can try out the NewsStand by taking advantage of our free trial offer. Simply click on any article or document that you are interested in seeing. You will be asked to complete our registration form, including payment information. Once you are registered, your first download will be free (certain items may not be available as free downloads).

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After using your initial free download, additional downloads will be charged to the credit card you provided during registration. In most cases, recently posted documents and articles cost $10 apiece, while items posted more than seven days previously cost $5 apiece. In every case, the cost of the download will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm the purchase before any charge is incurred. You can visit the NewsStand as often as you like, day or night, entering your unique user name and password. You will never be asked to re-register.

To purchase the full text of an article or document, just follow the simple directions after you select the information you want to buy.

1. If you are a previously registered customer enter your user name and password and proceed to step 2. If you are a new customer you will be prompted to fill out a simple registration form in order to make your purchases. Once you are registered, your first download will be free (certain items may not available as free downloads).

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The NewsStand is owned and operated by Inside Washington Publishers (IWP), an independent news organization based in Arlington, VA.

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