Sunday, December 21, 2014

Deals Approved To Sell Iraq Nearly $3B In Military Vehicles

The State Department has approved possible foreign military sales of 175 Abrams tanks to Iraq for $2.4 billion, along with 1,000 humvees for $579 million, according to recent announcements from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

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Pentagon Resists Automatic JROC Consideration Of Ground-Radar Buys

The Defense Department says automatic consideration of future ground radar acquisitions by a high-level joint oversight panel is unnecessary, despite government auditors' suggestions that "potentially duplicative" systems were allowed to proliferate in the services.

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Despite Declining Spending, Unconventional Military Suppliers See Room To Grow

Defense contractors continue to look to commercial markets, from private jets to health care technology, to cope with shrinking defense spending.

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Guard Director Optimistic About C-130 Upgrade Flexibility, Favors Recap Over Modernization

As the Air Force begins to assess the language in the still-pending fiscal year 2015 defense policy bill, it is looking closely at provisions related to legacy C-130 aircraft upgrades so that it can work to make the platform compliant with changing Federal Aviation Administration requirements, according to the director of the Air National Guard.

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CIO Gives DOD Components Cloud Acquisition Powers As Amazon Is Evaluated

Defense Department components may now directly acquire cloud services instead of having to procure them through the Defense Information Systems Agency, according to a new Pentagon memo.

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New DOD IG Report Details How JIEDDO Improperly Gathered Intel On U.S. Companies

The Pentagon's Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization improperly gathered intelligence on U.S. companies and citizens, according to a Defense Department inspector general's report made public Thursday.

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CBO: New Aircraft Carriers Poised To Breach Mandatory Cost Caps By $1.7B

Congressional auditors estimate the first two ships of the Ford-class aircraft carrier program built by Huntington Ingalls Industries will exceed statutory cost caps by $1.7 billion, raising the prospect that lawmakers may have to loosen restraints designed to reign in the price tags of the Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) and the John F. Kennedy (CVN-79).

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Airbus Group CEO Focuses On Core Markets, Promises Increased U.S. Investment

Airbus Group's U.S. business has slimmed down for tighter budgets, rebranded and is now prepared to make greater investments in the defense market, the company's chief executive said this week.

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Air Force Shortening Baseline Reaper's Takeoff Distance, Boosting Range And Payload

Modifications being applied to the MQ-9 Reaper to extend the unmanned hunter-killer aircraft's endurance include an alcohol water-injection system that boosts its performance during takeoff and climb.

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United Kingdom Wants To Collaborate On Defense Innovation Initiative

In the wake of the United States' introduction of the Defense Innovation Initiative, the United Kingdom announced it is open for collaboration to achieve joint goals leading into the 21st century, according to a top Ministry of Defence official.

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Bogdan: Australia, Japan Selected To Host Pacific Region Sustainment

The F-35 joint program office announced Dec. 17 that Australia and Japan will host the aircraft's first airframe depot maintenance facility and Australia will host the first engine maintenance facility, which will be established no later than 2018.

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Coast Guard Successfully Demos Fire Scout, Navy Will Launch MQ-8C Radar Competition

After a successful at-sea demonstration of a radar equipped MQ-8B Fire Scout aboard a Coast Guard vessel early this month, the Navy will begin a radar competition for the much larger MQ-8C to provide situational awareness for the fleet, according to a service official.

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State Starting Small On New Nuclear Disarmament Partnership

The State Department will be starting small on its new international partnership for verifying nuclear disarmament, according to Rose Gottemoeller, the undersecretary for arms control and international security.

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DOD Ended FY-14 With $105.7B In Prior-Year Unobligated Balances

The Defense Department ended fiscal year 2014 with a total of $105.7 billion in unobligated funds from prior years, according to new Pentagon figures. The final total is 26 percent more than the White House Office of Management and Budget forecast in March.

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Army Official Sketches Out Key Elements Of Service Vehicle Strategy

The Army will explore a light vehicle type that would work in close concert with infantry formations, while also changing key assumptions for a new heavy-vehicle program, a top official said.

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Booz Allen, Focused On Change, Hopes To Sell Innovation To Pentagon

After changing its own organization and culture, Booz Allen Hamilton now plans to offer what it calls "innovation as a service" to the Defense Department.

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Army Wants New Ideas For Cooling Armored-Vehicle Engines

The Army is asking industry to help solve one of the "top challenges" in ground combat vehicles: cooling their engines.

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SIGAR Begins Inquiry Into Alleged $700M Mismanagement By DOD Business Task Force

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has begun what he calls a "full-court press" on a Pentagon business task force accused of squandering $700 million of taxpayer money with the release of two letters detailing allegations of imprudent spending and possible mismanagement, specifically its efforts to develop the Afghan gem industry and repair a gas pipeline.

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Air Force: KC-46 Cost Expected To Surpass Ceiling By $1.4B

The Air Force expects the development price tag for the KC-46 tanker will outpace the contract's ceiling by more than $1.4 billion -- an increase of about $441 million over last year's projections.

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Marines Will Complete All F-35 Retrofit Modifications Before Declaring Jets Operational

The Marine Corps will complete all Joint Strike Fighter life limited retrofit modifications that expire within the next 10 years and all capability retrofit modifications that are required to meet mission sets before declaring the jets operational, according to a service spokesman.

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