Saturday, December 20, 2014
Vertical Flight
News on V-22, ARH, CSAR-X and more
Inside the Army - 12/22/2014

While AH-64 Apache aircraft transfers are not on the table for fiscal year 2015 as part of the Army's aviation restructure initiative, they will begin immediately once FY-16 starts on Oct. 1, 2015, according to a key service official.

Inside the Navy - 12/15/2014

LAUREL, MD -- The Navy is leaning toward using the Marine Corps' V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft to perform the carrier onboard delivery mission now being executed by the service's aging C-2 Greyhound aircraft, a service official said last week.

Inside the Army - 12/15/2014

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress of a pending sale of 10 Chinook D-model helicopters to Greece, complete with spares and electronics equipment.

Inside the Army - 12/15/2014

Army aviation took a few cuts but largely saw boosts in the fiscal year 2015 omnibus spending bill debated by Congress last week.

Inside the Army - 12/15/2014

The fiscal year 2015 omnibus spending bill debated by Congress last week prohibits the sale of divested TH-67 training helicopters until a report assesses any impacts on the U.S. rotary-wing industrial base.

Inside the Air Force - 12/12/2014

The Air Force estimates the cost of replacing the UH-1N Huey with restored Army UH-60 Black Hawks is $980 million, according to a report to Congress obtained by Inside the Air Force this week.

DefenseAlert - 12/08/2014

As the Marine Corps looks to arm its tilt-rotor MV-22 Osprey aircraft, Bell Helicopter has announced the successful demonstration of two attack capabilities on the platform.

Inside the Navy - 12/08/2014

Depot-level maintenance inspections of Marine Corps V-22 tiltrotor aircraft are taking on average about twice as long as they should, a Boeing official said last week.

DefenseAlert - 12/02/2014

House and Senate negotiators of the fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill are allowing the Army to begin consolidating all service-wide Apache helicopters in the active component next fall.

Inside the Navy - 12/01/2014

The Marine Corps plans to have its MV-22 Osprey capable of refueling the next-generation Joint Strike Fighter in mid-air during the summer of 2017, according to a service spokesman.

DefenseAlert - 11/25/2014

The Japanese Ministry of Defense has announced the selection of Northrop Grumman's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye and RQ-4B Global Hawk to meet its military modernization requirements. The country has also decided to procure the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey.

Inside the Army - 11/24/2014

The Pentagon postponed a Defense Acquisition Board meeting earlier this month on the CH-47 Chinook helicopter's troubled Block II program, according to multiple sources.

Inside the Army - 11/24/2014

A provision aimed at ensuring TH-67 training helicopters will be unavailable on the open market after the Army retires them is unlikely to make it into the pending defense authorization bill, despite hard lobbying by the manufacturer, according to multiple sources.

Inside the Army - 11/24/2014

The Army is looking to introduce an aviation variant of its Joint Tactical Radio System back into the service's budget in fiscal year 2016, after deciding to hold off procurement of the radio in FY-15 and focus on funding voice-only communications for helicopters.

Inside the Army - 11/24/2014

Army officials are closely watching negotiations in Congress over defense-policy legislation for the current fiscal year, as they envision initial elements of a set of controversial aviation reforms to begin next summer.

Inside the Army - 11/24/2014

The Defense Department and industry alike are worried the planned Future Vertical Lift helicopter program may fall victim to defense-spending reductions, according to an Army official.

Inside the Navy - 11/24/2014

The Navy last week awarded Northrop Grumman a contract to deliver the company's next-generation mission computer to the Marine Corps' H-1 helicopter upgrade program, according to a company official.

Inside the Navy - 11/24/2014

The Navy last week awarded Sikorsky Aircraft an expected fiscal year 2015 contract for eight MH-60S and 29 MH-60R Seahawk helicopters, and the company remains optimistic that the Navy will fund the next and final year of the joint multiyear deal with the Army, according to a Sikorsky official.

DefenseAlert - 11/17/2014

A group of state governors is asking that lawmakers force the Army to halt a controversial aviation-reform initiative until outside experts have had a chance to weigh in.

Inside the Army - 11/17/2014

A new $5 billion budget request for countering terrorists in Iraq and Syria includes a pot of money to pay for resetting Army helicopters used during those operations, officials said.

Inside the Navy - 11/17/2014

The Marine Corps is planning to upgrade the missile technology on its fleet of light attack helicopters with the Joint Air-Ground Missile, the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System and a new "smart" rocket launcher, according to the service's aviation plan for 2015.

Inside the Navy - 11/17/2014

The Navy is exploring options to bolster its inventory of legacy CH-53E heavy-lift helicopters by purchasing surplus foreign aircraft, according to the Marine Corps' 2015 aviation plan.

DefenseAlert - 11/11/2014

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory is looking to industry for vehicles capable of being transported in military aircraft.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

The Army has begun moving Apache helicopters out of a reserve unit and into the active force as part of an aviation restructure initiative that could face stiff opposition on Capitol Hill.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

The Army is soliciting new research proposals in the aviation and missile-technology fields, with contracts potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars up for grabs.

DefenseAlert - 11/04/2014

Although the Afghan Air Force has shown an ability to perform in key mission areas such as light airlift and human remains recovery, its resources are limited and it still relies heavily on coalition airpower for aerial fire support, according to a Defense Department report published in late October.

Inside the Army - 11/03/2014

The Army appears to be testing the waters on Capitol Hill for starting the service's Aviation Restructure Initiative, according to sources inside and outside the government.

Inside the Army - 11/03/2014

Northrop Grumman's new digital cockpit solution, currently planned for the Army's newest UH-60V Black Hawk aircraft, has finished a systems-requirements review and is scheduled to complete a preliminary design review this month, according to company officials.

DefenseAlert - 10/28/2014

Northrop Grumman is pitching its new digitized, integrated avionics suite to the Navy for use on both rotary and fixed-wing platforms, according to company officials.

Inside the Army - 10/27/2014

With Bell Helicopter and a Boeing-Sikorsky team selected to develop the Army's next-generation helicopter, the two companies not chosen are still quietly working with the service in the hopes of contributing to the project.

Inside the Army - 10/27/2014

Following successful flight tests earlier this summer for Lockheed Martin's AH-64E Apache Modernized Day Sensor Assembly technology, the company now expects to see a request for proposals for the capability issued by the end of the year, according to an industry official.

Inside the Navy - 10/20/2014

The Australian Defence Forces recently submitted an official letter of request for a foreign military sale of at least 1,000 units of the U.S. Navy's Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System laser-guided rocket, according to a BAE Systems official.

Inside the Navy - 10/20/2014

The joint Sikorsky-Boeing team's SB-1 Defiant aircraft, recently selected by the Army as one of the designs for its Joint Multi-Role helicopter science and technology air vehicle demonstration, has the same footprint as a Navy MH-60 Seahawk helicopter, according to a company representative.

DefenseAlert - 10/17/2014

Lawmakers have rejected dozens of Pentagon-proposed changes to reallocate prior-year funds, forcing the U.S. military to scrap plans to immediately shift nearly $600 million between programs -- including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Ground-based Midcourse Defense efforts -- while protecting funds for key Army radio and helicopter modernization projects.

Inside the Air Force - 10/17/2014

Sikorsky wants to play a larger and more integrated role in the life-cycle management of its military helicopters and one long-term opportunity on the company's horizon is the Air Force's new Combat Rescue Helicopter program.

DefenseAlert - 10/14/2014

A top Army acquisition official said the service will execute aviation reform plans irrespective of an independent commission that some lawmakers want for reviewing the process.

Inside the Navy - 10/13/2014

Bell Helicopter is looking eventually to scale and marinize its V-280 Valor aircraft, recently selected by the Army as one of the designs for the service's Joint Multi-Role helicopter science and technology air vehicle demonstration, in order to inform the Navy's replacement MH-60 Seahawk program, according to a company official.

Inside the Army - 10/13/2014

The Army has released an analysis of alternatives that may show the way forward for acquiring degraded visual environment solutions for its helicopters, according to multiple industry sources.

Inside the Army - 10/13/2014

The National Guard Association of the United States last week urged lawmakers to adopt language that would halt Army plans for transferring Apache helicopters out of the National Guard.

Inside the Army - 10/13/2014

A briefing that would inform the criteria for transferring divested Army OH-58 Kiowa Warriors and TH-67 training helicopters into the domestic and international markets has been delayed until early next spring, according to the service's acquisition chief.

Inside the Army - 10/13/2014

Army officials believe the Improved Turbine Engine Program, meant to one day replace thousands of helicopter engines, is on track to exceed energy-savings goals.

Inside the Army - 10/06/2014

The Army last week officially selected Bell Helicopter and a Boeing-Sikorsky team as the two groups for the Joint Multi-Role helicopter science-and-technology air-vehicle demonstration expected to take flight in fiscal year 2017.

Inside the Army - 10/06/2014

The Pentagon green-lighted an estimated $89 million sale of nine Airbus-made UH-72A Lakota utility helicopters to Thailand, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency has announced.

Inside the Navy - 09/29/2014

The Navy recently told the House Armed Services Committee that it has not identified funding to upgrade the last of the legacy AH-1Z attack helicopters with the newest engines, according to a congressional source.

Inside the Army - 09/29/2014

AgustaWestland has moved to block the Army's proposed $800 million award to Airbus for LUH-72A Lakota light utility helicopters, claiming that the service "acted unlawfully and unreasonably by restricting competition," according to a bid protest filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Inside the Air Force - 09/26/2014

Rolls-Royce executives say they have completed ground and flight testing of a capability upgrade for the AE 1107C engine that powers the Marine Corps and Air Force tiltrotor V-22 Ospreys, but some work remains to update manuals and complete the Federal Aviation Administration's certification process.

Inside the Army - 09/22/2014

Fearing a threat to new sales, Bell Helicopter is lobbying lawmakers to make sure 160 of its TH-67 training helicopters will not hit the market after the Army retires them, according to multiple sources on Capitol Hill.

Inside the Army - 09/22/2014

The Army's budget for its Joint Multi-Role helicopter science-and-technology, air-vehicle demonstration is "in place and solid," with the possibility it may even grow in the coming fiscal year, according to the program director.

Inside the Army - 09/22/2014

The Army and Lockheed Martin have completed flight tests of the AH-64E Apache Modernized Day Sensor Assembly technology, with positive early results, according to a service official.

Inside the Army - 09/22/2014

The Army has awarded Sikorsky a contract worth $203.5 million to build 18 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters for Mexico, according to the Defense Department.