Friday, November 28, 2014
Missiles Munitions
Tracking Army, Navy and Air Force missile programs
Inside the Army - 12/01/2014

A high-level Pentagon panel's decision to approve a review of plans for the Army's future air and missile defense system has been delayed until December.

Inside the Navy - 12/01/2014

The first iteration of Raytheon's new Air and Missile Defense Radar successfully tracked a simulated anti-air warfare target, verifying the AMDR software build less than eight months after contract award, according to a company official.

Inside the Air Force - 11/28/2014

The technologies being inserted into Raytheon's Griffin C missile to meet Navy requirements are directly transferable to the A- and B-model Griffin missiles the Air Force buys for its C-130W Stringer II gunship, the company told Inside the Air Force this week.

DefenseAlert - 11/26/2014

U.S. government-services contractor Leidos is in final negotiations with NATO over a deal to help build the alliance's ballistic missile defense shield, according to industry sources.

Inside the Army - 11/24/2014

Some industry officials are still unsure about the extent to which the Missile Defense Agency plans to redesign the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system's exoatmospheric kill vehicle.

Inside the Air Force - 11/21/2014

The Air Force is working closely with the Office of the Secretary of Defense to develop its recommended way-ahead for a new domestic rocket engine, and a top service acquisition official says those details will be unveiled as part of its fiscal year 2016 budget request.

Inside the Pentagon - 11/20/2014

The Defense Department seeks to boost its nuclear program spending by about $1.5 billion over five years beginning in fiscal year 2017 following a series of reviews that identified systemic neglect, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

DefenseAlert - 11/17/2014

Some Navy admirals specializing in surface warfare concur with a new study that suggests refocusing the surface force's ability to take and hold areas of ocean by destroying threats, rather than defending against missiles and torpedoes, according to an analyst pushing the concept.

Inside the Army - 11/17/2014

As the development phase for the trinational Medium Extended Air Defense System concludes at year's end, NATO will liquidate the organization created to manage the program.

Inside the Army - 11/17/2014

The Army is dedicating a line of research into explosively formed penetrators, a type of bomb previously known to rip through heavily armored U.S. vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Inside the Army - 11/17/2014

An evaluation of the Army's plans to upgrade the Patriot air and missile defense system is slated to begin in the coming weeks, but how far the review will go in considering alternatives has yet to be determined.

Inside the Army - 11/17/2014

U.S. officials still hope to salvage a deal with India to jointly develop Javelin antitank missiles, despite reports weeks ago that New Delhi would buy the Israeli-made "Spike" weapon instead.

Inside the Navy - 11/17/2014

The Marine Corps is planning to upgrade the missile technology on its fleet of light attack helicopters with the Joint Air-Ground Missile, the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System and a new "smart" rocket launcher, according to the service's aviation plan for 2015.

DefenseAlert - 11/14/2014

The Defense Department seeks to boost its nuclear program spending by about $1.5 billion over five years beginning in fiscal year 2017 following a series of reviews that identified systemic neglect, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Inside the Air Force - 11/14/2014

As the Pentagon considers the development of an alternative intercontinental ballistic missile, flight testing of the existing Minuteman III system continues at rate of between two and four launches per year to evaluate the weapon's performance after more than 40 years of continual service.

Inside the Air Force - 11/14/2014

Two senior leaders of the Pentagon's nuclear forces last week expressed concern about the nuclear capabilities being fielded by Russia and China, and the ambitions of North Korea to procure ballistic missile submarines.

Inside the Air Force - 11/14/2014

The Air Force has placed a $32.5 million order for AGM-176 Griffin missiles with Raytheon to sustain its stockpile of precision-guided munitions, and $40 million has been awarded to Lockheed Martin for Paveway II laser-guided bomb kits.

DefenseAlert - 11/10/2014

The White House is requesting an additional $5 billion in overseas contingency funding in fiscal year 2015 to support its expanded campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, with $1.6 billion to support the U.S. mission to train and equip Iraqi and Kurdish forces, according to government documents.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

Sources say that Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall has assured Germany he would help facilitate technology transfers to Berlin for the trilateral Medium Extended Air Defense System.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

Army officials remain committed to molding the upcoming Joint Air-To-Ground Missile after Lockheed Martin's Hellfire missile, putting into question whether any other company will bother competing for the work.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

The State Department recently notified Congress about a $1.4 billion sale that would upgrade South Korea's air defenses to the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 configuration, according to a Nov. 5 announcement.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

The launch tube set to be used in the Army's new indirect fire protection program successfully fired interceptors for the first time in a recent test, the service announced last week.

Inside the Army - 11/10/2014

The Army is soliciting new research proposals in the aviation and missile-technology fields, with contracts potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars up for grabs.

DefenseAlert - 11/07/2014

The Missile Defense Agency has for the first time demonstrated an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense ship's ability to simultaneously intercept a short-range ballistic missile target and two cruise missiles in a simulated "raid" attack over the Pacific Ocean.

Inside the Pentagon - 11/06/2014

The Missile Defense Agency is pouring over industry proposals proffered last month to redesign the second-generation exoatmospheric kill vehicle built by Raytheon, reinforcing optimism of Pentagon officials that a competitive effort to re-work the EKV could improve the reliability of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program.

Inside the Pentagon - 11/06/2014

The Missile Defense Agency is conducting market research on designing and producing intercontinental ballistic missile targets as part of the total Ballistic Missile Defense System Targets Program, according to an Oct. 30 request for information posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Inside the Army - 11/03/2014

A new think tank analysis urges the Army to carve out a special place in its doctrine for launching strikes from the land against faraway maritime and aerial targets.

Inside the Army - 11/03/2014

India has spurned what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel earlier this year called an "unprecedented offer" to co-develop and co-produce the next generation of Javelin missiles with the United States, opting instead to buy Spike anti-tank systems from Israel.

Inside the Army - 11/03/2014

The Army will award up to two contracts for the development of a multimission launcher to be used in a new air defense system, the service has announced.

Inside the Navy - 11/03/2014

Raytheon recently completed flight tests of its enhanced Griffin C tactical missile that highlighted the weapon's in-flight re-targeting capability and demonstrated its readiness as a solution for the Navy's Littoral Combat Ship surface warfare mission package, according to a company representative.

Inside the Pentagon - 10/30/2014

The Pentagon will fail to meet a December 2017 deadline to destroy its entire stockpile of chemical agents and munitions, Defense Department acquisition chief Frank Kendall told lawmakers in a semiannual Pentagon report on chemical demilitarization.

Inside the Pentagon - 10/30/2014

The Defense Department, concerned about "a road-mobile ballistic missile threat" from an unnamed country, is convening a classified meeting with industry next week to explore "time-critical targeting capabilities," an information-gathering exercise that could be a potential precursor event for a new missile defense project.

DefenseAlert - 10/29/2014

The civilian chief of the National Nuclear Security Administration hopes a congressionally mandated panel charged with assessing nuclear enterprise management gaps at NNSA will see recent improvement efforts as evidence of progress.

Inside Missile Defense - 10/29/2014

The Defense Department has revised the test plan for the $41 billion Ground-based Midcourse Defense program, replacing a previously scheduled intercept attempt with a new non-intercept test flight next summer that will further assess capabilities of the Raytheon-developed second-generation exoatmospheric kill vehicle -- a weapon that successfully hit a target for the first time earlier this year.

Inside the Army - 10/27/2014

A German parliamentary committee wants the Berlin government to decide this year about a next-generation missile-defense system, weeks after an influential study urged patience.

Inside the Army - 10/27/2014

With the maiden flight of a 250-foot-long Army surveillance blimp slated for mid-December near Washington, officials overseeing the experiment are touting the system's safety features.

Inside the Navy - 10/27/2014

The Navy awarded Raytheon a $49.5 million contract for the production of the company's enhanced laser-guided Maverick missiles, according to a company statement.

DefenseAlert - 10/24/2014

The Missile Defense Agency on Monday plans to test a new version of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System that aims to give the Navy the ability to simultaneously conduct air and ballistic missile defense -- a first-ever integrated capability that, if validated, would allow the nation to efficiently expand the BMD-capable fleet.

DefenseAlert - 10/24/2014

The commander of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula said the miniaturization of a nuclear device and cyberattack were among the "evolving and developing" threats from North Korea that have indefinitely delayed the transfer of operational control in the region to the South Korean military.

Inside the Air Force - 10/24/2014

The Small Diameter Bomb II program office has established a failure review board to determine why the developmental weapon system became unstable and crashed during a live-fire test at White Sands Missile Range, NM, earlier this month.

DefenseAlert - 10/23/2014

A Navy ship testing its Standard Missile-6 interceptors has successfully shot down two anti-ship cruise missile targets prior to its own radar detecting the incoming threats, instead using targeting information from another Aegis ship nearby, according to a Raytheon statement.

Inside the Navy - 10/20/2014

The Australian Defence Forces recently submitted an official letter of request for a foreign military sale of at least 1,000 units of the U.S. Navy's Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System laser-guided rocket, according to a BAE Systems official.

DefenseAlert - 10/17/2014

Lawmakers have rejected dozens of Pentagon-proposed changes to reallocate prior-year funds, forcing the U.S. military to scrap plans to immediately shift nearly $600 million between programs -- including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Ground-based Midcourse Defense efforts -- while protecting funds for key Army radio and helicopter modernization projects.

Inside the Air Force - 10/17/2014

Air Force Global Strike Command's bomber test manager has expressed confidence in the reliability and accuracy of the decades-old Air-Launched Cruise Missile following a successful test flight at the Utah Test and Training Range in September.

DefenseAlert - 10/16/2014

The Australian Defence Forces recently submitted an official letter of request for a foreign military sale of at least 1,000 units of the U.S. Navy's Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System laser-guided rocket, according to a BAE Systems official.

DefenseAlert - 10/15/2014

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed that the Army could "broaden" its role in the Asia-Pacific region by employing precision missiles and air-defense weapons there.

DefenseAlert - 10/15/2014

Preliminary findings of a Pentagon investigation into the failed August test of the Army's Advanced Hypersonic Weapon have determined a "launch-pad anomaly" to be the culprit while the booster and warhead payload -- destroyed seconds after launch -- operated as expected, according to a senior Army official.

Inside the Navy - 10/13/2014

Textron Systems recently pitched its precision weapon to the Marine Corps and Army after a successful live-fire test at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona aboard a Shadow 200, according to a company executive.

Inside the Army - 10/13/2014

A study commissioned by the German government recommends that Berlin take more time to study its options before settling on an air- and missile-defense modernization program.

DefenseAlert - 10/07/2014

The Navy and Raytheon have executed a new Tomahawk production contract with options to buy significantly more missiles than the service wants, a move that makes room for Congress' desire to sustain higher production rates and raises questions about the viability of the Navy's plan to terminate the weapon's production in FY-16.