Saturday, November 22, 2014

Air Force, Lockheed Martin Reach $4.7B Agreement For F-35 LRIP-8 Lot

The Defense Department has awarded F-35 prime contractor Lockheed Martin its eighth low-rate initial production contract, valued at $4.7 billion for 43 airframes, according to a Nov. 21 press release from the joint program office.

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Pentagon Price Czar Vows Continued 'Zealousness' In Face Of Industry Criticism

Despite concerns from industry that Pentagon acquisition officials are being too aggressive in their negotiations, the Defense Department's pricing director said he makes no apologies for seeking good deals and has no plans to change tactics.

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Defense Contractors Look Beyond U.S. Military

Facing declining Pentagon spending, defense contractors from Exelis to Engility are increasingly reducing their U.S. military work and moving into federal civilian, commercial and international sales to make up for it.

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Pentagon Leaders Steel Themselves For Capitol Hill Conflicts

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work hopes to visit Capitol Hill within the next two weeks to discuss a way forward on some of the Defense Department's most serious budgetary challenges, particularly the fact that Congress is poised to deny the Pentagon's plan to find savings by reforming military compensation, cutting aging weapon systems and closing excess military bases and facilities amid the onset of sequestration.

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Number Of GAO Bid Protests Increased In Fiscal Year 2014

The Government Accountability Office said this week that the number of bid protests filed in fiscal year 2014 jumped 5 percent from the previous year to hit 2,561, the highest level in more than a decade.

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After Weeks of Review, ATK Says Orbital Merger Still Makes Sense

After a thorough review following Orbital Sciences' Antares launch failure late last month, Alliant Techsystems' board has opted to continue backing the companies' proposed merger, ATK executives said today.

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Dempsey Makes Case For Bigger FY-16 Budget Request Than Previously Planned

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey wants Congress to know the Defense Department will require more base budget funding in fiscal year 2016 than the $535 billion it has planned, especially since that amount is already $35 billion above the spending caps mandated by sequestration.

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Air Force, DOD To Unveil Rocket Engine Plan In FY-16 Budget

The Air Force is working closely with the Office of the Secretary of Defense to develop its recommended way-ahead for a new domestic rocket engine, and a top service acquisition official says those details will be unveiled as part of its fiscal year 2016 budget request.

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Odierno Rejects Army Reorganization As Solution To End-Strength Cuts

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno said the service will need more troops than a sequestration budget would allow, and that reorganizing the Army would not help to alleviate personnel shortfalls.

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Navy Drafting Requirements Document For LX(R); Approval Anticipated In July

Norfolk, VA -- The Navy is currently drafting the requirements document for a new fleet of amphibious vessels to replace its aging dock landing ships and anticipates approval of that document by July, according to a service official.

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Defense Executives Urge DOD To Take More Commercial Approach

The defense industry is reshaping itself for tighter budgets -- but it could benefit from additional Pentagon support, two defense executives said Wednesday.

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SIGAR To Investigate DOD Business Task Force For Mismanagement In Afghanistan

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko is planning to launch an "in-depth" investigation into a Defense Department business task force he says squandered $800 million.

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VCNO: Navy Must Better Explain Impacts Of Sequester To Congress

Norfolk, VA -- The Navy must do a better job of explaining the impact of future sequestration cuts on national security to Capitol Hill, the vice chief of naval operations said Tuesday.

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Study Advocating Offensive Sea Control Gains Support In Navy

Some Navy admirals specializing in surface warfare concur with a new study that suggests refocusing the surface force's ability to take and hold areas of ocean by destroying threats, rather than defending against missiles and torpedoes, according to an analyst pushing the concept.

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Marine Corps' CENTCOM Crisis-Response Force Hosted In Various Countries, Adds 200 Marines

NORFOLK, VA -- The Marine Corps' crisis response force supporting U.S. Central Command's area of operations is based in more than five countries in the region and has grown by 200 additional Marines since its inception, according to a top service official.

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Contractors Brace For Changes to Security Clearance, Insider Threat Processes

The government is moving to address concerns about security clearances and insider threats, likely generating new procedures for government contractors.

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Governors Urge Lawmakers To Enforce Pause In Army Aviation Reforms

A group of state governors is asking that lawmakers force the Army to halt a controversial aviation-reform initiative until outside experts have had a chance to weigh in.

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Pentagon's New Innovation 'Offset' Strategy To Shape Programs, Plans And Budgets

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has formally launched an ambitious and long-expected innovation investment strategy intended to shape the future of the Pentagon for years to come.

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Lockheed Martin Thinks Small In Acquisitions

In the last six months, Lockheed Martin has announced acquisition after acquisition, adding nearly a half-dozen companies to its business.

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Hagel Calls For 10 Percent Increase In Nuclear Spending

The Defense Department seeks to boost its nuclear program spending by about $1.5 billion over five years beginning in fiscal year 2017 following a series of reviews that identified systemic neglect, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

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