Thursday, April 17, 2014
Defense Budget Alert
An extensive archive on the DOD budget process, plus hard-to-find internal government documents relating to the DOD budget decisionmaking process -- from program budget decisions to congressional debate.
DefenseAlert - 04/16/2014

Defense Logistics Agency Director Vice Adm. Mark Harnitchek this week outlined changing plans for the agency, citing a need to dramatically reduce contract award times and supply inventories.

DefenseAlert - 04/16/2014

Pentagon modernization accounts would be reduced by $66 billion if Congress does not lift the current statutory spending caps between fiscal years 2016 and 2019, slowing planned growth in investment and curtailing research and development spending, according to a new report that reveals new details about the military's worst-case budget planning.

DefenseAlert - 04/15/2014

The Pentagon likely will continue to submit budget requests that do not adhere to sequestration levels laid out in the law, according to Defense Department acquisition chief Frank Kendall.

Inside the Army - 04/14/2014

Despite the looming threat of sequestration-related budget cuts in fiscal year 2016, the Army is making an effort to protect science and technology funding, according to the Army's S&T chief.

DefenseAlert - 04/10/2014

As House authorizers prepare to mark up their fiscal year 2015 defense bill, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA) wants the focus to be on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, deterrence and readiness.

Inside the Pentagon - 04/10/2014

President Obama's Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative, a proposed $56 billion addition to the fiscal year 2015 budget that would help the Pentagon meet weapon system modernization and readiness goals, has no chance of congressional passage, according to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA).

Inside the Navy - 04/07/2014

A new Marine Corps capstone strategy will fully inform budget decisions beginning in fiscal year 2017 and the service is already implementing concepts from the strategy into training, according to a service official.

Inside the Army - 04/07/2014

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno told lawmakers last week that he believes the service is a somewhat hollow force now and will become more so in fiscal year 2016 should full sequestration remain in place.

Inside the Army - 04/07/2014

Army officials told lawmakers last week that the service's ongoing budget crunch has forced it to take increased risk in nearly all of its modernization efforts -- and that they don't expect relief any time soon.

Inside the Air Force - 04/04/2014

Senior Air Force officials are confident the fiscal year 2015 budget request sufficiently funds the remediation of decades-old information technology systems such that the service can achieve auditability by 2017 -- but largely at the expense of replacing obsolete technology with modern IT systems.

DefenseAlert - 04/03/2014

The Army has submitted to Congress a list of unfunded priorities totaling $10.6 billion for fiscal year 2015, $7.5 billion of which accounts for the service's portion of the Defense Department's Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative, according to documents obtained by

Inside the Pentagon - 04/03/2014

Advocating for spending that better reflects the nation's security interests, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) wants to increase defense dollars nearly $302 billion above President Obama's plan over the next decade.

Inside the Pentagon - 04/03/2014

An interim regulation prohibiting defense officials from entering into cost-type contracts for production of major defense acquisition programs appears to have entered the final rule-making process without any roadblocks.

DefenseAlert - 04/02/2014

The Navy's unfunded priority list, which was sent to Congress on Tuesday, does not include funding in fiscal year 2015 for the aircraft carrier George Washington's refueling and complex overhaul.

Inside the Navy - 03/31/2014

Although a contract award for a 10th DDG-51 Arleigh Burke-class destroyer option ship awarded earlier this month may make the DDG-51 program ostensibly whole, a lot of work remains to be done and funding appropriated to truly restore the holes introduced by across-the-board sequestration cuts in 2013.

Inside the Navy - 03/31/2014

Once wartime funding ends for the military, the Navy must decide how to replace the $1.4 billion it has been receiving to support operation and maintenance accounts because although the war in Afghanistan is coming to an end, the service will still have a need for the money, according to a top official.

Inside the Army - 03/31/2014

The Army needs nearly $10 billion and approximately three years to reset equipment as it is removed from Afghanistan following the drawdown of operations there, according to the service's deputy chief of staff for operations.

Inside the Air Force - 03/28/2014

The Air Force, which is admittedly heavily dependent on supplemental wartime dollars to fund its operations and sustainment activities, expects demand for the vast majority of its core missions -- with the exception of close air support -- to remain stable or increase as the war in Afghanistan winds down.

DefenseAlert - 03/26/2014

The Marine Corps fiscal year 2015 unfunded priorities list includes money needed for Joint Strike Fighters to replace destroyed Harrier jets and cash for Landing Craft Air Cushion upgrades, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos told Inside the Navy today.

DefenseAlert - 03/25/2014

Army leaders told Congress today that the service's fiscal plans already assume significant risk and warned that prolonged sequestration would "gut" vital resources and capabilities if it is not overturned.

Inside the Army - 03/24/2014

One of the Army's top budget officials said last week that the service's current fiscal footing is a "glass half-full," but cautioned that the deepest spending cuts were likely still on the horizon.

DefenseAlert - 03/20/2014

One of the Army's top budget officials said today that the service's current fiscal footing is a "glass half-full," but cautioned that the deepest spending cuts were likely still on the horizon.

Inside the Pentagon - 03/20/2014

Air Force officials, like their brethren in the other military services, continue to struggle with transitioning items from their wartime budgets into the base budget, especially in the absence of a formal overseas contingency operations funding request for fiscal year 2015.

DefenseAlert - 03/18/2014

The F-16 could become a target for steep budget cuts should Congress deny the service's wish to divest its entire A-10 fleet, according to a senior Air Force official.

Inside the Navy - 03/17/2014

The Navy will include 22 additional EA-18G Growler aircraft as well as the refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) of the aircraft carrier George Washington (CVN-73), among other priorities, in a fiscal year 2015 unfunded priority list it plans to send to Congress soon, the service has confirmed.

Inside the Air Force - 03/14/2014

The Air Force's director of budget took his "making every dollar count" message to service and industry representatives at an Air Force Association forum in Arlington, VA, on March 11.

DefenseAlert - 03/13/2014

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno continued to dig in his heels today on his position that the service will be unable to execute the Pentagon's Defense Strategic Guidance if it shrinks to a sequestration-level end strength of 420,000 -- and he plans to take that message to Capitol Hill.

Inside the Pentagon - 03/13/2014

The Obama administration put forth a fiscal year 2015 defense budget request that is at higher levels in future years than what current law allows because the existing budget caps are too stringent to achieve what is needed militarily, a senior Pentagon official acknowledged this week.

DefenseAlert - 03/12/2014

The Pentagon's fiscal year 2015 budget plan forecasts weapon system modernization spending to grow over five years from $153.4 billion to $188.7 billion, according to newly released budget documents, accounting for more than 30 percent of total Defense Department spending across the future years defense plan -- an allocation that is essentially flat after FY-16 once inflation is factored in.

DefenseAlert - 03/11/2014

In its budget proposal for fiscal year 2015, the Air Force is requesting $15.7 million for a next-generation, air dominance research and development project that would lay the groundwork for an acquisition program in fiscal year 2018.

DefenseAlert - 03/11/2014

The Air Force in its fiscal year 2015 budget proposes cutting 500 aircraft through 2019, including as many as 164 A-10s in FY-15 and 117 MQ-1 Predators between FY-15 and 17.

DefenseAlert - 03/11/2014

The Air Force's fiscal year 2015 budget has been designed so that new investments do not all reach their peak costs at once, helping the service stagger its procurement time lines, but the budget could still be altered significantly depending on congressional review and the future effects of sequestration, according to the service's under secretary.

DefenseAlert - 03/10/2014

More than $182 million in funds appropriated in fiscal years 2012, 2013 and 2014 for U-2 spy plane modification and development remains unspent, according to budget figures released by the Air Force.

Inside the Army - 03/10/2014

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno has said an Army of 420,000 active-duty soldiers will be incapable of properly executing America's national security strategy, but a top Pentagon official told the service last week that it should be prepared to shrink to that size if Congress does not take steps to undo the automatic budget cuts triggered by sequestration next year.

Inside the Air Force - 03/07/2014

The Air Force, cognizant of the possibility of sequestration in fiscal year 2016 and aware of criticism for ignoring sequester at this time last year, has designed an FY-15 budget request that can be scaled down in some ways to account for future spending cuts or congressional refusal to accept politically delicate recommendations, according to senior service officials.

Inside the Pentagon - 03/06/20/14

The Pentagon seeks $11.5 billion for research and technology development in fiscal year 2015 -- a slight dip from the $12 billion enacted in FY-14 -- with a focus on anti-access, area-denial and the department's shift to the Asia-Pacific region, according to the budget overview released this week.

DefenseAlert - 03/04/2014

The Pentagon today unveiled a $495.6 billion fiscal year 2015 spending request that is $45.2 billion -- or 8 percent -- below what it had planned to spend, with military leaders arguing for significantly more in the near future to support a newly updated national defense strategy and associated force structure and modernization plans.

DefenseAlert - 03/04/2014

Defense Department officials are looking at innovative ways to position forces around the world to buttress a smaller force size and mitigate the effects of declining defense budgets, according to the latest Quadrennial Defense Review released today.

DefenseAlert - 03/04/2014

The Navy's fiscal year 2015 budget proposal is $15 billion below the level forecast in last year's budget submission, with the cuts falling heaviest in aircraft and weapons procurement programs, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, P-8A Poseidon Maritime Surveillance aircraft, the CH-53K heavy lift helicopter and the Tactical Tomahawk cruise missile, according to details the service released today.

DefenseAlert - 03/04/2014

The Army has made no secret of its intent to take increased risk in many modernization programs, and its fiscal year 2015 budget request reflects that plan with the service backing away from the Ground Combat Vehicle, canceling a next-generation scout helicopter program and delaying enhanced on-the-move networking capabilities, according to budget documents released today.

DefenseAlert - 03/04/2014

The Missile Defense Agency today announced plans to redesign the exoatmospheric kill vehicle that rides atop the Ground-based Midcourse Defense interceptors now deployed in Alaska and California, requesting $99.5 million for the effort in the Pentagon's fiscal year 2015 budget.

DefenseAlert - 03/04/2014

The Air Force has requested just more than $8 billion in fiscal year 2015 to fund its top three acquisition priorities -- the KC-46 tanker, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Long-Range Strike Bomber -- as part of its FY-15 budget plan presented to Congress and the public today.

Inside the Navy - 03/03/2014

The outgoing Pentagon comptroller last week detailed the breakdown of the department's $26 billion "wish list" that it will include when President Obama's proposed budget is submitted to Congress on March 4.

Inside the Air Force - 02/28/2014

The Air Force will use a new 30-year strategy to guide its future budget decisions, just as the sequestration-inspired Strategic Choices and Management Review influenced the service's budget requests in fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

Inside the Air Force - 02/28/2014

The Air Force's top 10 priorities will consume 50 percent of its upcoming fiscal year 2015 budget request, which will include a "fairly healthy amount of money" for classified programs, the service's top military acquisition official told a defense conference in Washington, DC, on Feb. 26.

DefenseAlert - 02/27/2014

Republican leaders of the House and Senate defense authorization committees said today there is a slim likelihood of overturning sequestration reductions even as the Pentagon prepares to present a budget that doesn't include the cuts in the outyears.

Inside the Pentagon - 02/27/2014

U.S. military installations in Europe will be in the crosshairs again this spring as Pentagon leaders look for savings, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced this week.

Inside the Pentagon - 02/27/2014

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said this week that his top priority for the fiscal year 2015 defense authorization bill is to finish it by Oct. 1.

DefenseAlert - 02/26/2014

The Pentagon's No. 2 official said today the Defense Department is preparing to provide Congress with a high-fidelity picture of programs that would be terminated or delayed under what advocates of higher defense spending regard as worst-case budget scenarios slated to take effect beginning in fiscal year 2016.

DefenseAlert - 02/25/2014

The Navy's plans to perform an overhaul on the aircraft carrier George Washington (CVN-73) are tied to sequestration cuts and the ship's fate will be reflected in the fiscal year 2016 budget, a top service official said today.