Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Tracking acquisition and strategic policy issues
Inside the Army - 10/15/2012
The Army has made progress filling a shortage of acquisition professionals, but service officials are still seeking specialists to close out contracts, according to Army Under Secretary Joseph Westphal.
DefenseAlert - 10/12/2012

The Defense Department has approved the two-channel Manpack radio made by General Dynamics C4 Systems for low-rate initial production after validating that previously identified flaws have been fixed, according to an internal Pentagon memo signed by the DOD's acquisition chief.

DefenseAlert - 10/12/2012

The Pentagon's advanced research arm needs to shift its resources to the future and away from technologies needed for ongoing wars, the agency's new director said today.

Inside the Pentagon - 10/11/2012
The Defense Security Cooperation Agency is reducing the foreign military sales administrative surcharge that other countries pay when buying U.S. weapons.
DefenseAlert - 10/10/2012

Aiming to bolster the independence of the testing process and improve verdicts of how reliable a system will be in combat, the Pentagon's top weapons tester wants to reduce the influence of non-testers during the operational evaluation of new programs.

Inside the Air Force - 10/05/2012
The Air Force last week issued a broad agency announcement, soliciting white papers for a program designed to draw quick, innovative solutions to various service needs from mostly small businesses.
Inside the Pentagon - 10/04/2012
In a bid to boost program planning, Defense Department acquisition chief Frank Kendall is directing officials to enter all unclassified milestone documents into a new searchable document repository within a week of their formal approval.
Inside the Pentagon - 10/04/2012
Defense Department acquisition chief Frank Kendall will support defense components' proposals to reduce acquisition workforce levels if officials present proper justification in advance, he writes in a recent memo.
Inside the Pentagon - 10/04/2012
The Air Force's general ledger program lacks the "critical functional capabilities" to generate accurate and reliable financial management information, which could hurt the service's ability to meet audit-readiness deadlines, the Pentagon's inspector general's office writes in a new report.
DefenseAlert - 10/03/2012

The Defense Department's growing military capacity, investments in new warfighting capabilities and other measures show that the Pentagon will uphold its increased security commitments in the Asia-Pacific region, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said today.

DefenseAlert - 09/28/2012

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey's new vision for the U.S. military of 2020 carries with it significant risks, including the possibility that new communications capabilities deemed essential might be vulnerable to enemy action or too costly or complex to build in the first place.

DefenseAlert - 09/26/2012

The Defense Department should investigate the feasibility of price indexes tailored to different types of equipment, a move that could lead to more accurate program cost estimates, according to a Pentagon-commissioned study.

Inside the Army - 09/24/2012
To avoid redundancy and excess, the Army Sustainment Command is establishing basic ordering agreements with contractors under a program that would streamline logistics support services contracts, according to a service spokesman.
Inside the Pentagon - 09/20/2012
The Pentagon is striving to sharpen its defense-business forecasts to overcome costly obstacles in pricing negotiations with industry.
Inside the Pentagon - 09/20/2012
International sales will not be enough to boost defense firms dealing with stagnant or declining U.S. sales, but sales to the commercial sector may help bridge the gap, according to a National Defense University professor.
Inside the Pentagon - 09/20/2012
Data from the ongoing sector-by-sector, tier-by-tier assessment of the defense industrial base will be incorporated into acquisition strategies but will not be publicly released, according to Defense Department spokeswoman Lt. Col. Melinda Morgan.
DefenseAlert - 09/19/2012

The Pentagon, in conjunction with the State and Commerce departments, must continue to seek a better export-control system despite inaction from members of Congress, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said today.

DefenseAlert - 09/17/2012

The next Joint Strike Fighter program executive officer today delivered a blunt assessment of the major changes needed to the way the F-35 is managed -- primary among them a reset of the relationship between manufacturer Lockheed Martin and the program office, which he termed "the worst I've ever seen."

DefenseAlert - 09/14/2012

The Pentagon is preparing to establish a new high-level body with the power to approve or deny expenditures for defense business systems, a move required by law that will create what is slated to be called the Defense Business Council, according to a draft charter of the proposed entity.

DefenseAlert - 09/14/2012

The Pentagon is about halfway toward its goal of achieving audit-ready statements of its budgetary resources by 2014, Defense Department Comptroller Robert Hale told lawmakers today.

Inside the Pentagon - 09/13/2012
The Defense Department's system for tracking contracts for services is still under development, but it represents an improvement over the previous method, according to a report issued by Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall.
DefenseAlert - 09/12/2012

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is convening top brass from around the world for a high-level, one-day meeting with Pentagon leaders on Thursday to discuss a range of issues, including strategic and budget matters, according to Defense Department officials.

DefenseAlert - 09/05/2012

The next few months will be "very challenging" for the Defense Department as it works to develop its fiscal year 2014 long-term investment blueprint amid uncertainty about its FY-13 budget submission to Congress, Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall said today.

DefenseAlert - 09/04/2012

The deputy defense secretary has reestablished the Strategic Choices Group to help guide key decisions about the military's fiscal year 2014 spending plan, forming -- for the second year in a row -- a high-level body to debate issues affecting weapons programs, force structure and policy initiatives needed to implement the Obama administration's Strategic Defense Guidance.

Inside the Air Force - 08/31/2012
ST. LOUIS -- Industry leaders who provide wide-ranging sustainment and support services to the Defense Department are facing an unusual challenge caused in part by budget pressure, namely that DOD's plans to insource some maintenance and modification work to its depots in the coming years could limit the amount of work available to contractors, according to senior Boeing officials.
Inside the Pentagon - 08/30/2012
Building on the previous establishment of a high-level Pentagon team to "resolve" requests from operational forces for urgently needed capabilities, the Defense Department has formally established the Warfighter Senior Integration Group, according to an Aug. 24 memo.
Inside the Pentagon - 08/30/2012
The Defense Department did not perform an adequate cost-benefit analysis for the Air Force's request to waive competitive prototyping for the command and planning segment of a communications system, according to the Government Accountability Office.
Inside the Army - 08/20/2012
Implementing fixes to Army financial-management shortfalls in the areas of service contract oversight and logistics reporting will take longer than initially expected, according to a new report signed by Army Secretary John McHugh.
Inside the Pentagon - 08/16/2012
U.S. Transportation Command is grappling with industrial base concerns in light of pending budget cuts and the planned drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, according to officials and a summary of talks between TRANSCOM and commercial-sector representatives.
Inside the Pentagon - 08/16/2012
Senate appropriators have provided almost three times the amount the Pentagon requested for its Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund, creating a conference issue with the House.
DefenseAlert - 08/15/2012

Japan should tighten ties with the Pentagon, boost surveillance of the South China Sea and be prepared to deploy minesweepers to the Middle East if Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz, according to a report released today by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/09/2012
The Defense Department has launched a new "fast track" process for delivering weapons and services to foreign militaries with extraordinary urgent needs, according to new internal guidance.
Inside the Pentagon - 08/02/2012
The Pentagon has decided to use a more streamlined approach to revise key guidance related to the office of cost assessment and program evaluation.
DefenseAlert - 07/23/2012

The Defense Department should expand and encourage the use of "public-private collaborations" by establishing policies that facilitate partnerships between senior leaders and private-sector entities -- formal mechanisms to allow the Pentagon to leverage the resources and expertise of outside groups in support of a given mission, according to the Defense Business Board.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/19/2012
Emphasizing energy security, materials and microelectronics, the Pentagon this month issued internal guidance to defense officials on how the department plans to use the Rapid Innovation Fund to spur investment and followed up with a related solicitation to industry.
Inside the Pentagon - 07/12/2012
Program managers and defense contractors will gain a better, shared understanding of cost and schedule problems affecting the development of major weapons due to new guidance that went into effect this month, according to a Pentagon official spearheading the effort.
DefenseAlert - 07/09/2012

The Pentagon is drafting a directive that will update key policies for acquiring capabilities to fulfill "urgent" requests from combatant commanders, according to the deputy defense secretary.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/05/2012
The Defense Department has issued new guidance designed to improve industry's compliance with DOD rules for tracking the cost and schedule of major weapons programs.
Inside the Navy - 07/02/2012
The Navy is filled with programs that don't leverage work already being done elsewhere, don't have the ability to open up competition to smaller businesses and don't assert their rights often enough over intellectual property, and one office is working to change that, a service official told Inside the Navy in a recent interview at the Pentagon.
Inside the Pentagon - 06/28/2012
Deputy Chief Management Officer Beth McGrath is poised to sign specific guidance laying out the Pentagon's plans to implement a new business system investment review process.
Inside the Pentagon - 06/28/2012
Erratic funding and a lack of firm guidance has lead to ineffective use of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund (DAWDF), according to a Government Accountability Office assessment.
Inside the Pentagon - 06/21/2012
The Pentagon's sales of significant military equipment to foreign militaries rose by $4.7 billion in fiscal year 2011 compared to the previous year, an increase of nearly 50 percent, according to Defense Department reports issued this year and last.
Inside the Pentagon - 06/07/2012
Senate authorizers are supporting the Defense Contract Audit Agency's call for greater access to defense contractors' internal audit reports and supporting materials.
Inside the Pentagon - 06/07/2012
Senate authorizers have rejected a Pentagon request to repeal legislation requiring the use of only fixed-price contracts for the rapid acquisition of urgent needs, setting up a conference issue with the House.
Inside the Pentagon - 05/31/2012
The Defense Department has not yet assigned senior officials to oversee developmental testing in most major weapons programs, according to a Pentagon report to Congress.
Inside the Pentagon - 05/24/2012
The Navy must revamp a multibillion-dollar investment plan to focus more on acquiring new technologies for future needs and less on meeting current needs with today's know-how, according to a draft briefing from a naval advisory panel.
Inside the Pentagon - 05/17/2012
The military is still struggling to fill systems engineering positions needed to detect and address cost, schedule and performance risks in multibillion-dollar acquisition programs, according to a previously undisclosed Defense Department report to Congress.
Inside the Pentagon - 05/17/2012
Heeding a House panel's recommendations on key audit matters, the Pentagon is developing a pilot program for exchanging financial management personnel with industry and assessing whether a senior defense official should oversee data-conversion projects.
Inside the Pentagon - 05/10/2012
The House Armed Services Committee chairman wants the defense secretary to certify that the Pentagon is implementing competition requirements -- and plans to prohibit the department from spending more than 80 percent of the Office of Secretary of Defense's funds for fiscal year 2013 until that happens.
DefenseAlert - 05/09/2012

Independent cost analysts in the Office of the Secretary of Defense last summer estimated the average unit production cost for the Ground Combat Vehicle would be $17 million -- 30 percent higher than the $13 million price tag the Pentagon's acquisition executive formally adopted in an August decision to modernization the Army's infantry fighting vehicle, according to a new DOD report.