Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Defense Energy Alert
News and documents on the military's efforts to reduce fuel consumption and explore alternative energy sources
Inside the Army - 04/21/2014

The Army last week said it would use an existing contract and private sector financing to build an 18-megawatt solar facility at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, according to a service spokesman.

DefenseAlert - 04/10/2014

A funding shortfall affecting the Navy's nuclear reactor program could push back by six months the construction schedule for the lead ship of the Ohio-class replacement submarine program, according to top Navy officials.

Inside the Air Force - 04/04/2014

The Air Force's top official for installations, environment and logistics has emphasized the service's commitment to improving the energy efficiency of its aircraft and military installations even as budget realities force service leaders to make deep cuts to force structure and modernization programs.

DefenseAlert - 03/27/2014

The Defense Science Board has been asked to suggest how to improve the way the military provides energy to remote bases.

Inside the Navy - 02/24/2014

The prime systems integrator for the Navy's Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyers is involved in building power modules for the electromagnetic railgun, a company official told Inside the Navy, adding that he believes the ships have the potential to support installation of the weapon.

Inside the Navy - 02/24/2014

The Navy's strategic system programs office recently completed a high consequence management study associated with the service's nuclear enterprise and will implement the analysis and lessons learned into a mandatory training for employees.

Inside the Army - 02/24/2014

The Army last week announced plans to award a contract for up to 28 megawatts of electricity from a renewable energy biomass facility to be built using private-sector financing at Ft. Drum, NY, according to a service spokesman.

Inside the Navy - 02/17/2014

As the Navy investigates allegations of cheating by senior enlisted sailors training on naval nuclear reactors at a nuclear propulsion training facility in Charleston, SC, with about 30 watch supervisors losing access to the site, there has been no operational impact at this point, according to a Navy official.

DefenseAlert - 02/04/2014

The Navy is investigating allegations of cheating by senior enlisted sailors training on naval nuclear reactors at a nuclear propulsion training facility in Charleston, SC, senior service officials said today.

Inside the Navy - 02/03/2014

The Navy is looking to find efficiencies in its energy use as it continues to develop directed-energy weapons and ships that will consequently be consuming more energy, a Navy official said last week.

Inside the Navy - 02/03/2014

The Navy last month awarded two contracts for the design, fabrication and delivery of the Medium Hybrid Expeditionary Energy System, a new energy-efficient power platform that will provide electricity to Marines in remote locations, according to a recent Federal Business Opportunities notice.

Inside the Air Force - 01/17/2014

The nonprofit group Business Executives for National Security is working with a relatively small agency within the Pentagon, the Defense Logistics Agency's fuel acquisition unit, to try and bring improved accounting standards to the Defense Department, according to BENS CEO Norton Schwartz -- the former chief of staff of the Air Force.

Inside the Air Force - 12/20/2013

The Air Force's top energy official said this week that decisions about how aircraft are used in an operational context can potentially have a greater impact on the service's energy consumption than small, incremental design improvements to individual weapon systems.

Inside the Navy - 11/25/2013

The continuing budget uncertainty in Congress will negatively impact the Navy's energy goals down the road, Byron Paez, the deputy director/chief of staff in the office of the deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for energy, said last week.

Inside the Air Force - 11/22/2013

Air Force energy efficiency projects sidelined under sequestration in fiscal year 2013 will be among the service's priorities this fiscal year -- however, the service's top energy official told reporters this week that his office can't develop an accurate priority list without knowing how much funding to expect.

Inside the Pentagon - 11/21/2013

The Pentagon's shift toward the Asia-Pacific region could be compounded by energy supply challenges, the department writes in its most recent annual operational energy report.

Inside the Army - 11/11/2013

A top Army energy official said last week that service efforts to cut reliance on fuel and water in theater will be hampered by upcoming budget constraints caused by sequestration.

Inside the Air Force - 11/08/2013

Air Mobility Command is working toward providing the Air Force's fuel efficiency office with updated and accurate aircraft equipment information in response to an audit which shows that the office encountered various issues while trying to generate and track fuel savings in fiscal year 2012.

Inside the Air Force - 11/08/2013

Only two Air Force aircraft -- the Global Hawk unmanned aircraft and the U-2 spy plane -- are not authorized to use, with no restrictions, what is to become the service's new standard jet fuel, Jet A.

Inside the Air Force - 11/01/2013

The Air Force is in the process of changing its primary domestic jet fuel source from Jet Propellant-8 to Jet A, a less expensive commercial blend.

Inside the Army - 09/30/2013

The Army last week awarded the fourth and final series of contracts that could direct as much as $7 billion of private financing into building renewable energy installations on a variety of military bases in the United States.

Inside the Army - 09/16/2013

Despite the ongoing push for reduced spending across the Defense Department, the Pentagon will continue to fund new technologies and innovations to curb military fuel consumption, according to DOD's top operational energy official.

Inside the Pentagon - 09/12/2013

The head of the Senate Armed Services Committee said a key defense acquisition reform law passed four years ago that focused on weapon system requirements, costs and schedules has helped the Defense Department stabilize and improve acquisition, pointing to anecdotal "satisfaction."

Inside the Army - 09/02/2013

The Army last week awarded a series of contracts to companies which will use private financing to build solar energy installations on a variety of Army bases in the United States.

Inside the Navy - 08/26/2013

The Wasp-class amphibious assault ships are the only class still using non-nuclear steam propulsion plants -- less efficient and more costly than gas turbines, diesel engines or electric power systems -- but a slew of small initiatives should collectively help the ship class carry out the second half of its service life in a more fuel-efficient manner, according to a recent Navy report.

Inside the Air Force - 08/16/2013

Air Mobility Command is preparing to pitch to Air Force leadership a proposal for an advanced technology demonstration of a concept that could save the service as much as $10 million each year by changing the way it flies its most-used cargo aircraft.

Inside the Army - 07/22/2013

The Army's Rapid Equipping Force is touting the development of a new device that will quickly increase the fuel efficiency of the some of the service's biggest gas guzzlers, though the product is unlikely to reach Afghanistan before American forces exit the country, according to Army officials.

Inside the Army - 07/22/2013

The Army's Rapid Equipping Force will deploy more than $30 million in hybrid alternative and renewable energy systems at sites in Africa and Afghanistan by November, according to a REF adviser.

Inside the Army - 07/22/2013

The Army recently announced that it is developing a battery that can be integrated into soldier body armor, thus improving battlefield agility.

Inside the Army - 07/01/2013

The Senate Armed Services Committee wants the Army and Marine Corps to brief Congress on efforts to improve the fuel efficiency and safety of armored vehicles, according the panel's report on its fiscal year 2014 defense authorization bill.

Inside the Navy - 06/24/2013

The Marine Corps has opted to equip its humvee fleet with less costly on-board vehicle power inverters than a more costly on-board vehicle power kit, according to a service spokesman.

Inside the Air Force - 06/14/2013

The House Appropriations Committee wants to increase the Air Force's fuel budget by $284 million as part of a larger effort to address a "habitual underfunding" of fuel costs across the Defense Department.

Inside the Navy - 05/27/2013

The recently released plan on future Navy energy technologies has been signed off on by resource sponsors on the chief of naval operations' staff and will be used to inform budgets for years to come, improving the likelihood that the sea service will find room in tight budgets for the science and technology at the backbone of future ships and weapons systems, an official told Inside the Navy last week.

Inside the Navy - 05/27/2013

The Marine Corps will continue hosting Experimental Forward Operating Bases to identify technologies that reduce dependency on energy and water in the battlefield even as the service draws down its presence in Afghanistan and budgets remain uncertain, the deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for energy said last week.

Inside the Navy - 05/20/2013

The Navy and its industry partners should start working now to develop the energy technologies that will be needed decades into the future to support advanced radars and energy weapons, particularly with the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and Littoral Combat Ship replacement programs looming at the back end of the service's 30-year shipbuilding plan, according to a new roadmap released last week by Naval Sea Systems Command.

Inside the Army - 05/13/2013

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, working with the Army Energy Initiatives Task Force, has awarded a first-of-its-kind contract in a move that could direct as much as $7 billion of private financing into supporting renewable energy at Defense Department installations, according to an Army announcement.

DefenseAlert - 04/23/2013

The Air Force is trying to locate additional funding to pay for an unexpected $700 million fuel bill that cropped up during fiscal year 2013.

Inside the Navy - 04/22/2013
As Navy officials struggle with sequestration cuts to the service's fiscal year 2013 budget and with uncertainty surrounding the FY-14 budget, the service is facing an additional $600 million in FY-13 fuel costs due to a price change that will go into effect May 1.
Inside the Air Force - 04/12/2013
The Air Force has developed a priority "buy back" list that will allow it, in the future, to revisit energy efficiency efforts that are at risk of being delayed under sequestration.
Inside the Air Force - 03/29/2013
Air Force officials hope the Defense Logistics Agency, from which the military services purchase fuel, will do what it can to avoid raising gasoline prices, a move that would impose new and unplanned expenses on the services.
Inside the Army - 03/25/2013
The Army is on track to reach its efficiency goals it set out to achieve from fiscal years 2012 through 2016, a direct result of the service's capability portfolio reviews, according to an Army spokesman.
Inside the Air Force - 03/22/2013
The Air Force has surpassed its goal of reducing fuel consumption by 10 percent several years ahead of schedule, two senior service officials said today.
Inside the Navy - 02/04/2013
The Navy's two top priorities over the next couple of years are shipbuilding and energy, an approach that may allow the Marine Corps to secure funding for its Expeditionary Energy Office in the future, according to a Marine Corps official.
Inside the Navy - 02/04/2013
After several years of weighing the fuel-saving benefits of operating a ship's electric plant on a single generator versus the operational risks of doing so, the Navy seems to have found a good middle ground -- procuring energy storage modules to serve as a stand-by safety net.
Inside the Air Force - 01/18/2013
The Air Force is looking for funds to avoid the impending closure of its alternative fuels certification office (AFCO), according to a service energy official.
Inside the Air Force - 01/11/2013
The office at the forefront of the Air Force's alternative fuel initiatives is facing closure due to a lack of funding.
Inside the Air Force - 01/11/2013
An F-22 flight test conducted as part of the process this fall for certifying the Air Force's second alternative fuel for use throughout the service determined that the fuel has no impact on an inherent screeching sound that originates in the aircraft's engine.
Inside the Navy - 12/24/2012
House and Senate conferees last week finalized the fiscal year 2013 defense authorization bill that approves the purchase and production of biofuels, bans funding for the retirement of several cruisers and amphibious ships and requires a slew of reports on the Littoral Combat Ship over the next year.
Inside the Navy - 12/24/2012
Navy researchers are seeking energy conservation ideas from unconventional sources -- universities and ground infrastructure experts -- to apply to Navy ships as they continue their push to meet the Navy secretary's 2020 energy goals.
Inside the Navy - 12/17/2012
The Marine Corps plans to award up to two 24-month research, development and prototype contracts of a Medium Hybrid Expeditionary Energy System, which is part of a service-wide initiative to reduce fuel demand, according to an official.