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Inside the Pentagon - 01/24/2013

DOD Testing Chief: F-35 Failing To Achieve Predicted Reliability

The F-35 program's recent grounding of its Marine Corps variant due to a fuel-line failure comes amid continuing concern in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill about the reliability of all three versions of the fighter jet. 695 words

DOT&E: Info Assurance Program Still Suffers From Aggressive Schedule

The Pentagon's top weapons tester contends that a critical enabling technology for information assurance continues to struggle with an "overly aggressive" test schedule, but the Defense Department disagrees with the assessment.1354 words

Congress 'Disappointed' With Microelectronics Strategy, Wants Revision

The Defense Department must revise and resubmit its microelectronics strategy in light of congressional concerns that the recent report lacks enough details, especially about photonics, according to a congressional source. 906 words

Congress Eyes Kendall's Decision To Issue Waivers For GPS OCX

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall has waived two requirements to enable the Air Force's next-generation Global Positioning System control capability to enter its engineering and manufacturing development phase, a move that is drawing scrutiny on Capitol Hill. 679 words

Board Meeting

The Defense Business Board is slated to meet this morning at the Pentagon to discuss, among other topics, draft findings and recommendations about ways to take advantage of opportunities for commercial satellite communications services. The federal advisory committee will also hear an update from a task group examining ways to apply best business practices for corporate performance management to the Defense Department. Recommendations related to the latter review are not expected until April.75 words

McFarland: Protect Acquisition Workforce Amid Fiscal Uncertainty

Pentagon officials must ensure that they do not take steps to harm acquisition workforce improvements or hinder critical hiring efforts in light of potential confusion over sequestration guidance, according to Defense Department guidance. 386 words

General: CAPE's AOA For LX(R) Ship Could Be Completed In Fall

The Defense Department's cost assessment and program evaluation office will soon launch an analysis of alternatives for the LX(R), the replacement to the LSD amphibious dock landing ship, according to Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Timothy Hanifen, the Navy's expeditionary warfare requirements director. 515 words

GAO: Pentagon's Critical Technologies List Still Outdated

The Pentagon's list of technologies that cannot be exported is outdated and does not do what it was designed to do, the Government Accountability Office says in a new report.411 words

Missile Defense Event Nixed As DOD Moves To Curtail Conferences

The Pentagon is canceling major conferences, including a missile defense gathering, following Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's recent guidance to curtail the events amid federal fiscal woes. 652 words

Hoping For Congressional Approval, DOD Delays $3.3 Billion CH-47 Deal

The Defense Department is delaying until mid-May its plans to sign a $3.3 billion helicopter procurement deal with Boeing, which the Army and the aircraft builder had planned to seal this month.606 words

Army Force-Structure Report To Figure In Debate Over Closing Installations

The Army staff has hammered out a draft of a force-structure report to Congress that is likely to inform a coming debate between the executive and legislative branches over which installations will be closed as the service cuts 72,000 soldiers over the next five years.563 words

General Dynamics C4 Systems To Team With Alenia On T-X Program

General Dynamics last week announced plans to lash up with Italian aircraft maker Alenia Aermacchi to compete for the Air Force's T-X trainer aircraft program, marking a new gambit by a major defense company -- associated in recent years largely with major Army and Navy weapons programs -- to capture its first big-ticket Air Force program in decades.608 words

DOD Assessment Sees Little Progress On F-35 Software Development

The F-35 program has made little headway addressing setbacks in the development of essential software despite declaring the challenge a top priority, according to an assessment by the Defense Department's operational testing chief.731 words

DOT&E: Cryptographic Program Needs To Resolve Significant Problems

A cryptographic program deemed essential by the Pentagon must still address problems uncovered in testing before it can achieve operational effectiveness and suitability, according to a new report from the Pentagon's top weapons tester. 695 words

Officials: Navy Prepping For Both Year-Long CR, Sequestration

The Navy is in the midst of planning how the service would deal with both a year-long continuing resolution and sequestration, a looming threat that would irrevocably harm the service should it happen, top service officials said Jan. 17 at the Surface Navy Association's annual symposium in Arlington, VA.310 words

Fuel Leak Led To Flawed Delta IV Launch; Root Cause Still Undetermined

As an investigation continues into the driving cause of an engine malfunction during an October Delta IV launch, the head of Air Force Space Command said last week the service has characterized the problem as a fuel leak in the vehicle's combustion chamber.484 words

Acquisition Chief Issues Guidance On S&T Sequestration Planning

The Pentagon's acquisition chief has directed the services to provide information on the impact of a 10 percent cut to science and technology programs, according to guidance on handling budgetary uncertainty issued Jan. 15.401 words

Pentagon Affirms Major GCV Program Changes For Billions In Savings

Defense leaders significantly altered the course and cost of the Army's Ground Combat Vehicle program last week, deciding to down-select to only one contractor in the second phase of the program, extend the current development phase by six months, and delay a production decision until fiscal year 2019, according to internal memos obtained by Inside the Army.1067 words

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