Friday, October 24, 2014
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In Event Of Sequester, Entire Modernization Portfolio To Be 'Stretched Out'

DefenseAlert, Oct. 14, 2014 -- The Army plans to ride out $26 billion in statutorily required cuts to its current spending plan between fiscal years 2016 to 2019, protecting its new weapons portfolio by stretching out planned procurement and deferring upgrades of the current inventory, according to a top service official.

Army To Pair Down Network Integration Evaluation

DefenseAlert, Oct. 14, 2014 -- The Army's Network Integration Evaluation is set to move from a twice-a-year occurrence to just one NIE in the spring paired with an Army Warfighting Assessment in the fall, an exercise that identifies new service concepts and capabilities, according to an Army official that helps run the event.

Official: Army Aviation Reforms Won't Wait For Outside Review

DefenseAlert, Oct. 14, 2014 -- A top Army acquisition official said the service will execute aviation reform plans irrespective of an independent commission that some lawmakers want for reviewing the process.

Defense Budget Alert

  • Rapid Acquisition Demand Remains High As Global Threats Expand

    After satisfying more than 500 requests in the past decade, the Pentagon's joint rapid acquisition cell is unlikely to slow its pace in the face of new global threats, according to the outgoing chief of the program.

  • Pentagon Plans For Worst-Case Budgets As Anti-ISIL Operations Total $424M

    The Defense Department continues to plan for the worst should the automatic budget cuts triggered by sequestration remain law in fiscal year 2016, according to Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon's chief spokesman.

  • DOD's Final FY-14 Omnibus Reprogramming Action

    On Oct. 16, 2014, the Pentagon's comptroller published the final version of the fiscal year 2014 omnibus reprogramming request -- dated Aug. 21, 2014 -- that shifts a total of $3.7 billion from lower- to higher-priority projects, a sum that is 14 percent lower than the $4.3 billion the Defense Department asked Congress permission to reprogram on July 10.

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