Sunday, August 31, 2014
C4ISR Watch
The latest developments on military information technology, sensors, intelligence and advanced technology initiatives
Inside the Air Force - 08/29/2014

As the Air Force's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance enterprise reorganizes under Air Combat Command, senior service officials are thinking about how to support combatant commanders in future, high-end fights.

Inside the Army - 08/25/2014

Senate and House defense committees have denied part of the Army's request to move more than $133 million out of its accounts for the Joint Tactical Radio System and the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical program, according to new internal budget documents.

Inside the Army - 08/25/2014

As the Army develops a system of electronic warfare tools for brigade combat teams, the service is looking to the Marine Corps as well as industry for ways to fill capability gaps, according to those in charge of developing the Multi-Function Electronic Warfare system.

Inside the Army - 08/25/2014

The Army has pushed back the limited user test for the Joint Tactical Radio System's Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio (MNVR) from its planned fall time slot to next spring, according to a service official.

Inside the Army - 08/25/2014

The Army is ramping up efforts to acquire new spying capabilities, releasing three separate requests for proposals from its persistent surveillance directorate.

Inside the Navy - 08/25/2014

Using a new advanced maritime test bed, Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated how evolving technologies can be used to share intelligence quickly and securely even in diverse naval environments.

DefenseAlert - 08/22/2014

The Navy is deferring key actions on the Remote Minehunting System until the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 following the delay of a crucial Office of the Secretary of Defense review that was scheduled for May 2014.

Inside the Air Force - 08/22/2014

A pending deal with Saudi Arabia for an estimated $2 billion in E-3 Sentry command-and-control aircraft upgrades could help the United States recoup costs associated with the development of the Block 40/45 mission computing system, the head of the Air Force's international airborne early warning and control office said this week.

DefenseAlert - 08/18/2014

The Government Accountability Office has stalled another Air Force Network-Centric Solutions-II contracting vehicle due to flaws in the source-selection process, putting on hold 12 indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contracts worth up to $5.7 billion in total while the service makes a new award decision.

Inside the Navy - 08/18/2014

The Marine Corps is looking to assess industry's ability in providing gallium nitride-based module components for the multibillion-dollar Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar, according to a service spokesman and a Federal Business Opportunities notice.

Inside the Army - 08/18/2014

Raytheon has resumed work on the Army's electronic warfare planning software this month after a federal court threw out Sotera Defense's lawsuit alleging that it was unlawfully stripped of the original contract award for the software's development.

Inside the Air Force - 08/15/2014

The delivery of application services through the Network-Centric Solutions-II full-and-open contracting arrangement remains on hold and will stay on hold until November when the Government Accountability Office is due to decide on four bid protests relating to the Air Force's source-selection process, the NETCENTS-II program management office said this week.

DefenseAlert - 08/14/2014

Citing soldier concerns with the current variant of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army, the service is seeking industry feedback on the intelligence system's next iteration.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/14/2014

The Pentagon has waived a data link requirement to enable the Navy to obtain eight airborne video data link systems for MH-60S and HH-60H aircraft, Defense Department acquisition chief Frank Kendall told lawmakers in a recent letter.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/14/2014

The Pentagon's advanced research arm is seeking industry input to determine if it should pursue networked maritime operations as a means to maintain superiority in contested environments.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/14/2014

The Pentagon plans to sign a memorandum of understanding with more than a dozen countries to help enhance the interoperability of the command and control elements of their ground-based air defense systems, according to a recent notification to Congress.

DefenseAlert - 08/13/2014

The Pentagon's chief weapons tester has issued new guidance on how to evaluate weapon systems against cyber threats.

DefenseAlert - 08/12/2014

Saudi Arabia wants to upgrade the mission computing systems of its five E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft to the Block 40/45 configuration -- a decision that could help lower the total cost of the upgrade for the United States, France and Japan.

DefenseAlert - 08/11/2014

The Missile Defense Agency has issued a draft request for proposals for the Long Range Discrimination Radar program.

Inside the Army - 08/11/2014

The Army has made several changes to a contract that will continue the development of the Common Infrared Countermeasure system, though the alterations are likely to push the service past the expected contract award date, according to an industry spokesman.

Inside the Army - 08/11/2014

The Army wants to accelerate the funding of a new-start program to develop a military-code Global Positioning System in guided munitions, according to the service's fiscal year 2014 reprogramming request.

Inside the Army - 08/11/2014

The Army is slated to host an industry day later this month to brief industry on its Persistent Surveillance System-Tethered (PSS-T) requirement.

Inside the Army - 08/11/2014

The Army has cited cyber, material sciences and robotics -- including manned and unmanned air/ground teaming -- among its top priorities in its newly established "Force 2025 and Beyond" directorate, according to a service overview and memo on the directorate released last week.

Inside the Navy - 08/11/2014

Naval Air Systems Command is seeking industry's input for the Next Generation Jammer acquisition strategy to achieve the optimum balance of cost, schedule and performance risks, according to a request for information.

Inside the Air Force - 08/08/2014

After asking Congress for permission to divest the U-2 spy plane, the Air Force is delivering an upgrade to the aircraft's primary intelligence-gathering tool, the Senior Year Electro-optical Reconnaissance System-2B multispectral long-range imagery sensor.

Inside the Air Force - 08/08/2014

As Congress decides whether to wholly fund the Air Force's Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System recapitalization effort or chop $63 million from the budget request and force an examination of the proposed acquisition strategy, the service this week said its concept for a next-generation JSTARS aircraft to replace the E-8C fleet would ultimately save $11 billion.

DefenseAlert - 08/05/2014

The Government Accountability Office is urging the Air Force to re-do a key aspect of the source-selection process for one category of Network-Centric Solutions II contracts, awarded in March and collectively worth about $5.8 billion.

DefenseAlert - 08/04/2014

Naval Air Systems Command will negotiate with Boeing on Next Generation Jammer Increment 2 integration after scrapping work on a similar effort in February, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice.

Inside the Army - 08/04/2014

Results from the Army's Network Integration Evaluation 14.2 point to a marked improvement with the service's next-generation, blue-force tracking system and its smartphone-like End User Device meant for soldiers on the ground, according to an internal report from the Brigade Modernization Command.

Inside the Army - 08/04/2014

The Army is seeking industry feedback on draft specifications for the upgraded version of its aerial intelligence gathering system's sensor payloads.

Inside the Air Force - 08/01/2014

The installation of protected communications terminals aboard B-2 and B-52 nuclear bomber aircraft remains a "validated requirement" for the Air Force, according to the service's space system acquisition center, despite its decision not to fund that work today.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/31/2014

U.S. Northern Command and the federal government have yet to hammer out the details of who is authorized to deal with some types of malware in the event of a cyber attack on the United States, according to NORTHCOM's commander.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/31/2014

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking information on the development of an infrastructure for its futuristic Squad X program, according to a July 8 special agency announcement.

Inside the Army - 07/28/2014

Findings from the Army's latest Network Integration Evaluation suggest that the service should implement changes and improvements to its Manpack radio due to significant heat and weight issues, according to an internal report obtained by Inside the Army.

Inside the Army - 07/28/2014

The Army has pulled the Distributed Common Ground System-Army from a key test planned for the Network Integration Evaluation this fall, moving it instead to the following NIE in spring 2015, where it will be a "priority effort," according to a recent memo from the service's vice chief of staff.

Inside the Army - 07/28/2014

The Army has awarded BAE Systems $40 million in contracts as part of a larger $496 million award for its Common Missile Warning System and the Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures system, according to a company announcement last week.

Inside the Army - 07/28/2014

The Army is seeking industry help in finding solutions to radio frequency interference that can hinder its electronic warfare systems.

Inside the Air Force - 07/25/2014

The recapitalization chief overseeing the development of a new Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System aircraft believes any reduction in funding for the program below the level requested for fiscal year 2015 would complicate the awarding of a critical development contract in FY-16.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/24/2014

Senate appropriators are concerned that U.S. Special Operations Command does not fully understand its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance needs, and are calling for a review of manned ISR aircraft requirements to support special operations forces.

Inside the Army - 07/21/2014

The Senate Appropriations Committee last week approved a fiscal year 2015 spending bill that would slash hundreds of millions of dollars from Army network modernization accounts, including more than 75 percent of the service's request for Joint Tactical Radio System radios.

Inside the Army - 07/21/2014

The Army wants congressional permission to move more than $130 million out of its budget accounts for top network modernization programs, including $82 million from the Joint Tactical Radio System, according to the fiscal year 2014 omnibus reprogramming request.

Inside the Navy - 07/21/2014

The Marine Corps is looking to assess industry's solution for the multibillion-dollar Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar program's transmit-and-receive module components, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice.

DefenseAlert - 07/15/2014

The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee has supported an array of Pentagon weapons programs in its $549.3 billion military spending bill for fiscal year 2015, including the Air Force's fleet of A-10 aircraft; the Army's combat vehicle industrial base; and the Navy's modernization of USS George Washington (CVN 73) and fleet of EA-18G Growlers.

DefenseAlert - 07/15/2014

The program office overseeing the Air Force's multibillion-dollar Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System recapitalization effort has notified industry of its intention to move to a risk-reduction phase by the first quarter of fiscal year 2015.

Inside the Navy - 07/14/2014

The Navy anticipates awarding a sole-source contract on Sept. 1 to Ridgewood Technology Partners to support the service's multibillion-dollar Next-Generation Enterprise Network contract, according to a Federal Business Opportunities notice.

Inside the Army - 07/14/2014

The Army last week released an update for the Joint Tactical Radio System's Manpack radio program, probing industry on the possibility of including additional waveforms for the upcoming full-rate production, according to a notice posted to the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Inside the Army - 07/14/2014

The Army has postponed an event for industry to receive information on the Network Integration Evaluation 15.1, slated for this fall, according to a service spokesman.

Inside the Army - 07/14/2014

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is seeking assistance in identifying capabilities that exist within persistent surveillance platforms with the aim of fixing various technical problems to provide the Army with better intelligence and information tools.

DefenseAlert - 07/11/2014

The Army general nominated to lead U.S. Special Operations Command told senators last week that the military still does not have as many intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities as it needs to execute its mission, especially in Africa.

Inside the Air Force - 07/11/2014

Consistent with the unusual history of the Family of Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Sight Terminals program, a senior Raytheon executive disclosed on July 10 that much remains to be determined about the program's production phase, including when production may begin and how many units will be built during FAB-T's low-rate manufacturing phase.