Saturday, October 25, 2014

MDA To Assess First-Ever Integrated Air And Ballistic Missile Defense Capability

The Missile Defense Agency on Monday plans to test a new version of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System that aims to give the Navy the ability to simultaneously conduct air and ballistic missile defense -- a first-ever integrated capability that, if validated, would allow the nation to efficiently expand the BMD-capable fleet.

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Rapid Acquisition Demand Remains High As Global Threats Expand

After satisfying more than 500 requests in the past decade, the Pentagon's joint rapid acquisition cell is unlikely to slow its pace in the face of new global threats, according to the outgoing chief of the program.

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North Korean Nuclear And Cyber Threats Drive OPCON Transfer Delay

The commander of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula said the miniaturization of a nuclear device and cyberattack were among the "evolving and developing" threats from North Korea that have indefinitely delayed the transfer of operational control in the region to the South Korean military.

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Air Force Avoids New-Start Ban, Launches 6th-Gen Fighter, Next-Gen JSTARS

The Air Force is launching high-priority, new-start modernization programs this fall after winning approval from Congress to begin a sixth-generation fighter aircraft program and the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System replacement effort with fiscal year 2014 funds, sidestepping a statutory ban on new projects mandated by the stopgap spending bill funding the government through Dec. 11.

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CNO To 'Educate' Lawmakers On Importance Of Ohio Replacement

Once Congress is back in session, the chief of naval operations plans to "educate" members of Congress on the importance of the Ohio-class replacement ballistic missile submarine program.

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Raytheon SM-6 Missiles Intercept Two Targets In 'Engage On Remote' Test (Updated)

A Navy ship testing its Standard Missile-6 interceptors has successfully shot down two anti-ship cruise missile targets prior to its own radar detecting the incoming threats, instead using targeting information from another Aegis ship nearby, according to a Raytheon statement.

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Advisory Panel: DOD S&T Enterprise Out Of Step With Future Military Needs

The Defense Department's research and development endeavors often reproduce technology already available in the private sector, lack any focus on a limited set of military-unique technology needs, and conduct scant outreach to independent researchers working on technologies critical to future DOD weapon systems.

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Admiral: Ohio-Class Replacement Program Has 'Ingredients For Failure'

The path ahead for the Navy's multibillion-dollar, Ohio-class replacement ballistic missile submarine has all the "ingredients for failure" due to its high level of complexity, according to a top service official.

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Lockheed Joins Northrop In 3DELRR Protest

Lockheed Martin will join Northrop Grumman in protesting the Air Force's $71 million contract award to Raytheon for the Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar.

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Cybersecurity Upgrade Brings DOD Closer To JIE Implementation

The Defense Information Systems Agency took a step forward in establishing the Joint Information Environment by initializing the first Joint Regional Security Stacks last month at Joint Base San Antonio, TX.

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DISA Official: Joint Force Headquarters With CYBERCOM Coming Soon

A joint force headquarters will soon be established for the Defense Information Systems Agency and U.S. Cyber Command to manage defense networks, according to an official from DISA who advised industry to be ready to support the effort.

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Pentagon Plans For Worst-Case Budgets As Anti-ISIL Operations Total $424M

The Defense Department continues to plan for the worst should the automatic budget cuts triggered by sequestration remain law in fiscal year 2016, according to Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon's chief spokesman.

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Northrop Grumman Protests Air Force's 3DELRR Award To Raytheon

Northrop Grumman has filed a protest against the Air Force's selection of Raytheon to build the Three-Dimensional Long-Range Radar -- a contract that could be worth as much as $1.5 billion.

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Lockheed Nabs $1B U.K. Turret Contract Amid Boost In Third-Quarter Profits

General Dynamics U.K. has awarded Lockheed Martin U.K. a $1 billion contract to provide 245 turrets for the Scout Specialist Vehicle GD has been pitching to the U.S. Army as a potential solution to the service's next-generation combat vehicle needs.

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Northrop Grumman Humvee Modernization Costs About $145K Per Vehicle

Northrop Grumman pitched its humvee modernization solution last week during an annual Army conference contending it will cost the government about $145,000 per vehicle, according to a company executive.

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Army Seeking 'Enterprise' Open-Source Intelligence Technologies

More than four years after social media drove the revolutions known collectively as the Arab Spring, the Army is taking a closer look at open source information and how it fits into the service's broader intelligence operations.

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Congressional Denials Squeeze Nearly $600M From DOD-Proposed Reprogramming Actions

Lawmakers have rejected dozens of Pentagon-proposed changes to reallocate prior-year funds, forcing the U.S. military to scrap plans to immediately shift nearly $600 million between programs -- including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Ground-based Midcourse Defense efforts -- while protecting funds for key Army radio and helicopter modernization projects.

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CENTCOM Chief Predicts ISIL Will Be 'Much Degraded' Over The Next Eight Months

America's top general in the campaign against Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria believes enemy units will be "much degraded" over the next eight to 12 months, creating the opportunity for 5,000 U.S.-trained Syrian rebels to make a significant impact when they join the fight next year.

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Comptroller Spikes Funding For Additional FY-15 EELV 'New Entrant' Launch

The Pentagon comptroller has withdrawn plans to allocate $100 million to the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program in the final version of the fiscal year 2014 omnibus reprogramming action, crippling Air Force plans to add an extra EELV launch mission in FY-15 and thereby giving SpaceX an additional opportunity to compete against incumbent United Launch Alliance.

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E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Declared Operational; First Deployment In 2015

NAVAL STATION NORFOLK, VA -- The Navy recently declared the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye operational and plans to replace legacy aircraft in each squadron by 2027, according to a service official.

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