Thursday, August 28, 2014

New DOT&E Analysis Finds Testing Not A Cause In Weapon Schedule Delays

A new analysis by the Pentagon's top weapons tester aims to dismantle a perception that testing is a cause of weapon system cost growth and schedule delays, tracing the root cause of nearly every big-ticket weapons program since 2000 that has encountered programmatic trouble.

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Lawmaker Praises DOD's New Anti-EMP Policy For Weapon Systems

Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks this week praised a new Defense Department instruction as major step toward recognizing electromagnetic effects as significant threats.

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Rep. McKeon Calls For Comprehensive Strategy, Funding To Stop ISIS

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee called on the White House this week to develop a comprehensive strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria in ways that go beyond the fiscal year 2015 budget.

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Joint Staff To Grapple With Budget Issues At Worldwide Training Conference

Money, or the lack of it, will be on the minds of many military officials this week when they gather in Suffolk, VA, for an annual Worldwide Joint Training Conference to develop schedules and proposals for military exercises amid an uncertain budget environment.

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DOD Won't Discuss Reports Of Surveillance Flights Over Syria

The Pentagon on Tuesday declined to discuss reports suggesting that the Obama administration has authorized surveillance flights over Syria, a move that would mark a significant escalation in the air campaign against Islamic State militants across the border in Iraq.

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Report: East Asia, Pacific Espionage Targets U.S. Industry For A2/AD Capabilities

A new Pentagon report on espionage against the U.S. defense industry finds that collection efforts from East Asia and the Pacific region have focused on acquiring technologies critical to enabling anti-access, area-denial doctrine -- as China is adopting -- including components needed for effective military space capabilities, long-endurance unmanned air vehicles and missiles.

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Army Preps For MSFV Logistics And Training Support Contract

The Army is preparing to accept bids for a logistics and training support contract aimed at sustaining the fleet of vehicles used by Afghanistan's mobile strike forces, according to a recent government notice that labeled the program as "critical" to the U.S. drawdown effort.

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MUOS-3 Satellite On Track For January Launch Despite Hardware Deficiency

The third Mobile User Objective System satellite is on track for a January launch despite a delay due to a hardware deficiency discovered during thermal vacuum testing, according to a Lockheed Martin executive.

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Pentagon Takes Steps To Increase Competition In Defense Contracts

The Defense Department has announced a series of steps designed to bolster competition for contracts, a top acquisition official says in a new memorandum.

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Army Terminates Hypersonic Weapon Test Before Evaluating Payload

The Army Space and Missile Defense Command was unable to evaluate its Advanced Hypersonic Weapon today during a test in which a booster rocket experienced an "anomaly" after liftoff in Alaska, prompting authorities to terminate the flight.

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Navy Delays Key Moves On Remote Minehunting System

The Navy is deferring key actions on the Remote Minehunting System until the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 following the delay of a crucial Office of the Secretary of Defense review that was scheduled for May 2014.

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Senate Appropriators Reject $140M In Pentagon Reprogramming Requests

The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee has rejected approximately $140 million in Pentagon reprogramming requests, according to congressional documents.

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Cost Not The Driving Force Behind USAF Pacific F-35 Basing Decision

With a $176 million beddown cost, Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska was not the least expensive of the service's basing options for the first F-35A wing in the Pacific area of responsibility, an Air Force spokeswoman said this week, but its proximity to key training infrastructure made it the most strategic choice.

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Hagel, Dempsey Consider Rethinking FY-15 Budget In Response To Iraq Operations

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey said today that the Pentagon may have to rework its fiscal year 2015 budget plans in response to ongoing military operations in Iraq.

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Congress Approves $111 Million Army Request For More Lakotas In FY-14

Lawmakers have approved the Army's request to reprogram $111 million to pay for 21 additional LUH-72A Lakota light utility helicopters for the service's training fleet at Ft. Rucker, AL, according to multiple sources.

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DOD: Hackers 'Rebooted' After Disclosure Of Chinese Cyber Espionage

The outing of Chinese cyber espionage operations last year and the media firestorm that followed led hackers in the East Asia and the Pacific region to briefly curb attempts to steal sensitive U.S. technology so they could incorporate new methods of penetrating the networks of cleared defense contractors, according to a new Pentagon study.

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Navy Awards $2.5B Contract To Five Companies For CANES Units

The Navy has awarded five contracts totaling $2.5 billion to five companies for Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services production units, according to a Defense Department announcement.

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DOD To Test Army-Developed Conventional Prompt Global Strike Candidate

The Defense Department plans next week to conduct a second test of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon -- a leading candidate for the Conventional Prompt Global Strike concept -- with a 3,500-mile shot from Alaska to the Marshall Islands that could build a case for integrating the Army-developed capability on submarines.

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Democratic Task Force Meeting With Industry To Develop Reform Proposals

A pro-business growth group of Democrats is engaging in outreach with the defense industry to develop specific legislative recommendations that may include using commercially available products rather than custom ones and encouraging more strategic acquisitions, according to a congressional staffer.

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DTRA Seeks Combating WMD Advisory Role For J9 Directorate

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency is seeking contractors to support its research and development directorate (J9) with advisory and assistance services in combating weapons of mass destruction, according to a sources-sought announcement.

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