Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Defense Budget Alert
An extensive archive on the DOD budget process, plus hard-to-find internal government documents relating to the DOD budget decisionmaking process -- from program budget decisions to congressional debate.
DefenseAlert - 08/29/2014

The Defense Department is spending an average of $7.5 million per day on operations in Iraq since June 16, according to Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby.

DefenseAlert - 08/27/2014

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee called on the White House this week to develop a comprehensive strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria in ways that go beyond the fiscal year 2015 budget.

DefenseAlert - 08/22/2014

The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee has rejected approximately $140 million in Pentagon reprogramming requests, according to congressional documents.

DefenseAlert - 08/21/2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey said today that the Pentagon may have to rework its fiscal year 2015 budget plans in response to ongoing military operations in Iraq.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/14/2014

The Defense Department continues to craft "migration guidance" that will direct the process by which the military will begin transitioning priorities currently funded by the overseas contingencies operations account into the base budget.

DefenseAlert - 08/11/2014

The U.S. military's latest operations in Iraq will be funded through the Pentagon's wartime supplemental budget, though there is no cost estimate for them yet, according to a Defense Department spokesman.

Inside the Army - 08/11/2014

Many small defense contractors are just as concerned about the automatic budget cuts set to be triggered by full sequestration as their larger peers, according to an Army official who advocates for small business involvement in the acquisition process.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/07/2014

The next iteration of the Pentagon's key acquisition improvement effort -- Better Buying Power -- will aim to forge stronger partnerships between the acquisition and the science and technology communities, Defense Department acquisition chief Frank Kendall said this week.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/07/2014

The Pentagon's cost assessment and program evaluation (CAPE) shop is working on an update to the internal guidance program managers use to estimate operating and support (O&S) costs, which are vital to determining accurate life-cycle costs for weapon systems, according to Defense Department officials.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/07/2014

The Defense Department is concerned that Congress' unwillingness to appropriate money to ad hoc accounts may compromise the department's rapid acquisition ability, according to a DOD official.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/07/2014

Jacques Gansler, a former Pentagon acquisition chief, added his voice this week to the growing chorus of those calling for Congress to reform the way the Defense Department acquires weapons systems and services if America is to maintain its technological edge.

Inside the Pentagon - 08/07/2014

Prime contractors in the defense industry remain healthy despite budget drawdowns in the Defense Department. However second- and third-tier suppliers are in dire straits, facing bankruptcy or restructuring, according to Bradley Nelson, DOD's sector-by-sector, tier-by-tier (S2T2) program leader.

DefenseAlert - 08/05/2014

Ending the threat of sequestration is the No. 1 action Congress could take to improve the acquisition process, Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall said Tuesday.

Inside the Army - 08/04/2014

The Army's outgoing vice chief of staff says the service is analyzing what is necessary to the force as it faces the prospect of potential funding cuts brought on by sequestration in fiscal year 2016.

Inside the Army - 07/28/2014

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno hit several familiar notes at the Aspen Security Forum last week when he discussed the future of the service and the budget pressures bearing down upon it.

DefenseAlert - 07/24/2014

Army leaders are heading to Capitol Hill to discuss what portion of the Pentagon's $58.6 billion overseas contingency operations request will end up in the service's base budget, according to the Army's new acquisition deputy.

DefenseAlert - 07/23/2014

The Pentagon's deputy acquisition executive recently told defense industry representatives that Frank Kendall, her boss, thinks full sequestration will be triggered in fiscal year 2016 and has been advising budget programmers to craft "off-ramps" to address looming program cuts.

DefenseAlert - 07/17/2014

Although the Pentagon is winding down its operations in Afghanistan, senior defense leaders told the House Budget Committee on Thursday that they anticipate overseas contingency operations funding to be an "enduring" need -- much to the chagrin of panel members.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/17/2014

The Defense Department's top acquisition officer warned lawmakers July 10 that continued sequestration in fiscal year 2016 would have a disproportionate impact on small business defense contractors.

DefenseAlert - 07/16/2014

Top-ranking Pentagon officials are defending the $58.6 billion overseas contingency operations request against claims from lawmakers that it has become a "slush fund."

DefenseAlert - 07/15/2014

A key House Armed Services Committee member is calling for more details about the Obama administration's $59 billion overseas contingency operations request with an eye toward one day folding all OCO funding into the base budget.

DefenseAlert - 07/15/2014

The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee has supported an array of Pentagon weapons programs in its $549.3 billion military spending bill for fiscal year 2015, including the Air Force's fleet of A-10 aircraft; the Army's combat vehicle industrial base; and the Navy's modernization of USS George Washington (CVN 73) and fleet of EA-18G Growlers.

DefenseAlert - 07/14/2014

The Pentagon is seeking congressional permission to shift $4.4 billion between budget accounts as part of a broad reallocation that would pump an additional $885 million into modernization efforts, benefiting the Ballistic Missile Defense System and launching five efforts -- including mounting an electromagnetic railgun on the Navy's new Joint High Speed Vessel.

Inside the Army - 07/14/2014

The Army's vice chief of staff, who has been nominated to lead international security forces in Afghanistan, told senators last week that the automatic budget cuts triggered by sequestration remain a serious threat.

DefenseAlert - 07/02/2014

It would be wrong to look at the recent defense budget analysis from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and conclude that America's best way forward in a time of fiscal austerity is to plan for a war with Russia and China, though that is what the report recommends, according to Clark Murdock, the analyst at CSIS who led the team that authored the study.

Inside the Pentagon - 07/03/2014

Lawmakers on key defense committees are concerned about how the Pentagon has budgeted its $58.6 billion overseas contingency operations (OCO) request for fiscal year 2015, worrying that the fund has become a way of skirting base budget restrictions.

DefenseAlert - 06/27/2014

The Pentagon is seeking an additional $6.1 billion for new weapons as part of a $58.6 billion fiscal year 2015 Overseas Contingency Operations spending package, hoping to replenish ammunition expended during operations in Afghanistan, replace aircraft and vehicles lost in combat and lift the administration's total FY-15 weapons modernization request from $154 billion to $160 billion.

DefenseAlert - 06/26/2014

The White House has submitted to Congress a $58.6 billion request for Defense Department overseas contingency operations funds in fiscal year 2015 to pay for ongoing operations in Afghanistan, but also to begin arming "vetted elements of the Syrian armed opposition" and support an array of counterterrorism partnerships in Africa and the Middle East.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/26/2014

The Defense Department is poised to submit the overseas contingency operations budget request to Congress as early as this week, according to multiple Pentagon and Capitol Hill sources tracking the issue.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/26/2014

The Pentagon wants to make permanent an authority to use simplified acquisition procedures for certain commercial items, claiming in a recent legislative proposal that this authority has been "extremely beneficial" especially in light of the tight fiscal environment.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/19/2014

The Defense Department is requesting $36.4 billion for its fiscal year 2015 information technology budget, shaving $100 million from its base budget IT request in FY-14.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/19/2014

The Army is still managing a full plate of threats and responsibilities despite the added challenge of declining budgets, according to the service's top acquisition official.

DefenseAlert - 06/18/2014

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Senate appropriators that the United States has no choice but to fund President Obama's new $5 billion overseas contingency operations request to develop counterterrorism partnerships in Africa because the nation badly needs regional allies to address militant extremism.

DefenseAlert - 06/18/2014

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall would like Congress to consider creating a new pool of cash that Defense Department officials would be allowed to dip into when acquisition programs hit "inevitable" rough patches, according to a letter he recently sent to Capitol Hill.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/12/2014

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance oversight of U.S. Special Operations Command, House appropriators are increasing funds for the Defense Department's special operations and low-intensity conflict shop to bring in additional staff to help keep an eye on the command's operations.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/12/2014

A House committee is recommending $1 billion to the Defense Department's operations and maintenance account in fiscal year 2015 defense budget as a means of bolstering military readiness.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/12/2014

The House Appropriations Committee recommended injecting an unrequested $250 million into the Defense Department's Rapid Innovation Fund for fiscal year 2015.

DefenseAlert - 06/09/2014

The Defense Department is expected this summer to release guidance on how to transition supplemental war funding into the base defense budget, according to a May 30 DOD letter to the Government Accountability Office.

Inside the Navy - 06/09/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee wants the Government Accountability Office to assess Army and Marine Corps reset requirements and costs to better inform the overseas contingency operations budgeting process.

Inside the Army - 06/09/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee wants the Government Accountability Office to assess Army and Marine Corps reset requirements and costs to better inform the overseas contingency operations budgeting process.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/05/2014

Defense budget experts are expressing skepticism in light of two new initiatives President Obama recently announced would be part of the Defense Department's upcoming wartime supplemental budget request: $5 billion for counterterrorism operations in Africa and another $1 billion to bolster U.S. military presence in Europe.

Inside the Pentagon - 06/05/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee wants to establish new rapid acquisition deployment procedures for U.S. Special Operations Command, according to the committee's version of the fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill.

Inside the Pentagon - 05/29/2014

To help ensure the Pentagon's key acquisition reform effort gets implemented smoothly, defense acquisition leaders are reaching out to all of the department's major buying commands to help align the workforce with the effort's goals, according to Shay Assad, the director of defense pricing.

Inside the Pentagon - 05/29/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee passed a $514 billion version of the fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill May 22 that did not take head-on possible cuts due to sequestration next year.

Inside the Pentagon - 05/29/2014

As the Defense Department eyes the next iteration of its key acquisition reform effort Better Buying Power, defense officials must continue to focus on improving the acquisition workforce to support that reform, according to Shay Assad, the director of defense pricing.

DefenseAlert - 05/28/2014

The White House, following a major foreign policy address at the U.S. Military Academy by President Obama, released a statement outlining the administration's plan to fund a new $5 billion counterterrorism partnership program using wartime supplemental funds.

DefenseAlert - 05/23/2014

The Senate Armed Service Committee's version of the fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill includes provisions that would prohibit the Air Force from retiring any legacy E-3 battle management aircraft or transferring MC-12 spy planes.

DefenseAlert - 05/23/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee sought to protect most of the Army's acquisition programs in the $514 billion defense authorization legislation it passed this week, though it defied the service's wishes and moved to recommend the establishment of an independent commission to study the Army's controversial aviation restructure and force reduction strategy.

DefenseAlert - 05/23/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee has authorized the Navy secretary to reprogram up to $650 million from other areas of the Navy's budget to pay for the refueling and complex overhaul of the aircraft carrier George Washington, despite the service's wishes to do otherwise.

DefenseAlert - 05/22/2014

The Senate Armed Services Committee has passed a fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill authorizing $514 billion in base funding and protecting a variety of acquisition programs that were slated for budgets cuts, according to lawmakers who spoke at a May 22 press conference.